All Colombian Women Cheat

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Alternate Title: Colombian Infidelity Statistics

All Colombian women cheat – this is a common belief among expats in Colombia. I’ve been hearing it from gringos ever since moving to Bogota, but I dismissed it to sample bias — gringos meeting mostly girls of lower moral fiber. If you make friends partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine and ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

In college I met almost exclusively family-type, “good girl” Latinas from the top 1% of social classes in Brazil to Peru. But you’re not going to meet those girls snorting coke at Ceci’s. So I thought the infidelity perception was an anomaly due to sampling bias.

But that changed over time. I think Latin America is a little more unfaithful than what Gringolandia would consider normal, which I attribute to the Catholic Church prohibiting divorce, and Colombia even more unfaithful than that, which I attribute to it being a den-of-sin kind of culture.

Then I came across this hard-copy article in El Tiempo from March of last year: América Latina, territorio infiel. The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region. How can I argue with the national letter of record?


Six of every 10 Latin Americans (63%) admit to having cheated at least once … Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region … 66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those. So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

  • 10.5% of Latin Americans would like to have sex more than seven times a week
  • 9.2% of Latin Americans are currently cheating
  • 45.2% of Latin women have never cheated
  • 40.8% of Colombian women have never cheated
  • 51% of Latin men have paid for sex
  • 13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male
  • 47.5% of Latin Americans have participated in trios or group sex
  • 9.1% of Latin Americans currently participate in trios or group sex
  • Colombian trio / group sex percentages are higher than greater Latin America
  • 22.3% of Latin Americans had their first sexual experience before 16 years old
  • 63% of Latin Americans grew up in  homes where sex was never discussed

After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends. From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

So maybe there is something to the saying …

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228 Responses to “All Colombian Women Cheat”

  1. Anders

    10. May, 2011

    I’ve pretty assumed that most Latinas I’ve met/been with had something else going on when I’ve met them. I also assume that they’ve got something else going on when they’re with me. As long as I get what I’m looking for, I really couldn’t give a damn. Hell, let the other guy pony up for some her entertainment/shopping needs. Kind of like “anonymous girlfriend cost/sharing”. Then again, that’s just another word for “puta”……

  2. Mike

    10. May, 2011

    If you ever marry a Colombian woman, it would a discrete DNA test would be approrpriate if you have children.

  3. John

    11. May, 2011

    yup you pissed my wife off with this one

  4. Samuel

    11. May, 2011

    Interesting post. In a culture that is sexually permissive to the point of 14 yr old age of consent, legal prostitution, lots of cocaine present, and poverty in general, it stands to reason that there would be a good deal more sexual activity. I think that men have often cheated in Latin Culture because it is almost expected and women accept it as a reality. Many times the woman is in NO place to eject her man from the home, so she has to accept it.

    This widespread thinking, though, would necessarily lead women to the idea that fucking whoever they want is just as acceptable, especially in the age of condoms and abortion clinics and penecillin. Not sure how abortion works down there??

    The other factor, a primary one that can be instrumental in fidelity is religious beliefs, and much of Latin America is either faithless or Catholic… so the faithless ones lack any reason to be ‘faithful’ except for consequences that could happen if caught… and the Catholics are the biggest whores of all (and drinkers too)

    Add in the mind-altering substance factor, and its easy to see how infidelity could be terribly widespread.

    I do recall a monger on a forum talking about how these chicks will even talk to their boyfriends on the phone or email them DURING sex, or right before or after. Then she hangs up the phone and they have a good laugh about the dumbass sucker who thinks he has himself a sweet little girlfriend, as she sucks the monger’s dick.

    I think the combination of choosing a woman of some character and principle…. as well as “training a bitch” on how things are going to be can give you much better odds of having a sexually faithful girlfriend… but in the end, we have to accept the same thing those latin american wives have to accept… that no matter how good you are, or how good life is with you…. that they just might end up fucking someone extracurricular.

    problem is, it makes it really hard to love a girl and invest in her as much as we might like, knowing that. It does require some adaptations from traditional thinking, which can be good, but also can become a disappointing compromise.

  5. Steph

    12. May, 2011

    I actually read a similar story to this last year. Can’t remember where it was but it was somewhere online. I’ll try to dig it up…

    This is interesting “13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male”. You should discuss.

  6. Moni

    13. Jun, 2011

    You seem to have a special taste for whores. For sure you were doing sluts in the US, and now you are hitting at the local perras.

    Good luck and use condoms.

  7. Colin

    13. Jun, 2011

    @ Steph – I imagine that 13.7% figure is the same across countries and cultures.

    @ Moni – I actually want a nice, clean family with a healthy wife someday. But in the mean time and in-between time till Ms. Right, it’s unfortunately been a lot of Ms. Right Nows 🙁

  8. Matt

    20. Jun, 2011

    The women cheating just seems to be a part of the culture. I can’t really speak, I have never been completely faithful to anyone, especially when distance is factored in. That being said, I’m 90% certain the girl I have in Colombia is honest, and not cheating, but what do I know? But even when I cut her off financially, she still talked to me everyday, so she is probably the real deal. It doesn’t hurt that her whole family talks to me. But I don’t find the statistics hard to believe. Women will do what they have to, to get what they want. They want clothes, a good home, and other nice things, and I want vayjayjay.


    13. Jul, 2011

    Well, we are not all like that.. I wont defend myself but I am not part of all the stadistics you showed there… the people might say we love partying and drinking and yes, having sex too… But must of Us are very responsable with our sexual lives and choose very well our couple… Im rola and I will defend the women from the capital.. I wont speak about the caleñas, paisas, pereiranas, costeñas, etc… haha

  10. Pieheto

    04. Aug, 2011

    Well, all I’ve seen of the “costeñas” is that they will do or say anything with no conscience, integrity, or normal dignity seen everywhere else in the world. If she says “you are the only guy I talk with” the truth could very well be that she has many special friends for sex, she is always talking with gringos etc etc saying she is available for their one night visits, and just outright lying about every aspect of her life. I learned the hard way…
    I’m smarter now from it and accept I can be like the “normal” guy for those type of women. I even buy a few things for her each time I visit, just so she can feel she’s getting paid.

  11. Rubio

    04. Aug, 2011

    OBVIOUSLY they all have boyfriends. Colombian women are genetically incapable of being single for more than a few weeks.

    And they are freaky as hell but almost NEVER reveal it on the surface, as opposed to the gringas who talk a big loud game and usually don’t deliver as promised.

    I’ve been here 3 years, and have had several trios and 3 full-out orgies. My current gf is totally open and totally bisexual so now things are accelerating even more. 🙂

  12. Rawly

    09. Aug, 2011

    Rubito you fall into a weird sub catagory (if you are who I think you are) You don’t count for normal stats in anywhere haha. I dont necessaarily mean that in a bad way.

    I like this article I think its interesting but I think the stats are flawed. For instance dudes having their first early homosexual encounters, that high? I would think even if it did happen the dudes (esp Latin dudes) if they were straight would not report it. Plus I mean if you look at the % of actual gay males you might find that 7-10% population for gay males in any country might be average. Not sure though, again there are variables they didn’t touch on, but I think the article sort of suggests that this is straight men having gay contact when indeed its probably gay men having gay contact with a few other exceptions.

    The threesome and orgy thing is probably over reported too. I mean how many dudes dream of having it and how many actually have it? I know it happens and I’ve almost pulled it off here in the states a few times, but come on man. There is not way its that high in Colombia.

    And for the record, maybe its just me but I think if you look long enough you find what you’re looking for anywhere, but I just have not found Colombianas to be that freaky or wild. Of course they are not LESS freaky than lets say American skanks, but nothing out of the ordinary. In fact I have had a few very boring and conservative Colombianas. I personally have had way more action in Eastern Europe, Central America and even here in the US with women from Central America.

  13. Rawly

    09. Aug, 2011

    I do agree with Colombian women and being dishonest…it must be in the DNA. Not even so much just about relationships and sex but just BS in general. I can say though, that of all Latino’s Peruvians are THE WORST liars I have met so far. Colombians next. I simply dont see that with some other Latin populations.

  14. Anonymous

    12. Sep, 2011

    My Paisa wife says this is true and that I had better be very very very careful and cautious when alone in Colombia.

  15. morete

    06. Nov, 2011

    Colombian women just like most women around the globe are whores, sluts and feminists. You either have the manginas that f*** these women or responsible men who not only stay away from these women but all women.

    Sex, like any other street drug ruins lives…. yours, mine and any innocent children that may come from it. We are on the wrong side of history to be associating with members of the opposite sex. Misandrist Marxist laws in the West (and coming soon to a third world country near you), are destroying the lives of good men. Co-dependency is another drug that causes destroyed lives, incarcerations and many suicides. To good men….stay away from any form of relationship with members of the opposite sex. No man is safe within 500 yards of a woman. Alpha and upper Beta manginas will spout how they have constant relationships or sex with women and come out of it unscathed. They get away with it (for now), because they are higher up on the ladder system. Don’t envy them and don’t follow their paths.

    Find peace within yourself. Live alone or with a best (man) friend. Go out and work at a job (employment) that you do best. Focus on your talents and hobbies. Get a couple of pets. Don’t seek happiness. Seek Peace Of Mind. “Happiness” is nothing more than a shallow emotion that is here today and gone tomorrow. If you “can’t live without sex”, go out and get some head meds to help cope with keeping that drive under control.

    I came across a satirical Wikiblog regarding Colombian women. Although it is crude and set in a humorous context, it is quite sad. Not sad because of how it is said, but sad because 99% of what is written there is true. Whoever wrote this obviously experienced what Colombian women are really like first-hand.

    The world’s concept of Colombia is that it filled with guerrilla terrorism and the cultivation and export of street drugs. Unfortunately, the world does not know that the guerrilla style terrorism which is most common, is that which the Colombian women commit. The world needs to be made aware of the fact that Colombian women are domestic terrorists who rampantly commit domestic violence against their boyfriends, husbands and children and the street drug these women cultivate and export is sex.

  16. khary

    15. Dec, 2011

    I suspect that these statistics are similar in the United states. approximately 60% of people cheat in Colombia…I know I’ve heard similar numbers for the US….Aside from that your attitude toward women is appaling! If women cheat/sleep around they are whores/bitches but it certainly sounds like you do it…what does that make you?

  17. Colin

    17. Dec, 2011

    MORETE – I was recently informed that your ideas are what would be classified by the PUA / seduction community as a MGHOW (man going his own way).

    KHARY – Thank you for reading and participating in the conversation.

    However regarding your comment: “your attitude toward women is appaling! If women cheat/sleep around they are whores/bitches …”

    You won’t find me referring to women as “whores” (unless they’re prostitutes) or “bitches” except rarely in the context of “silly bitches” displaying naive or clueless behavior.

