All Colombian Women Cheat

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Alternate Title: Colombian Infidelity Statistics

All Colombian women cheat – this is a common belief among expats in Colombia. I’ve been hearing it from gringos ever since moving here. I always dismissed it though. I thought these gringos were meet girls of a lower moral fiber. If you meet girls partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine or ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

At university in St. Louis, I met many wholesome, family-type Latina women from Brazil to Peru. These kind of women come from the top 1% of society, usually homebodies that never leave their upper class bubbles. You’re not going to meet those girls snorting coke at Ceci’s. So I thought the infidelity perception was an anomaly due to the kind of Colombian women gringos meet.

That has slowly changed over time. Then, by extreme coincidence, I came across this hard copy El Tiempo article from March of last year: América Latina, territorio infiel (Latin America, land of infidelity). The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region. How can I argue with the national letter of record?

If you read Spanish, you can read the entire article linked above. If not, here’s what’s important:

6 of every 10 Latin Americans (63%) admit to having cheated at least once … Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region … 66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those. So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

  • 10.5% of Latin Americans would like to have sex more than seven times a week
  • 9.2% of Latin Americans are currently cheating
  • 45.2% of Latin women have never cheated
  • 40.8% of Colombian women have never cheated
  • 51% of Latin men have paid for sex
  • 13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male
  • 47.5% of Latin Americans have participated in trios or group sex
  • 9.1% of Latin Americans currently participate in trios or group sex
  • Colombian trio / group sex percentages are higher than greater Latin America
  • 22.3% of Latin Americans had their first sexual experience before 16 years old
  • 63% of Latin Americans grew up in  homes where sex was never discussed

After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends! From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

I was also shocked at the trio numbers. Many of my friends in the States are freaky motherfuckers who’ve been with women numbered in the several hundreds, and done trains and that kind of thing. I’m nothing like that, but I believed I was on the experienced end of the spectrum. But if 47.5% of Colombians have been in a trio, maybe not! I was just in my first one here last year.

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169 Responses to “All Colombian Women Cheat”

  1. pierce nielsen

    04. May, 2014

    Hmmm no..
    I was wondering if she had a visa and came to visit you in the States…

  2. brkg

    07. May, 2014

    yes she came here , but i live in istanbul.not usa

  3. Rocco

    03. Jun, 2014

    I am a 34 year old man from Mississippi and I love to travel. Colombia was definitely on my list and I had to go. When I did I slept with a girl on my first day and never saw her again. About my 6th and last day in I met a girl at parque lleras and she seemed like a friendly girl not to mention she had big fake tits that she loved to show off. I knew she would be fun to toy around with but I did not have enough time to seal that. We kept in touch on fb and whatsapp (funny she told me about that app too wonder how many other people she had on it) and she kept telling me how much she cared for me and wants me to come visit again so I did. I fucked her the same night I flew in. At that time I would say I knew her about a month. Big big time hoe. Before I left she told me she loved me. After a week of being there. I did not want to hurt her feelings because there is no future with me and a hoe. She told me she been with 3 guys but fucking me that fast I knew that was a lie. She has 1 kid and she lets her father raise her. She always hits me up and tells me to come back and fuck her. I for a moment considered giving her a chance but I refuse to be with a women who looks like she wanted to take care of me more then her kid. That shows a lot. Colombian bitches are for fucking and throwing away!

  4. mel

    18. Jun, 2014

    For all of you dating or used to date a Colombian with kids, nice bodies, wearing thigh clothing, long hair, high heels, with a profile photo wearing bathing suit, meet her in a bar, that wants you to pay all and she doesn’t have at least a bachelor degree and a job. You are an idiot if you though a womam like that is honest and faithful. I am married to an american who lived in Bogotá 2 years before meeting me. It took him a couple of dates to realize who are the gold diggers. it is sad to read all you guys said, I hope women in Colombia stop making of themselves objects, but it is just a small percentage.

  5. Chris

    19. Jun, 2014

    Colombian women arent worth a fuckin thing. They are nothing but gold digging hoes. Friendly yes. Sweet yes. Fuckable extremely. Deserve to be wives? Never. Only a fool would get serious with one.