    I believe American statistics are similar in males’ first sexual experience being with another male, but NOT infidelity. The difference is divorce. In Catholic Latin America almost nobody divorces, so cheating is common. In Gringolandia divorce is common, so cheating is less so because there’s less reason to stay together. No doubt gringo cheating happens, but nowhere near the level of Latin America (of which Colombia seems the regional leader).

    But if you consider divorcing your wife and lying with another woman to be adultery, as said Jesus, as is the policy of the Catholic Church, then US infidelity’s probably higher.

  18. karcian suragh

    22. Dec, 2011

    Hi it is good to read yes all over the world it has good women and bad ones also men like wise . In my country Trinidad all women love you for your money no money no love. You have money they will stay with you plenty sex and love.When the money done she gone, plus beside you it also have a next man that she likes how he do it better than you ALSO give her more money than you, it is like a competition with men on who can out do the other .All Caribbean or most women is the same blasted thing. i will like to try a latin woman may stand a better chance.

  19. Anonymous

    09. Mar, 2012

    most likely you tried extremely hard to get with colombian girl and
    FAILED!!!! your a very sad individual to addresses women in this fashion. sucks to be you. hey, dont ever walk the streets of colombia cua you wont come out alive. you should post a picture of youself if you feel man enough to back up ur comments bitch.

  20. Colin

    09. Mar, 2012

    That was the all-time dumbest of over 1500 comments on this blog – no small task indeed, and dumb on different levels.

    FYI – my About page features my picture plus links to my FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the posts there are more pictures of me and ample information on where I hang out and even where I get my hair cut.

  21. Mark

    09. Mar, 2012

    Hahaha, I like how Anonymous calls you a bitch and to be “man enough to post a pic”, yet this guy (assuming it’s a guy) doesn’t have the balls to put down his own name.

    Poser-ass hater bitch.

  22. Robert Jorge

    10. Mar, 2012

    Hahahaha. “Don’t ever walk the streets of Colombia cua(sic) you won’t come out alive”. I sure don’t remember ever having a problem hanging out with Colin in areas of Medellin that most locals wouldn’t/don’t dare go to after dark.

  23. Vincent

    27. Mar, 2012

    Latinas love sex and you got to be a vigorious sex machine to please them!That’s why most marriages between gringo north american men and latin-american women(you can throw brazilians in this category also) dont last long!I recently went to a wedding in Miraflores where a stupid dorky mid-western no spanish speaking man was marrying a chola and I swear I was hounding the couple with some quite negative comments by stating that neither of them were the ideal match to be together as a coupleNorth american men need to be with north american women and that’s all there is to it!”QUE VIVA LA RAZA NORTE-AMERICAN”SOMOS LOS MEJORES DE TODAS LAS AMERICAS MIENTRAS LAS OTRAS SON DE FRACASOS SIN LA EXCEPCIONS DE LOS CHILENOS Y LOS ARGENTINOS!!!

  24. Mike

    30. Mar, 2012

    Yep….been living here for four years and me and EVERY foreigner I know will say, when it comes down to it, all Colombian women are lying scumbag sluts. Regardless of class, status, or income, they will always cheat with pretty much any foreigner who is even remotely attractive, buy them a beer, and give themm 45 minutes of attention. They lie about everything, and are very bad at it. I have heard them lie constantly about things that they have absolutely no reason to lie about. They will say they are watching Simpsons, when really they are watching Family Guy, just for the pure sake of lying. One more thing. They ALL say that they have been with between one and three guys in their life, yet after an hour and a half they want to go home with you. I think they are confusing the word “life” with “past week.”

  25. Prophet

    22. Apr, 2012

    Well this in an interesting topic but i will reply to it another day Mr-Gringo-with-a-funny-hat (Colin). For now im gonna reply to Mike’s comment. You are right, lying in colombia is the everyday activity. Is part of the average colombian mindset. People lie for everything, not just women, men also. a good example you gave was the simpsons show. There is a book i would recommend to Mike and even to everyone who is living in colombia including Mr-Gringo-with-a-funny-hat called “¿Como somos los colombianos?” by German Puyana, Sorry no translation is aviable, THE LIE is an entire chapter. Why ppl do lie for everything? IDK thats a question i havent found an answer yet. Maybe Mr-Gringo-with-a-funny-hat -who-knows-alot-about-colombianas could tell us.

  26. Observer

    25. Apr, 2012

    Interesting post, but what’s with the title? As you note in the actual post, about 40% of Colombian women report *never* having cheated. Now I’d presume the actual percentage is somewhat lower (I don’t trust self-reported surveys, especially on a topic like this), but what justifies the categorical statement “All Colombian women cheat”? Especially when the article linked reports that the percentage of Colombian men who report never having cheated is much lower. If we must over-generalize, why not just say “All Colombians cheat”?

    “I believe American statistics are similar in males’ first sexual experience being with another male, but NOT infidelity.”

    ^Is this based on any kind of evidence, or just a hunch? Now granted reliable statistics here are going to be really hard to come by (people often lie on surveys, and the percentage of people lying will presumably vary across cultures, making cross-country comparisons really difficult). But (some) studies suggest that in 30-60% of US marriages, there is some kind of infidelity:

  27. Colin

    02. May, 2012

    Prophet, thanks for the book rec. I’ll check it out. And that hat is BOGOTA!

    Observer – the title is what I’ve heard countless gringos say, so a quote if you will. And yes intentionally provocative. And I included “I believe” because it is, in fact, just a hunch.

  28. Tony

    12. May, 2012

    I agree with the poster above who said that Peruvians are the biggest liars of all! The one I dated for some 6 months was a compulsive liar and an alcoholic. Was totally f***ed up from all the drugs and alcohol aswell as all the loser she had spent her life hanging around. Had no shame in lying to my face about everything from chatting with her ex (who I had told her not to cos he was tryin’ to get back with her), her father supposedly being of British royal lineage and even daring to drink behind my back after she fell pregnant when she knew not to. Peruvian women are the biggest low lives you could ever come across and should be avoided like the plague!

  29. allen craig

    04. Jun, 2012

    The other angle to consider refers to my theory that latin people—men in particular—never mentally progress past the age of 14 or so. All of ’em, doctors, business executives, and the goofballs selling peliculas in the street.

    And cheating and lying is what children do.


    12. Jun, 2012


  31. Hanoo

    15. Jun, 2012

    Actually I agree with a lot…Colombian men are definatley manwhores but their first intercourse is usually with a donkey. They are all expert liars and will lie about anything and everything just for kicks.

  32. angel

    23. Jun, 2012

    hi, im just read u comment about colombian women, i am colombian , and i married and English man, we are together for 8 year and we have 3 kiss, i have never cheat him, i do love him so much, i do believe in love, and i think every person when are in love, dont think in cheating, i feel sorry for u boys, because u haven’t found the perfect women, and if u us i have cheat any of my ex-boyfriends?, yes i did, but i did realice i wasnt in love of them, and i think too all women are the same in any culture. yes we are,,, English, american, Indian. Latina, etc igual

  33. Robert Garcia

    30. Jun, 2012

    I made the major mistake of marying a colombian woman, Jessica Gonzalez Surez from Barranquilla, Colombia. Shortly after I married her, her personality change dramatically. After I told her that I had doubts about her love for me and had second thoughs about going through with financing her green card, she called the police on me alleging abuse and filed a restraining order in which she stated numerous lies of physical abuse. I have since filed for divorce and believe that she is either in hiding somewhere in the U.S. or returned to Colombia.
    I advise any American plannning on marrying a Colombian woman to tred very carefully, as my experience has turned into nightmare after spending many thousands of dollars and pouring out my heart to this woman.

  34. Twenty

    30. Jun, 2012

    Latinas are like orchids: best not removed from their native habitats.

  35. Phil

    01. Jul, 2012

    Addressing people who say this or that culture are the biggest liars, there are liars and cheats all over the world if they cheat you once and your still talking to the your a bitch.

    At the person who said my girl lied to me about simpsons etc, are you serious? You called that woman your girlfriend? No wonder other types of men are having their way lol

    Many simps and bitch boys writing on here complaining.

  36. Noe

    04. Jul, 2012

    Im nice person and I like girls

  37. Mason

    10. Jul, 2012

    Thats horrible to say that, 60% of latin girls ive met have been awsome fun to talk to beautiful towards you at first nice big smile catholic not full on party girls and love family, if your going for girls who have big tits dolled faces flirty facebook photos 24 and talking to you if your 30 what do you expect my amigas are marraige and relationship material and never have boyfriends and any guy they dated have gotten the boot really fast, im only 21 so im not interested in a relationship until im like 25/26 but who knows something might happen but there loads of great girls over there compared to Australia or America all i can say is take it slow be friends for a long time and make it clear before your even bf gf that if you were in a relationship with a girl there you wouldnt take her back to your country if you do thats just opening yourself up to disaster on so many levels, same rules as dating a girl inside your own country only that in a poor country the bad people are more bad and the fakes and liars and more fake and ful of more lies than back home, ive had latin gf’s who i just kept for fun because i knew they were liars, fake crying sleeping around saying the guys are their cousins and laughing internet cutting out on skype when someone walks threw the door or theyre going out beign suspicious with their phones its so obvious to spot a liar even if you do some digging before you go out and you find out a whole load about them facebook is perfect for this!

  38. pedro

    13. Jul, 2012

    Hello, I am european and that the way it is for me.
    Ohhhh, it is obvious. Latin women is hot and attractive when she is young, till 35 years old, after that her beauty burns out and she turns into witch, ugly,dark, burned out witch. To much hotness they have, and those type of women can not be truthful, they all do cheat. Based on my experience, i would say never flash your money, but if you want to fuck her it is impossible not to spend some money, so that where the game starts. Her mission is to pull out of you as maximum comfort as possible, and she does not give a shit what you are thinking,wanting etc, she has her comfort zone what you have to satisfy, if you dont, she will find very easy how do drop you off. Regarding cheating, i do not want to even talk about this, i have cought around 30 colombian whores that i fucked cheating on me with some other amigos.I fucked a lot of women, may be around 500 in total or more, so i am very experienced in this, i can see which flower has fresh soul and which is hard as wood. The most interesting is, that young bitches around 20 years old, especially Colombians are already fucked on their head because it is in their blood, it is their nature to do whatever they want to do. So wrong region guys, do not even dig in Latin America for truth or reliable latin woman, all bitches that grew up in Latin America are whores, except if they were only from rich family.Rich family girls are different, those cunts can be reliable, but smart bitch in the house is even worse than to be on your own. Get the money, as soon as you have it, enjoy Latin cunts, talk sweet to them, buy them real flowers, buy fake gifts, fake rolex watches, fake Dolce & Gabanna perfumes and so on, protect yourself, do not waste time on them, as soon as you fucked her, drop her off, if the pie was good, keep on playing with it with fake attention and keep your distance with a lot of lies, never tell the truth, never, just lie constantly and fuck them. I would suggest do not waste on her more than 2 weeks, that the best time after the first fuck, everything after that is extra game that causes some headache. That the way i live, ofcourse i make brakes sometimes but in general only money give me drive, the more i have the more i want to fuck, and Latin bitches are the best about it, easy to get and a lot of really naughty whores that do fuck and suck and lick really good. I will never have a single woman, i will keep on fucking them as long as have my balls. Good luck!

  39. Anonymous

    24. Jul, 2012

    How fuckin depressing… I think I’m gonna blow my brains out…..

  40. Chili Tabasco

    30. Jul, 2012

    @ Pedro, cold but true! Latin women go bad fast. The only advice that I can offer is that if you hook up with a Latina that you like, doesn’t matter if she is a working girl or civilian – make an effort to meet her mother. That will be your glimpse into the future because they all become their mothers in the end. It’s important to remember that Latinas look to their daughters for financial security and provide pimp like coaching . Even though you may be fucking the daughter, you will end up financing the mother. Women in general are aware of their biological clocks and they all know that they have an expiration date stamped on their asses. For men, as long as we wake up with a hard on it’s going to be a good day! That being said, women are competitive . The goal is to hook your ass one way or another into financing her pension plan. I’ve had long term relationships with Latinas from Mexico to Argentina, both civilians and hoes. The hookers hands down are the most honest of the two groups and make better girlfriends! Rent my brothers, don’t buy.

  41. Anonymous

    18. Aug, 2012

    Peruvian women are also cheaters and liars

  42. gorson

    26. Aug, 2012

    I have traveled through L America from Juarez, Mexico to Santiago, Chile, you can tell what these women are after, just pay attention. You’ll know if u beat her @ her own game, she will become furious, demand restitution for her time, and you will become public enemy #1 until the next sap comes along, then ur a distant memory. Play it suave my brethern, take what u can get and get the F$#% out of dodge. Just plz remember leave the married women alone, there are $20 sicarios available who could care less about puttin’ a cap in a gringos melon for the right price. Lying is a latin cultural thing. It is instilled since childhood, but more than just lying, deceitfulness in general is acceptable. You need a favor, a couple of Abes or Hamiltons between the papers moves people quick! Bribes are expected, and received as part of the negociation. Sad as it may be, so goes life down south. I believe another reason is, most Latin American governments are based on the spanish model, one of the most corrupt of Europe!!
    Sorry if I went on too long. Out.

  43. Mar

    13. Sep, 2012


  44. Calena

    04. Oct, 2012

    hahaha so why the f#$% are u stupid gringos looking for Colombian b#$%% ohh i know why???? Because you have never been fucked as good as a Colombian has f$%^%^&you. you dream of having a Colombian Wife, but you realized you cannot keep up with us, so you have to talk crap about us to make yourself feel good. I am calena and im married to a gringo a black gringo of course. We have a very good relation ship and I do not cheat because i feel completely satisfied. it is not Colombians fault if you cannot satisfied them.

  45. Ali

    18. Oct, 2012

    Wow. This was a real eye opener. I knew colombian women were prone to cheating but i didn’t know it was so VICIOUSLY BAD !!!! And the habitual lying !!!! wow !!! i mean lying constantly it’s just boggles the mind !!! I live in california and the Latino population here have stigma of lying,dishonesty, and being unfaithful. But the perception is it’s a moderate increase compared to other ethnic minorities like the Armenians, the Persians, Asians, Arabs that also live in California. But anyways i 100% agree with the comment above about Renting and never buying. I personally don’t do either. ***I LEASE !!!!**** i go to these international dating sites land myself a hot ukranian woman. Have her live with me for 4 or 5 years and if i may add i am a true gentlemen during this whole time. I pay for 100% of the rent, pay for the food, pay for her health insurance, get her enrolled in a technical school so she can support hersel later, buy her occasional gifts and then when i get tired fucking her and want a new fresh piece of ass. I divorce her. Yah there is alot of crying on her part but in the end she got not so bad of a deal. She is out of her 3rd world country shit hole, is a U.S. citizen, can speak english, and has a decent job as a Pharmacy Technician. Everything is prenuped to the last silverware so im completely protected. And the moment she leaves i get a new piece of ass. —– I was actually thinking of going colombian this next time around and get myself a big piece of colombian ass but i don’t know. I mean i really don’t care if she cheats only if does it by the 4th year or 5th year of the marriage so i can use that cheating as an exuse to divorce her. But with so many reports of colombian women going haywire and making up lies of assault or rape when something happens that isn’t favorable to them i may have to rig my apartment with Nanny-cameras as an extra security measure to protect myself in front of the cops. My question what do your guys think about me marrying a Colombian woman for 4 or 5 years and then divorcing her ass ???? you think i can ride out this bronco ???

  46. Catalina

    24. Oct, 2012


  47. Damian

    29. Oct, 2012

    This is funny to me because I recently met a Colombian girl from Barranquilla and she lies a lot. She’s not a bad girl but was afraid to be honest with me. Either way I really couldn’t care less because we fuck like 5 times every time I see her. For all you shit talkers who say gringos can’t keep up, your girl never fucked me or she wouldn’t be your girl and that’s the true true, lmao

  48. Colombiana

    29. Oct, 2012

    Esto es ridiculo. Como pueden tipificarnos de esta manera? Si es cierto que hay mujeres que no se respetan ni tampoco respetan a sus parejas. Pero tambien es cierto que habemos muchas mas mujeres que amamos, nos entregamos totalmente a nuestra pareja (esposo, novio, prometido), que somos buenas madres y muy atentas con nuestras familias. Somos mujeres que luchamos todo el tiempo por hacer lo mejor.

  49. Colombiana

    29. Oct, 2012

    The men who comment here are those that are or dream of going to Colombia just to get his dirty sexual fantasies. Obvious that only seek prostitutes and that is the only thing they find.

    It’s like the narco traffickers seeking drug users, where they would go to find them? The answer is easy with strangers!

  50. Italiano

    10. Nov, 2012

    Hey, who wouldn’t want to f### any latina women. They are hot, got great ass, boobs and know how to move.

    Its your own fault for choosing something we all want a piece off.

    And we ALFA males are here for that very reason. To please our opposite sex in time of need. Similar to the animal kingdom yes!

  51. Dan

    30. Nov, 2012

    Just wanted to say I was in Bogota stayed at hotel tequendama crown plaza. Was 160 bucks a night had steam room jacuzzi sauna and indoor pool and italian restaurant downstairs. I met all the colombian women I had sex with on great site by the way for meeting hot girls. (colombian girls) I had sex with 9 girls in 14 days. I had to pay the hotel desk 40 bucks for each guest so my room was really 200 a night. anyways met a awesome guy owns colombian restaurants on 2nd and 3rd floor about 4 blocks away. super nice guy. I went to the casino there and had everyone having fun. The women we had super sex and great dinners The guards security were always laughing at me for bringing a new girl up. My cock hurt when I returned back to USA. Anyways They are awesome women. I do not call them sluts because we both wanted the sex everytime. Im moving to Medellin and retiring there. Im retired Marine. I get 2800 a month so This should be good. I do want a wife and couple kids. Will see what happens. Just show them respect and You will be Loved. Some are money hungry and forget those. Some want serious love. I Recommend colombian women 100% Hope this helps Semper Fi Dan

  52. Vinny

    03. Dec, 2012


    I have missed out on a bang load of sex. Fuck must be great. How did you get these women. You contacted before your trip then turned up in colombia?


  53. kumar

    30. Dec, 2012

    99 medeallin women playing with man cheat is hobby not belinve try one brother when yoyu fucked call me 0061430657786

  54. kumar

    30. Dec, 2012

    99 medeallin women cheating and use man for sex and money not trust try columbian when you fucked give me call 0061430657786

  55. Ashley

    24. Jan, 2013

    My dads family is from Colombia but I grew up with my mothers family (they’re Italian American) and all I can say is yes my Colombian family from colombia, not my americanized family, is very fun but they alllll have cheated (men and women) and lie. And my dad wants me to get together with a Colombian dude. Ya…. That’s never going to happen.

  56. Gerard Wolfe

    28. Jan, 2013

    I married a Colombian “home body” beautiful woman about 2 years ago (we had been together for 5 years in total). However, she has cheated on me, lied to me and played me like a fool. They use religion as a cover, and when they talk spanish in front of you, usually they are talkin about you or do not want you to hear what they are saying… I now speak spanish and I learned that the hard way. They pretend to be classy and in English they do not swear, but in spanish they have trucker mouths… Lying and cheating is verified in my experience.

  57. the Visa man

    16. Mar, 2013

    Add one to the list. The funny thing is I read this article when we still were together and I thought; nooo my girl is different. BS,,,they all cheat and it doesn’t matter how good of a hubby/boyfriend you are, it’s in their blood. STAY AWAY FROM COLOMBIAN WOMEN OR JUST FUCK THEM AND DUMB THEM. NO RELATIONS AND IF YOU HAPPEN TO MARRY ONE, I SAY YOU’RE THE DUMBEST ********!

  58. the Visa man

    16. Mar, 2013

    …and I’m not talking about my ‘ex’ only, once she accidentally left her email open and I read all the filthy messages of her Colombian friends and they just brag about fucking married men with kids and cheating their own boyfriends. Absolutely shocking stuff.

  59. doublej

    27. Mar, 2013

    Hmm. Interesting.
    I was briefly married to a Colombian woman but decided to divorce her almost as soon as I married her. I don’t know if she’d ever cheat since I didn’t give her the chance to cheat. I got rid of her because she was way too emotional and moody for me. It may sound strange, but I married her as the best way to quickly get rid of her and get her back to Colombia where she could do me no financial harm. It turns out she did try to stick me with financial support but failed because she had already left the US.
    I don’t know if it’s a bad idea to marry a Colombian women or any other women for that matter. Think American women don’t cheat? Ha, better think again!