  6. Jim

    29. Jul, 2014

    I dont agree, I have traveled the entire globe and became hooked on Colombianas. IMHO, The key is to stay away from the bars and clubs in the cities. Look for a woman from outside the big cities , more rural areas. Then take your time and patiently forge a long distance relationship with very clear ground rules and never bend or break the rules. I have a beautiful colombiana who is loyal, honest and consistent. She and her teen age boys (divorced for 14 years) are well established in the church in her community. She is rock solid and we have been together almost two years and plan to marry.

    Sometimes its kind of funny as she goes out of her way to let me know exactly where she is at all times and will skype or email me photos on the spot. She is well aware of the reputation of Colombian men and women and protects hers. Unknown to her, I have the professional means to confirm anything should I ever be suspicious.

    Going through women like a deck of cards and playing games gets boring and becomes a huge expensive waste of time. Some of you guys whining about women being hoes while at the same you are seeing multiple women is hilarious. If thats the game you are running then who care who they are seeing? You cant control it anyhow. If you handle your business correct they will drop everything and focus on you; but that doesnt sound like what many of you want anyhow.

    BTW, Asian women are the most promiscuous. Bangkok and the PI are off the hook with available promiscuous women. But again, why should it bother anyone when they are choosing to go through women like a deck of cards anyhow, whats the problem?

  7. Fernando

    07. Aug, 2014

    Jim is the dumbest fucking idiot on earth! A woman who has to prove where she is at all times should be the biggest red flag!

  8. Rachel

    02. Sep, 2014

    Ok scenerio-
    I am a professional, educated, white woman from a good family.
    I meet a man who I am highly interested in… And I am pretty sure we have mutual chemistry.
    He has a live in gf.. Colombian. Said she got pregnant after a month. They have now been together for a few years but he is not marrying her. He complains that she bitches all the time, she doesn’t work, just stays at home and he supports her, the kid, and another kid I believe she has from a prior man. She also complains that he won’t marry her.
    Any tips of how I can get rid of this chick? There has to be something about her he likes…but not enough to put a ring on it… Lol
    Karmas coming for her….I’m just not sure how to pull it off yet.

  9. Victor

    10. Sep, 2014

    Rachel you are a complete fool if you think this guy is serious with you.

  10. Ana

    07. Oct, 2014

    Well, I am just very much sorry you all had those horrible experiences with Colombian women. I am not going to claim women in my country are or are not anything in particular. I am just going to say that judging all of us because you had bad experiences with some Colombian women is unfair. I could easily say Americans have a very bad reputation as well, both men and women, not only here but all around the world. However, I know that is just a stereotype. I have known wonderful people from the US, very decent men and women. It is just that I did not look for them in bars or nightclubs while I was trying to get laid as you said. I met them while studying in good universities, while traveling or at work. It is obvious for me that you are talking about poor women with very little education -you met them in bars, they have plastic surgeries and children with different dads-. If you are going to judge all of us at least do not go for the weak and desperate, I am sure I would have the same impression of the US if I would have done what you did here

  11. Nai

    18. Nov, 2014

    I’m colombian woman married to an Indian guy. We’ve been married for 10 years and I never cheated on my husband. I don’t come from the top 1% colombian society. I come from a very poor but hard working family. We are good financially because we both have sucessful careers. We had to deal with stereotypes. I remember my friends calling me crazy for marrying an indian and his friends telling him I was a gold digger.

  12. jennifer mills

    06. Jan, 2015

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  13. JUliana

    21. Jan, 2015

    This is not true at all.

  14. JUliana

    21. Jan, 2015

    Type your comment here…

  15. Lady Love

    20. Feb, 2015

    I am married to a Colombian man…He has a female friend in Colombia he claimed is his Grandma’s God daughter..This woman befriended me on facebook then behind my back, she wants to come to my country to be with my husband…When I spoke to her about it, she denied it and called me a bitch and used foul language to me..This Colombian woman is dangerous..All along I thought she was my friend..


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