  60. Blind

    08. Apr, 2013

    Ha, my story is terrible. I fell in love, blindly like a fool.So i am in europe she in Colombia.What happened, i sold my car, i sold my flat, i gave everything i earned to her.And when i left with 34 dollars in my pocket, she dumped me like a trash.I never cheated, i was my best to her, but she was ignorant to me, she did a camwhore job behind my back, probably other dudes visited her, i spotted something is wrong but was hoping that may be i am wrong, hell no, i was right. She has a bitch sister that was controlling my relationships through her. Anyway i received extremely good lesson, they ripped me off to the bone. Run, run away from Colombian woman, never date a poor bitch, i did a mistake but i am back on track, still mentally not OK after such a trick, i thought she is the one my Love.Everything they need is benefits, they will adopt to curcumstances on their terms. Wrong women as a wife, dont even think about it. Remember they just want to enjoy and laugh, they are born natural prostitutes. Cant rely on them, if you will get sick, she will leave you to die on your own in loneliness and herself will get another dude same day to keep on laughing.

  61. Brian

    05. Jun, 2013

    There’s 2 kinds of colombian women: those that WANT to be PUTAS, and those that HAVE to be PUTAS! jejeje

  62. Paul

    12. Jun, 2013

    You guys are full of crap. If you visit bars and nightclubs, of course you are going to get screwed and then get screwed again! I can tell you that there are millions of woman around the world with the same agenda. If you think that Colombian women are all the same, you’re dreaming and you need to snap out of it.

    What I would suggest, is that you keep your little dick in your pants and stay at home with the over-demanding and feeble minded women in your own country (wherever that is)

    Because you’ve had a bad experience, you want to tar all with the same brush? I’ve been married twice in the past. Once to an American woman, once to a South African woman and had nothing but trouble. I got screwed financially and emotionally. So, do I say all Americans and South African women are bad??

    The answer lies within you own mind. Go go to a bar looking for true love…it ain’t gonna happen fellas!! Wake up.

  63. Lou

    13. Jun, 2013

    I think majority of the problems dealing with Colombian women are due to foreign men expecting these women to fall into the good and obedient wife stereotype without knowing them well enough before marriage. Most of these women grow up into a harsh life of little opportunity and some need to hustle to survive. Many are treated like crap by their local men and when a gringo comes along offering everything he can in exchange for a good and faithful housewife, the Colombia woman automatically feels entitled to step over the guy and squeeze the most benefit out of him as possible while holding him close as she can without many freedoms.

    The bottom line is you can take a woman out of her misery but you can’t take the misery out of the woman. Most of them have more street smart and sexual experience than what we perceive them to have. Avoid Costenas for long term marriage because they are the most moody, lazy and ignorant women in that country. Paisas make the best housewives and tend to be hard workers, but you better be damn sure about the kind of life they live when you’re not around, because there is way too much gringo influence and greed going on in that part of the country tempting the ladies to cheat.

    In short, I love Colombian women due to their femininity and charm. I believe majority of them can be good wives and offer more than american women. However, foreign men visiting Colombia are generally blind to inner features and needs of these women. Avoiding gold diggers, women previously engaged to foreigners, desperately poor women without jobs, women with bastard children, women with low education that cannot write properly in Spanish, controlling, easily jealous, paranoid, and dating website regulars are usually a good start to finding someone nice. Also remember, good sex and nice body only means she has had alot of partners or started out very early, or both.

  64. Blind

    04. Aug, 2013

    I did comment above and looks like the owner of this page corrected it a bit, what your problem Colin. The bitch I was involved with was Cindi. And her sister is DIana. Leave my comment here, I will deal with any motherfucker. Colin it is not your problem this names, it is my story and that what it was.

  65. Cjsi54

    12. Aug, 2013

    If men will seek whores find whores in Colombia, in USA, in China, wherever.If will seek wifes DON’T GO TO WHOREHOUSES. DON’T BE STUPIDS

  66. mike

    25. Aug, 2013

    Interesting comments, i spent 5 months in Columbia and met some pretty neat ladies. I had a great relationship in Bogota and we spent a lot of fun times together, she is older (53)and mature so perhaps that makes a difference, she had a car and took me to many destinations around Bogota. On several occasions she payed and i stayed at her place for many weeks. I do not know where you find these cheating women. Perhaps find one a little more mature.

  67. Harry Dogg

    08. Sep, 2013

    Moreto, you don’t sound so much like you’re speaking of men going their own way, as men going the gay way. Find one close male friend, get some pets, and stay far away from women? And you recommend that if a guy still feels like screwing some hot looking chick, he should go out and buy some head meds in order to chemical castrate his desires? WTF?! The responsible thing for a man to do is to wear a condom. Don’t get married. If the woman claims that she’s pregnant, don’t sign any paternity document. That’s looking after yourself.

  68. aleyandra

    28. Sep, 2013

    all the people that talk bad about we colombians girls are just assholes…. that is bullshit in all the world man and women cheat … or now you will say americans women are the more faithful come on … i can say gringos are more intense and horny all the time… that is not our foult be beautiful and sexy…. here u can find very good women .. that the all fucking paisas are bitchs dont means we all colombians are the same….
    ni shi peng dan!!

  69. aleyandra

    28. Sep, 2013

    so.. other point if u are a old gringo that come to medellin and u just looking for a girl of 18 or 20 years old… so do you think she will be with u for love? please u know very well if u want to find one girl of this age no only in colombian in any part of the world u will know is for money… we colombians are very good women with persons that are good… but some gringos that come to colombia just come for play with the girls no more because some of them are married in northamerica then who is more terrible??? that all this people say here is just bullshit.

  70. bambi chan

    30. Sep, 2013

    BRIAN why u say that oh i know because u r happy fucking putas… that is terrible that a man have to pay for sex… here in colombia u can find very good women too caring sweet and very good wife.. i can say much better that the fat gringas 😉

  71. Andres

    23. Oct, 2013

    Hello, I felt compelled to add some words to this form. Yes their are many beautiful women in Columbia. My experience
    With Columbian women is that they are very passionate in any intimate setting…more so than any other Latin or Carribean
    Country I would say no. Are Columbian women gold diggers…no more than ANY woman from any country. Do Columbian women cheat on their men more than women from other countries no.

  72. Papi

    29. Oct, 2013

    Colombian women are whores!

  73. Papi

    29. Oct, 2013

    Colombian women are whores, and I love it.

  74. estefa

    07. Nov, 2013

    So gringo sex tourists come to Colombia looking for whores and they find them. Then they expect the colombian low women to be nice and treat them like kings, just because they are gringos. They get used and treated like crap and then they say ALL colombian women are prostitutes. How pathetic. A good woman here (beautiful, smart, loyal and independant) is not going to go home with a sex tourist for obvious reasons. But you guys might never even have the chance to meet a girl like that. You are for the low standards (thats what you look for). We colombians know perfectly well why you come here… As we know most of you are losers in your country that come to try success here by going for the poor, ignorant, easy girls. How successful!! Congrats

  75. Bravo4

    16. Nov, 2013

    Perhaps I can share some light into this topic. I’m a 29 year old Mexican American born and raised living in the United States and have a Colombian girlfriend who lives in Colombia. I have a Masters degree in adult psychology in relationships so please just CONSIDER my opinion. The problems that occurs and will keep occurring in such relationships is….COMPATIBILITY. In Colombia, THE LACK OF SOMETHING INCREASES THE DESIRE FOR IT. So when a foreigner comes to Colombia, girls are intrigued and are interested in knowing who this “AMERICAN” is. They become interested but they disregard all other aspects in life in which they don’t think how life would be if they really married and lived with a gringo. At first they will like the idea and feel like they’re on a pedestal if they were to marry a gringo because they are rare in Colombia, marrying one is like moving up in life. HOWEVER, once the real life starts, problems start to occur because of the disparities among these 2 individuals (these disparities increase when the age difference is that of APPROXIMATELY 12-15 years or more). Everything comes into light in where she realizes that she is not happy and she either wants to move on with her life or wants to return to her country without considering what that gringo did for her in taking her out of the slums. Many women do start to feel SOME TYPE of love for gringos because they take care of them financially, emotionally, and mentally. However, this is not the type of love one should be with another. Nevertheless, the main problem here lies on COMPATIBILITY. Such gringo and such Colombian for the most part are just not….COMPATIBLE. Its like night and day. The way their minds work are very different than that from a white (or any other race other than Latino) foreigner and that is due to culture, tradition, religion, the life experiences, and the surroundings she was exposed to as a child. They are different people from the inside. That’s just the bottom line with different countries, in different continents, hemispheres and etc. There are two people that want to be happy in life but the way of achieving that happiness is by different means. No matter how much a “gringo’ wants to learn Spanish he will always be a gringo and nothing can change that. No matter how perfect a Colombian woman learns English she will always be Colombian; and when I mean she will always be Colombian I mean Colombian in culture, tradition, the way they talk, the way they think and etc. Same goes for when I saw he will always be a “gringo”. Now some for some people it could work. It all depends on the type of person you meet and the type of sacrifices both of you guys are willing to make to make the relationship or marriage work. However, I find it rather easier looking for a dime in a swimming pool. A huge swimming pool I might add. Some do not mind being sex slaves and housewives in return for them eating good everyday, having a roof over their heads and just basically being taken care of. If that is the love you like to seek, I wish you GOODLUCK!!! The gringo doing everything for the Colombian girl is not and will MOST LIKELY never make her fall in love with you. It doesn’t work that way. What makes a person fall in love with an other person is that CHEMISTRY, that CONNECTION, that BOND that you two guys BUILD and have. It doesn’t matter if you paid for her daughters cancer operation and you took her parents out of living under a bridge and you bought them a new house. She will forever love you and be grateful because of what you did for her but she will not be IN LOVE with you because there is no bond, chemistry, or connection. As I stated before I am Mexican American. My girlfriend is Colombian and lives in Colombia. Chemistry, bondage, and connection exists in our relationship. She makes jokes from a soap opera that use to be aired and I’ll understand her jokes because my mom watched the same soap opera and so me understanding her jokes, we both laugh. Although we grew up in different Countries, we grew up watching this same Latin comedy show on Television (El Chavo del 8) and so when we talk about the show and laugh….we bond, we’re connect!!! Little things like those is how a relation nurtures and grows with time. I believe if I wasn’t brought up in a Latino cultural and traditional way and I didn’t speak any Spanish, we wouldn’t bond as much and have less of a connection and wouldn’t have all the similarities that we have. That is why it is a fact that most successful marriage are marriages from the same culture, religion, tradition, and even social status. Those lay a foundation for bondage, chemistry, and connection to exist. I’d would like to wish everyone good luck and success in finding that special someone that makes you happy and gives you a want, need, and/or a desire to live everyday just to see that person and that what makes you feel even HAPPIER is knowing that that person that you feel that way about….FEELS THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  76. David Pena

    08. Dec, 2013

    To Bravo4

    What you fail to understand is that from this article we are talking about Colombian women who cheat. Not who you can connect to or share a bond through a tv show or soap opera. You live in the US and she does not so understand that when your not around she has someone on the side to show her attention, maybe not sexual but sensual. My experience with Colombian women (and I am a faithful man) is that they all seek love, but truly dont know the meaning of it. Colombian women work on a very fast pace even when it comes to falling in love. They do not know how to be alone. They constantly desire attention so they jump from relationship to relationship without letting the sheets cool off. From the way you speak about your relationship about talking about tv shows, that is something you learn about your significant other at the start of a relationship. I will assume that your relationship is not even 6 months old yet. You have yet to view the true magnitude of the damage a Colombian woman will do. It is not their fault though it is the way they were brought up. Colombia is a fast paced sex crazed atmosphere, which is why most Colombian women are sluts and start at a very young age. I know women from Colombia who are not even 25 and have 2-4 kids with multiple men. Colombian women who have 2-3 boyfriends in 1 single year and claims she loved each and every one of them. Colombian women who have children they cannot feed so they send them to be cared for by relatives. Even though they cant feed their own they sure make to make enough time to party hard and post an insane amount of slut pictures on social media sites to seek even more attention of males, which they will completely take off when she sees a man is interested in her for more than a one night stand. Colombian women who aspire or truly thinks she will make it as a model so she enhances her features with plastic surgery that probably was not needed. Colombian women are fucked up mentally but its hard to see it behind their pretty smiles and solid figures and our hard dicks. Some even play their cards right in the beginning by not taking gifts, money, ect. Once they feel a level of comfort the truth will come out. I been there with Colombian women I know it all. It doesnt matter if your Mexican and shes Colombian, your from the US so you are a gringo because you dont know the life of living in Colombia. Sorry to say this but unless your girlfriend is rich with a blossoming career, she could be wanting you to help her to bring her to the US. If your serious about this Colombian woman thats swell but something tells me you will one day be on this article again expressing how your ex screwed you because the fact of the matter is, if you thought so well about your Colombian girlfriend, you wouldnt be searching articles about why Colombian women cheat.

    By the way you said you had a Masters degree which is impressive, especially when you dont know the definition of bondage.

  77. steve

    17. Dec, 2013

    I think what needs to be understood by American men looking for Colombian women (or any foreign women) is that if they choose the more attractive, younger women, start a “relationship” with one of them, then return home to the US and expect her to wait in Colombia faithfully for many months hoping that he will return to marry her some day, she probably is not going to be faithful for very long. If she’s beautiful she’s going to get offers from handsome men in Colombia. If her man has returned to the US she doesn’t really have any guarantee he will ever return to marry her. It’s very hard for any man or woman from any country to stay faithful in that situation. You can try to keep tabs on her by video-chatting every night, but she will have opportunities to cheat and you will drive yourself crazy trying to keep tabs on her. Don’t expect her to be faithful until you can live together permanently. That’s the reality.

  78. Juan

    17. Dec, 2013

    Fuck Colombian girls, I dated two Colombian bitches and they both cheated on me so fuck them all

  79. Fernando

    17. Dec, 2013

    Colombian girls are snakes in the grass! I can meet the sweetest nicest most amazing female and when I find out shes Colombian I will fucking run for my life! If shes hot I will fuck her then run! What idiot possibly believes he can have a future with those type of females? All they do is fuck around. I see some people actually talking about living in the US and dating a Colombian in Colombia? No amount of talking or video chatting will make sure she is not fucking around.

  80. Vincent

    18. Dec, 2013

    Dating a Colombian was the biggest mistake of my life. No pussy is worth all their bullshit. Unfaithful whores!

  81. Twenty

    19. Dec, 2013

    I think everyone’s missing the point here. Sure, it’s easy enough to say that all Colombianas are whores. But *which* Colombianas are the *biggest* whores? Calenas, Paisas, Costenas, Rolas? Maybe those sluts from Manizales?

    Let’s not let this thread deteriorate into broad invective and silly name-calling.

    Discuss amongst yourselves, and be sure to provide data.

  82. Jorge

    23. Dec, 2013

    Never a reason to defend Colombian chicks. They are the biggest whores of the universe.

  83. Jimmy

    27. Dec, 2013

    The easiest pussy I ever got in the world was Colombian pussy. Whores cant be trusted and trying to turn these whores into house wives is the biggest joke in the world. Houdini couldnt pull that shit off! If I meet a man who tells me his wife is a Colombian it will take every ounce in me not to laugh in his face!

  84. Raymond

    09. Jan, 2014

    Oh my goodness
    Lost 1/2 mill in divorce to chase Colombian girl in my own country, not Colombia
    So it wasn’t to get her here
    Most beautiful woman I have ever met.
    On again off again
    Extremely emotional
    And the religious cover too
    So finally marries me
    Lasts less than 2 months!!
    Didn’t cheat , just left…
    Everything had to go exactly her way of the “shutdown”
    Never, never ever again….
    So tell me , where are the good women ????

  85. Raymond

    09. Jan, 2014

    I meant or the shutdown treatment
    She left , not me
    Anger management issues ….
    Are they all so emotional ??
    Tiring ….

  86. Gustavo

    10. Jan, 2014

    Allow me to share my story. I tried dating a Colombian woman. I went on a vacation and met a beautiful woman there and got her number. She dressed very provocative but spoke ok for a women with little to no college education. We spoke all the time after coming back to the states. I live in California so not only was distance an issue but so was our time zones. We still spoke everyday. I would visit every 3-4 months. Paying out of pocket is expensive. She couldnt come see me because she had 3 kids from a previous relationship. As much as I could, I tried to overlook these kind of flaws she had because she seemed so full of life and was always smiling. I learned the hard way that she kept me living in the dark. She was cheating on me. To be honest I couldnt believe it. I didnt want to believe it. The things she would say to me about how much she loved me and the way she would flaunt our relationship to people that I was her man when I was in town and even on websites like Face book and Google+ I just couldnt believe she was cheating. She was cheating on me with more than 3 different men including the father of 2 of her 3 kids. One was even a married man who had twins on the way! Not to mention that those guys knew she had a boyfriend to but what do they care pussy is pussy to them right? Turns out all her friends and family who knew me knew she was cheating to and never mentioned a word. Of course her friends wouldnt say nothing because they were whores themselves who slept with married men. I cant begin to say how much money I lost by spending on her and flying out there. Easily over 20, 000 in the first year. I learned a lot of things from this relationship. 1 Dont be fooled that at the beginning she doesnt take money from you. Once she knows shes got you she would rape your money by throwing a sob story. (Her stories were she couldnt afford her rent or stuff for her kids.) 2 It is important to know her past. If shes a young girl from her 20s to late 20s and she tells you one of her ex bfs was an older man (40s-50s) LEAVE THAT BITCH QUICK! She is looking for money! Women who date men with a huge age gap like that are looking for a sugar daddy. 3 Just think with your head. If she slept with you rather quickly imagine how many other men have sticked her! BEFORE DURING AND AFTER YOUR RELATIONSHIP! I slept with my ex colombiana the second time I visited her for about a 8 days. I fucked her about 12 times before I left. Needless to say I learned my lesson and left her when I found out she was cheating. Seeing the way her and her friends were should have been an eye opener but I was stupid. You cant make a whore a house wife that is for sure. Luckily I have met a wonderful woman since her. (Shes not colombian and I will never mess with colombian women ever again) She is the complete opposite of my ex. She lives in California but lives about 3 hours away so it is also long distance. She is faithful respectful religious and puts my happiness first before she would hers! One thing that shows me that my current girlfriend loves me is our financial relationship. She is very independent. If at any time she needs money I dont mind giving it to her but she wont take unless she makes me agree that she can pay me back. Shes not using me because she takes nothing from me. Another thing that shows me what type of girl she is is if she got plans to go out with friends and I tell her to have fun and that im just going to stay home she would rather cancel her plans and speak to me since we are far away at the moment then go out with her friends. I have NEVER in my life seen that from a woman and that showed me that not only does she love me but shes dedicated to our relationship! She has a college education and is very confident in herself not because shes beautiful but because she is educated. I never thought I could find a smart woman outrageously sexy and my current girlfriend does that for me. She dresses sexy yet classy by not showing too much but showing enough. In more simple terms my current girlfriend is my soul mate. I love her and my family knows how good she is for me. No woman has made me feel the urge to bust my ass working and even going back to school just so I can be the best provider for her. To the guys who believe that you have found a decent colombian woman man you better hold on to your hat because your in for the most bullshit ride of your life! At the end of the day I dont hate my ex colombiana even though she is the whore of the universe because she only made me realize what a real dedicated loving woman is.

  87. Robert

    11. Jan, 2014

    You guys think its just colombian, its peruvian, el salvadorean, and especially mexican women.
    I have dated them all. They all have attitude problems, that is why the men in their countries drink,
    I have been to Colombia many times, to El Poblado, to Envigado and these are the 2 richest areas and if you can find a women from a good family with traditional values, you may get lucky. But if you are a fat slob and think that you can hand pick a hot women, sorry , its a business transaction. To the mexican guy that has a colombian girlfriend, you are stupid to trust her with a long distance, she is cheating on you with some ahole from san andres island (colombian owned island with black colombian men) that dances with her all night!

    FYI, All of those mail order brides are just women looking to advance themselves financially, if you get an ugly one, then she wants love, a hot one wants money , same thing with eastern european women,

    I wouldn’t single out only Colombian women, most of these women that I mentioned from the other countries are the same especially peru, mexico, el salvador and eastern european mafias.

    It is sad, but I met some really nice Colombian women, but they were all over 45.
    So,if I wanted love, I have to marry the mothers, if I want a good time, i have to be a sucker for the slut daughter, btw most of them are on pornhub and do strip shows via webcams.

    Once again, be careful with filthy con aritist colombian men that will rip you off and mislead you about a colombian women. Also, if the taxi you take tries to change to a new taxi, run fast.

    When you first get in a taxi, take a picture of the guy with your cell phone camera and tell him “Ya tome esta fota para tener pruebas donde es ud y en cual taxi estoy y la envie a mucha gente” Tell him you took a picture of him and his cab and you sent it to many people and it is your proof. He won’t dare pull the switch taxi scam where they rob you. Also, you are supposed to get a taxi dispatched from the airport with a number, never take random taxis off the street, they are scammers.

    So again, if you think Colombian woman suck, if you marry a low class one , expect skum bag drunk men in her family to expect money wired, same thing with mexican cholos and same thing with El Salvadorean and Peruvian or settle for the corn fed american women that has mental illness and likes being gang bang and divorces you and takes all your money.

    Colombian men are some of the biggest alcoholics and scam artists and even plays games where they let their women marry a gringo and send him the money.

    So, really we have no other options, you either get a corn fed american women that has mental illness and is depressed or you get a latin that will cut your weiner off.

    What I have done now is get saved and accept Jesus Christ and I will only date a religous women, with no front that will go to church with me , only a sincere one and there are some good latin women that are nice and conservative and I am just looking at religous websites and I advise you to end the sex thing living in sin and look for a women that you can love with our lord jesus christ and live with him and you will happy together forever.

    Good Luck.

  88. Trevor

    11. Jan, 2014

    All women are hoes, doesn’t matter the country.
    Never leave a women alone for too long, she will screw the next smooth talker.

    If you got a good women, try to be with her all the time and never let her leave your sight, that is just the simple reality.
    If she goes out of the country, you better go with her.
    Guys just don’t care if she has a boyfriend or is married, pussy is pussy, no remorse.

    The way it works in colombia is that guys are notorious for cheating and drinking aquadiente, Good Colombian women with traditional values are good women and yet her brother from the same family is a thief and asshole and will be the one that will ruin your relationship.

    I like the comment about living with Jesus in your heart.

  89. David

    11. Jan, 2014

    I had a nice Colombian girl friend here in the USA and then her piece of shit trashy alcholic skum bag zero educated, shit head, drug addict, fucken asshole colombian brother came from Barranquilla Colombia to live with her and be supported by her and he ruined 4 years of our great relationship because he is a shit head that has no job, no money, and all his friends are thugs but she loved him and blood is thicker than water and then he introduced her to a disgusting gangbanger Mexican that knows how to speak her tongue and I should list his name here and a picture of this asshole and they ruined by relationship.

    Take a look at the piece of shit colombian men and then you can see why the women are messed up. The women are abused by their colombain drunk men but they still love them and miss being beat and cheated by them. Btw, the other guy put it right, it is not just Colombian, but all the women.

    I am taking your advice bro and will stick now to only religous websites and dating and even if I have to stay celebate before marriage, I don’t want the stress and I don’t want a divorce from a women taking all my money.

    If you think having a women cheat on is depressing and you burned 2 weeks to a 2 months feeling sorry for yourself and playing detective, imagine having kids and going through a year long divorce.

    Sorry man, sex aint worth that to me.

    Just know also that when you marry a colombian or mexican or american women, you marry all those drunk alcoholic brothers and cousins and fat slob skum bags that wear wife beaters its nothing about race , its all the same, hoes are hoes.

  90. Kevin

    12. Jan, 2014

    Colombia has Rolos, Paisas, vallunos, costenos, and based on where they are and the family they come from, a lot of negative stories about coastal ones for sure.

    It just depends on who you get.

    Nothing will beat a sweet traditional Colombian women if you can find one.

    I am sad to hear about all of these stories and my heart goes out to you guys. My friend found a nice one and was lucky.

    If you are a nice sweet colombian women not like the women described here, but one with class and honest

    si eres una colombiana linda, diferente con las historias aqui, y con buenos modales y linda con carino , sin actutiud fuerte y muy amable, y estas buscando un hombre muy lindo y amable y honesto y muy guapo, que tiene 35 anos, sin hijos y catolico y no engano mujeres, avisame, yo se hay buenas muchachas todavia en colombia.

    It is worth a shot, if you are one nice women unlike all the ones described here

    mandame un correo electronico
    email me at

    9045 at

    and let talk.

    Buenas suerte y Dios los Bendiga

    Good Luck and God Bless You All , sorry about stress!

  91. pierce nielsen

    12. Jan, 2014

    i met a beautiful colombian girl working in an upscale restaurant in cartagena last june.. ended up sleeping with her on the fourth date.. went back to see her in september and after being denied her visa we arranged to meet in cuba last december.. she is very pretty 26 year old and also has a 8 year old daughter. i’d say am decent looking and even though i am 40 everyone thinks i am 30. recently am having trust issues so what are the hints or tips to find out if she is cheating..? we text everyday and talk at least twice a week.. she works 6 days a week from noon till 9 at night combined with english classes weekday mornings.. need some advice from the experts thx

  92. Paul

    12. Jan, 2014

    There u go Pierce, man, if she slept with you on the 4th date, she has done the same thing with other men,
    U think you are something special? We guys fall for this stuff too much.

    Plus she has a kid, u don’t need that baggage, and dealing with the kid’s father, and if you are okay with a chick with a kid, then your options just increased by 100.
    There are no shortage of hot women here with kids!

    Bro, also , don’t teach her English, better you let her teach you spanish, that way you come out ahead in the end.

    At least the colombian chick I dated, I never talked to her in English and made her speak spanish, and I learned fast!
    My spanish is great now, and at least I got something out of it. Trust me, take advantage , Colombia has the best spanish or all countries.

    If you are really serious and love her, drop 2k and pay a detective there to follow her , but be careful, if you love her, it will hurt when you see her letting some skum bags take body shots off her and her kissing and screwing some guy! Women just get horny when a guy has money, looks don’t mean a thing. Have you actually seen any good looking colombian men? They all look like apes? Ugly!

    I hate to say it, but, the other guys here that screw other women do so before they get screwed themselves,
    Cartagena is the coast, go read about what they say on the coastal women.
    You bring her here and then she gets papers and leaves you for some jackass guy there!
    And if she is really hot, plenty of guys are all over here.

    Problem is that these women have become professional liars, selfish, only care about themself, their needs, use sex to manipulate a man, but can’t do it to their own kind of filthy colombian man, because Colombian men make the worse husbands and will even cheat on them with their own sisters and mothers!

    Again, she has a kid, so you are 40, you can be 45 and get a 30 yr old easily, you don’t have biological clock man, just get a haircut fade with a number 2 and put some gel and you will look 10 years younger and get a tan.

    I actually now admire middle eastern women that respect the man and would never do this stuff to disrespect them unlike all these latin hoes.

    All of us men dream of finding a hot women that is innocent and actually loves us and won’t cheat and its a fairy tale, very hard to find.

  93. pierce nielsen

    13. Jan, 2014

    cool advice paul.. do u have more info on the 2k u talking about and also where can i read info on coastal women…? i dont think she is cheating with other foreigners but when i asked her last month in cuba who was the last person she had sex before me she answered the baby daddy…! 6 months prior to our first meeting.. he came to her drunk and she said she was naive and one thing lead to another..

  94. Edward

    15. Jan, 2014

    I actually sat here and read all these comments. No one made me laugh harder then the mexican who lives in America with the colombian girlfriend in colombia. What a fucking idiot. She is probably sucking off someone else as we speak and he thinks its real.

    These stories sound identical to mine. Dated a colombian girl. Slept with her on the 2nd date. She said she never moves that fast. I felt like I was the shit and dated her only to find out she fucks everyone. She fooled me because she always said how much she loves me. When she got comfortable she started asking for $ like crazy to the point where I started struggling. She had so many side guys and played me like a piano. I learned my lesson no more colombian bitches. Truth be told I should have hit it and quit it when I saw how easy it was for me to get in her pants.

    It is so hard to find good decent girls out there.

    By the way I agree with Paul I have noticed middle eastern girls a lot lately. I live in San Diego where there is a lot of them. They are true women I admire. They dont give themselves easy dont disrespect their men and dont disrespect themselves by acting like hoes. They are beyond beautifull. I think its time to give up on the latina hoes all together and go for the middle eastern bombshells! Im gettin older and want kids and the last thing I need is a hoe to raise them!

  95. pierce nielsen

    15. Jan, 2014

    ok but edward how did u found out she was cheating…? if there were any what were the signs or hints…? sorry btw..

  96. Edward

    15. Jan, 2014

    To Pierce, I found out she was cheating because of the way she would act. Yes she would tell me she loves me and she would ever show the world on her fb. But she liked to go to the clubs a lot and hang with her friends who are all whores. More and more I noticed she was always flaunting off her body wearing next to nothing. That gave me the clue that by showing herself she is looking for attention from other guys. I noticed that when I came to visit she would dress more conservative but when I was back in the states all the new pics she would post would be her dressed like a hoe. Finally one time I went to visit a friend of hers who was a hoe herself let me in that she had slept with a guy the night before I came into town. When I confronted her she denied denied but she finally fessed up. Colombian women are evil man.

  97. pierce nielsen

    15. Jan, 2014

    wow man…! horror stories all over the place.. makes me wanna do a surprise visit haha.. i realize even her parents or coworkers can be in on the scam.. better late than never edward..

  98. Edward

    16. Jan, 2014

    To Pierce all her friends and family usually cover or back them up. The only reason why her friend told me was because she was mad that the guy she wanted to fuck that night fucked my girl instead! Horrible right? I dont know if you have social web pages like facebook or google + or instagram but I will tell you this dont let that get to you if she posts nothing but pics of you two or how much she loves you. They act one way on social media sites and another when your not around. Good luck my friend I believe you will need it bad.

  99. Dariol

    19. Jan, 2014

    To the mexican america dating the colombiana jajajajaja your in for a rude awakening one day! What a stupid guy!

  100. Paul

    19. Jan, 2014

    I really feel for you.
    The fact that she slept with you so fast, is clear to me that she is a hoe. A good women from a good family waits at least a few weeks if not a couple months, you basically paid for your action indirectly.

    Forget the surprise visit, Like I said, if you really like her, spend $2000 on a private detective to follow her and photograph her for 6 weeks, don’t pay him upfront, pay him a little and then per pic. The average salary in colombia is $500 per month, 2k will go a long way there and that should cover it 6 weeks.

    There is a slight chance that she may really love you and may be legit, but I doubt it, based on these stories and she has a kid, don’t waste your time, chicks with kids are plain old easy!
    You don’t want that baggage if she turns out to be a hoe and liar and then goes and brings back the dad with your papers.

    You ask a lot how to know if she is cheating?
    It’s simple, if you feel it in your gut, then she is.
    And the fact that she slept with you so fast, means she probably is.
    She is probably playing someone else, or if not, has a backup candidate.
    Chicks don’t care to have a good time with or without you.

    And if she works at a bar or club you mentioned, she is approached by men all the time.

    Be warned, when just looking at facebook and checking her friends and say you hire a detective, the stuff just hurts man, and in my case, I lost 5 weeks of work and wasted a lot of my time doing that.
    The chicks get caught and they still lie.

    These chicks don’t care, they have no feelings and go in survival mode.

    And u said that she admitted to screwing her ex.
    She probably is still screwing him

    Have you seen a good looking colombian man there?
    Or just apes that look filthy and just drink all day and night and beat their women, and lie and have double lives?
    But , didn’t your dad and friends warn you, these women like to get the crap beat out of them, so a guy like you that is a good guy and treats her well doesn’t make her horny enough like the drunk ex that doesn’t even know what foreplay is and treats her like crap.
    No shortage of filthy colombian alcoholics there.

    If we could take a time machine back 1=2 generations, colombian women had the best morals and made the best wives, now unless she comes from a good family, she is hoe.

    The other thing, get in shape if you are not, like i said before get a number 2 fade haircut, put gel on your hair, get a tan, dress like a surfer, put a cap with sunglasses sometimes, and you will knock 10 year off, and lie about your age, you are feeling like I was that you are getting to old to get hot young chicks.

    Don’t wear a tie, it ages you more, just a jacket with a collar shirt and top button unbuttoned.
    I have to wear a tie to work, but now when I post pics for or go out with chicks, no tie, I look younger.
    I am in the same boat as you man.
    Chicks are looking for a good man, if you are a good guy, don’t worry but again, a chick with a kid is pure stress!

    I tell all the chicks I am 30. They can’t tell.

    Us men can be 45 and get 25-35 with no problem

    If you do end up going back there, and you find out she is cheating. right away bone some other hot chicks to get your mind off her, otherwise you will be depressed and broke, enjoy some other babes, go out with them, and take pictures and send them to her and tell her she is a hoe and you are reporting her to the US for a fraud alert, so she can never come here and scam others and she will be blocked.

    Always use protection with these women too.

    To be honest,
    I like the other comments on finding Jesus or whatever religion you are, a religous woman that goes to church will increase your odds of success.

    I want to be able to leave my future wife alone and not have to worry that she is sucking off some CHOLO gangbanger and texting me that she is with her friends while she is getting boned.

    A nice woman that is honest and will do her share.
    Half of these comments labled colombian women and bitches that have to have it their way and won’t give in.
    A relationship is supposed to be 2 sided.
    And typically the man has the final say, and that is how is was in prior generations, now these latin hoes expect everything for some rotten pussy!

    Thanks to the guy to made this forum!
    you are a hero!

    God bless!

  101. pierce nielsen

    19. Jan, 2014

    thx paul for the warning signs but unfortunately i dont have 2k to spend on a detective haha.. but i definitely feel something is wrong and as they say trust your instinct so am backing off emotionally from her.. if a PI was around 500 bucks i’d pay to know the truth for sure…!!

  102. Matt

    20. Jan, 2014

    Guy is mexico, what a fool.
    Pierce who went to Cuba? why not meet her in colombia?
    Dude who never spoke english to his colombian and learned spanish from her super smart man, at least u came out with something, really slick, all men reading this, do the samething!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the women teach you spanish, don’t talk to her in english!
    Dude that banged so many chicks, thought u were filthy , until I read all these other posts that u beat them to their own game. ha ha ha, u r just lucky when u were drunk u weren’t kidnapped or robbed.

    Pierce, my advice to you, go date many chicks there and don’t tell yours and then pick your best one, that is what she is doing. Don’t go to Cuba again man, go to colombia.
    Other dude is right about chicks from el salavador, mexico , peru, all psycho.
    Dude with story about alcoholic brother, sorry man, all colombian men suck , yes they are apes. I had a similar story with a skum bag bro ruining stuff for me and wanting money.
    Dude, yes, some chicks like guys to beat the crap out of them to complain.
    Hoes exists everywhere, colombia is no different. My colombian chick had a very strong attitude and was so proud that she was “Soy muy fuerte” like it was an asset.

    Any guys find a good colombian women? post your story here and tell us where , what city, or website, and how long u have been with here and share please.

  103. pierce nielsen

    20. Jan, 2014

    to answer matt i went to cuba with her for 10 days a month ago in order to help her get a tourist visa which was refused partly for fer lack of travel history. when she came back to colombia she was hoping to be pregnant and texted me she was sad that she had her period.. hmm dont really know what to make of that.. btw guys am not desperate for her as i have a couple of girls i fool with over here but am just doubting her honesty cause i see wifey potential somehow lol.. matt why you talk about your colombianna in the past tense..? she cheated too..?

  104. Mike

    20. Jan, 2014

    At Pierce dude shes already trying to get knocked up with your kid? You crazy or something? Dont do that shit! You will regret it!


  105. Matt

    23. Jan, 2014

    My colombian chick for several years turned out to be a major liar with a quick temper and had to win in all arguments, she lived near me in orlando , I met her here, and she cheated on me and really her loss, we had several years also together, i put up with her attitude, and almost identical to what the guys here said about a low life brother, 100% agreement with him, he was a major source of the problems and he always wanted money, just a pure low form of skum that only drank beer. I paid her rent here in Orlando so many times , bought her food a lot, and I was a nice guy very faithful, good job, professional, tall, fairly good looks , I took her out a lot to nice restaurants, even to church, she never wanted to go to church with me though, spend all my money on her, point is, she had a good man and no reason to cheat, but we had some arguments and when we were apart due to arguments for say 2 months, I was jacking off LOL to stay faithful and I could have easily hooked up with other chicks, have no problem meeting women if I wanted to, and I learned that she was with at least 1 maybe 2 men like the guy said a “CHOLO” they somehow like that gangster drunk look and meat, but I stayed faithful, and she is 41 now, so she lost a good man and I am going to someone from 28- 35 now.
    Pierce be grateful the woman was not pregnant, what a trap. That is clear that she just wants papers. I don’t believe in revenge, but if you played with her and shared the stories with us, everyone on this forum would love you for it!
    Drop her and tell her that you are Canadian and don’t have US Citizenship, see what she says and report back to us. She will probably never talk to u.

  106. Lita

    23. Jan, 2014

    Maybe I can help. I live in america now after 27 years living in Itagui colombia. I come to america to learn english and get away from all the bad in colombia. Theres no reason to lie and I feel bad seeing the pain people go threw. Yes Im colombian woman. Yes I used to use men for money. Yes I sleep with them. I use to always have boyfriend from america when I live in colombia because they stupid and they give money fast. I have 3 kids and it is hard to make money to take care for them so yes I do what I did. These men from america really fall for me in love and come see me and tell me they love me. It feel nice and I start to fall for love like they do. Then all I care about is my boyfriend from america to see me and show me nice places in colombia I cant see because I have no money to see these things and places. I count days and months to see my boyfriend from america for fun and because of it I stop to think about my kids. I give my kids to my mom because I am young and want to be free for fun and for love. It was selfish and I know. I have bad life growing up and seen bad things. I see bad things from all my friends to so growing up with them I do bad things to. I sleep with married man all the time. I party with my friends all the time. I make a little money and I spend on clothes and not for my kids. I make my boyfriend from america to make me surgery for new breast and since he love me he give me the money. I cheat on my boyfriend from america all the time when he was in america and I was in colombia. It was easy and he never think I cheat because I tell him every day I love him so much and I want for to marry him and be his wife. Even though I love him I still cheat because I grow up like this. But he never see it because he love me so much and to be honest was very stupid for not see it. He bring me to america because he want to marry me. I leave my kids and go because I want new life. He bring me here to america and he marry me. He help me with papers for to be in america and to get visa for to live here. He help me to get license for to drive. When I learn to drive and learn where to go places I go and meet new man. I meet 4 men and sleep with them for 8 months and husband find out. He do divorce and now I am alone in america with no one. To take care of my bills I date men to pay my bills. Yes I sleep with them to. I sleep with them all with no protection. Yes I have shame for what I do but I do not lie about it. To pierce please do not go for that woman. She want to have baby with you so she can take your money. I know because I did this and now I have 2 kids and no money for them. To mexican who has gf for colombia you be careful to because she can to the same. I am saving money for to go back to colombia and be by my kids. I wish I can say that good man can change me and make me better to not cheat but it not true. If I was man I never be with woman from my country and yes Im shamed to say that but I put me down more if I lie to me to. Be safe ppl.

  107. pierce nielsen

    23. Jan, 2014

    hmmm but matt i am canadian..!!! lol
    she knew it from day one when i met her in bocagrande.. her original objective was to go to new jersey where her boss’s daughter lives.. they are friends… but now her focus is canada and boy was she crying when my government refused her request for the 10 day tourist visa last november.. btw i never never sensed she had a plan of staying here longer than planned cause she loves her daughter SO much and she’s also the one taking care of her mom.
    anyways this site is feeding my paranoia lol

  108. pierce nielsen

    23. Jan, 2014

    dear lita u should have had a baby from your american.. what were u thinking eh….?

  109. Matt

    25. Jan, 2014

    Pierce, what is happening now with her? U still talk to her?
    Canada is smart, they only let people in their country with money. Her plan was to come on a tourist visa, get pregnant , have an anchor baby, get papers , then bring her daughter here and mother, then the alcoholic ex to beat her and then screw her like colombian women like it , and then you foot the bill!
    Tell me what she looks like , is she blonde or dark skinned, tall and thin or short? My buddy once put a colombian chicks cell number in google and got a escort service.

  110. pierce nielsen

    26. Jan, 2014

    yeah matt we still text everyday and talk on the phone once or twice a week..she is quite tall and dark skinned with an hourglass figure.. pretty face too. she lives in pozon the furthest and roughest part of cartagena.. french is my mother tongue so some words i dont get sorry.. what is an anchor baby…?

  111. Paul

    26. Jan, 2014

    Pierce a lot of good advice here, stick to it. Deal breaker for you is her kid and sleeping so quickly. Head back there and get another chick, btw, tell her many other chicks have been calling you and ask her to tell you about them and colombian women in general, she will dig a hole for herself. Tell her the colombian flight attendant asked for your number on the airplane and make stuff up, play with her, and let’s see how she reacts.
    Per the other posts said, Does any guy have a positive story?

  112. Matt

    27. Jan, 2014

    Hey Pierce, anchor baby , just gets pregnant and if baby is born in USA the baby gets automatic citizenship, rules may be different in Canada. Agree with the advice from all here.

    Paul real great points u have made. I am losing the tie now and taking some suggestions , thanks man, and u know what, I have no problem lying about my age now by 10 years too. Chicks can’t really tell. I am 40, and I know a bald guy I know who is 28 and he looks 40, so shoot man, if he can say he is 28, then anyone can. The key is to lie and then when the chick likes you and loves u, then tell her ur real age. But in Colombia, they won’t even care.
    Btw, 2k is a lot for a PI , though, you could get away with $500 max.
    But, the issue is does Pierce even want to waste a penny on a hoe? That is a lot of money. My friend went to Eastern Europe, messed around with trashy women, while looking for good ones, and brought back a virgin , that is what us guys are being forced to do now, but he spoke the european language. Btw, I don’t recommend Eastern Europe, mafia types too as u even pointed out.

    Pierce if you like dark tall women, no shortage there, I was looking for blonde ones from Medellin. Did you see any blondes or light skin ones?

    Pierce When u went to colombia, was it cartagena? can u describe your experience from start to finish, from booking the trip, landing in the airport and a taxi and getting around, hotel.
    Are you blonde and fair skin and stick out or are you dark tone French with dark hair and blended in more. I am curious how your experience was and if you had any issues or worries from those “Ape men” when u were there ready to rob you or kidnap u.
    Do you speak Spanish at all?
    And did you feel safe or worried there like u were a bank account?

  113. pierce nielsen

    27. Jan, 2014

    hi again matt, yes on my first trip iarrived in cartagena and my initial plan was to also visit barranquilla cali and quibdo but going to the latter was too difficult logistics wise so i gave up. my return was from bogota two weeks later.
    i finally stayed 8 days in cartagena cause that chick made me change my plans lol.. but rented a car and visited barranquilla nonetheless during a whole day. after cartagena i hooked up with my ex girlfriend who is canadian as well and she was visiting her friend who now lives in cali as a lawyer.
    btw spent 2 nights over there and the sex with my ex was amazing..! chemistry i guess.
    last 2 days were spent in bogota where i once again was lucky to get laid the second day with a beautiful tall mulatto girl which i got the number while i was exploring la candelaria.
    My first night in cartagena i went to isis(kind of a strip club) and there was that girl from bogota who completely went crazy for me when she heard i spoke english lol.. normally u must pay these girls to sleep with them and i told her quickly that i didnt come to colombia for that( its the truth) but she insisted and gave me her email phone number and even her home address at the club but very discretly so she wouldn’t be caught then fired. anyways to make a long story short i looked for the paper next morning and couldn’t find it haha.. too much beers and pot smoking the night before i suppose.. was tempted to go back but next day i met THE chick and you all know the rest ..
    ok i am black supposedly handsome medium built and really look 30 especially cause i dress young and casual and a bit classy which is somewhat important in colombia if u want quality.
    everybody thought i was colombian until i opened my mouth..! and thats when the girls became very very intersted.. i guess its rather rare for them seeing a Usher or Jason derulo type of guy travelling by himself and when they realized i was not a sex tourist their attraction became even more obvious..!
    My spanish is pretty good now but i must admit speaking french is a huge advantage over americans for example.. in cartagena being from carribean parents has been huge too cause i connected right away with the people over there and they could also feel that i felt home cause cartagena is definitely the carribean atmosphere that i know so well from cuba dr jamaica or haiti.
    i booked my flight with spirit airlines and booked an apartment in laguito from a colombian website.
    dear matt i never felt unsafe once and even was walking by myself around the creepy santa fe area in bogota around 1 or 2 in the morning looking for crippi(weed) haha.. not something i would advise though but i need to be honest here being black lessens the chances of being attacked or bothered and its something i confirmed and asked to all the hustlers or taxi drivers in colombia. they also said the tall blonde blue eye guy is at more risk thah anyone cause he sticks out easily. thats unfortunate.
    so sorry matt cant tell u much about medellin but am definitely planning to visit but personnaly nothing can beat the costenas i saw in CTG BAQ or CALI…!
    Nonetheless beware cause everybody is still trying to rip you off. sorry i went that long and if u have any more questions i’ll be more thah happy to answer them matt.
    hmmm the 500$ PI might be interesting haha..

  114. Sam

    28. Jan, 2014

    I started to date a colombiana that I met online. In all honesty I went to visit to fuck her and come back to the states with nothing serious. I did that. After fighting with my ex about 3 days later after coming back and her making me feel like shit for fuckin this colombiana I thought let me piss off my ex even more and start dating the colombiana. lmao yea I know its dumb and immature and all that shit and not cool that I was using this colombiana to make my ex jealous but she made me made. So I stuck with it and kept datin her. I flew to see her all the time and fucked her all the time so I wasnt in a hurry gettin out the relationship. Kinda felt bad that colombiana really thought I loved her. I did care about her but my ex was the one I wanted. My ex I guess got tired of the games she knew I was playin and finally gave another guy a shot and shes with him now. I got mad and continued seein colombiana but at the end of the day no way I was gonna marry her. She was a whore cuz she slept with me fast and told me she loved me even faster. She even got kids so I couldnt deal with the baggage. After about 7 months I dumped colombiana. Last I heard she was already with some almost 50 year old guy. Im 32 and she was 29. Ya she was a broke female who was a gold digger but like I say I only dated her to spite my ex. It bit me more in my because all it did was push my ex away. Colombiana did lie to me and use me for money by the way. I even had to buy her a iphone because she insisted on communicating and her old phone wasnt good enough. She was very into herself and barely took care of her kids. Used to see them walkin in the street with no shoes and she aint care.

  115. Matt

    30. Jan, 2014

    Thanks Pierce for the details, can you also quote the price you paid too in $, for airfare, hotel and taxi and restaurants, clubs, drinks, etc, did you exchange your money at a bank?
    Is it easy to get access to Viagra?

    Based on your story, and where she works, this woman is just for fun, u are better off going back and getting another one if you want a serious relationship. Hoes there are dime a dozen like someone here said in an earlier post

    Sam , thanks for the story what I get out of these stories, find one to have a good time only while you try to find one from a good family. But these women love sugar dadys too and nothing like a trashy woman.
    Hope everyone uses protection at all times!

    Ha ha, Pierce, you, me and Paul and Sam should all go together there and cover each other’s back and have a good time with these babes !!! Plus chicks all over the world love that French accent man!

  116. pierce nielsen

    30. Jan, 2014

    if i remember well the airfare with spirit airlines was about 500 dollars with arrival in cartagena and departure from bogota. twelve days total. i had booked a room at the pueblito playa for 55 bucks a night its a bit on the cheap side but girl friendly and the owner is super friendly.
    taxi drivers will definitely try to rip you off so its better to ask around to know how much you should really pay. every two days i would go to a money exchange place where the rates are as good as the banks.. they’re also open 24 hours in bocagrande.
    hmmm viagra i dont know lol sorry.. never tried cause am still too scared to be hooked on it.. maybe at 50 years old.

  117. Sam

    30. Jan, 2014

    Matt lol we should go and have each others backs. I will never date a colombian girls again because they hoes but I sure as hell will fuck them. Guess its good cuz we can fuck em and come back to america or canada so when we dont want to mess with them no more they are easy to take out our life lmao

  118. Miguel

    01. Feb, 2014

    Colombian women are filthy fucking whores and I enjoy every second of it. Never will make them a wife and am having fun because am still young. Fuck them as long as you want and when time comes to get married stay far from them.

  119. Matt

    03. Feb, 2014

    Thanks Pierce,
    so how did u communicate with them in english or some spanish?
    I am thinking about going, but not sure if I go alone I don’t want to get ripped off.

  120. pierce nielsen

    03. Feb, 2014

    hmmm matt a good trick i use is always start with my broken spanish cause then the girls can tell you’re a foreigner right away and you automatically become more intersting in their eyes.
    But honestly if you want a more solid relationship a pretty good spanish is important cause english is seldom spoken by the girls there and french even less lol.. well in cartagena.
    I went by myself and somehow you always get ripped off but the thing is not to get ripped off twice..!
    So i always ask local people about the prices i paid and from there i learn..

  121. Paul

    06. Feb, 2014

    pierce the woman is not a house wife thats for sure.
    i was checking out colombiancupid website and there seems to be some nice ones but most are hoes looking for money.
    another guy here said he met hoes off that site and they all work in bars or clubs.

    man, really hot chicks are mostly hoes and gold diggers there. sam and miguel may be giving the best advice here.
    But so you are a French guy and women all love you, no reason to waste time on that one. thanks for sharing your story.
    how is the woman doing now?

  122. pierce nielsen

    07. Feb, 2014

    wow lol paul i never said all woman love me.. but i tasted all colors and shape so i cant complain ( still have red haired and jewish on my TDL though haha)
    as for the colombiana its still the routine so we text everyday day and night and she even called me today at work to apologize cause yesterday she texted that the distance is starting to make it hard on her so i replied well whenever its too much for just let me know and we’ll stop it there.
    So i didnt text her after that till this morning which is quite unusual cause most of the time i wish her good night.
    Anyways guess i’ll have to send a Valentine gift lol..
    Tomorrow night am going to ottawa and spend the night at the hotel with my main bitch so la vie est belle…!!

  123. Paul

    08. Feb, 2014

    So Paul she stops texting you because like a hoe, she found another man there that she is screwing and that will take her to the USA , her original goal. That is why Sam and Miguel do what they do , and you me and Paul are just too naive.

    The next time a colombian chick gets her heart broken, she just got beat at her own game.

    I joined colombian cupid for the heck of it and seems like I am burning $30, not much, but no shortage of hoes, and guys that act like their pimps. I’ve been told over the years that I am good looking especially for latin women and so I posted some good stuff and good pics and the site must be rigged because most of these woman give 3 words to describe themselves, all use the word “tierna” which means like tender, and they all say the same thing.
    and a real women would have a real ad with more than 3 words. Plus they all select “any” for choices of what they are looking for, a rigged site and those that are real are messed up.

    Bottom line= hot chick = hoe
    ugly chick = nagging bitch looking for love!

    so my buddy gets fat chicks and diets them down.
    said it works

    Pierce if you are smart, don’t send her anything for Valentines.
    But Tell her that you sent it to her via US mail and keep asking her if she got it. The mail system is so corrupt.
    Don’t send her roses or flowers.
    Give them to your chick here instead.

    Sam and Miguel, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw, if any of u guys can’t find your colombian, look on pornhub where they all are doing shows.

  124. Paul

    08. Feb, 2014

    half asleep, meant to say Pierce instead of myself

  125. Matt

    09. Feb, 2014

    Paul colombiancupid might have some legit postings but for sure they are at least 70% fake. Notice that all the paid members are gold or platinum and are not any women, just the men. They have an algorithim that makes fake profiles run by mob , and duplicates them and some are by men to promote webcam shows of their hoes, and nothing to do with the site
    i guess for the women it is free, so men see all these profiles of women and hahahah, they playing with men enough them to renew.
    it is a job,

    i checked out pornhub and this is an example of how technology has created opportunity for hoes to be bigger hoes. Actually saw one women doing a show snorting coke, sad!
    Sams probably got more stories.

    pierce have to agree for the sake of this forum dont send the women anything for valentines
    send her an empty jewelery box with a card and tell her it was a gold necklace and act they stole it when she gets it!

  126. pierce nielsen

    10. Feb, 2014

    yep might just do that lol thanks guys…
    oh is there a way to find out if a girl has more than one sender at western union…?

    That would help a lot of fellows out there it seems.

  127. Matt

    11. Feb, 2014

    Pierce what do u mean sender? people sending her money?
    Man, ur not sending her money are you?
    I don’t know how western union operates, but publicly I am sure they don’t release it, you need an insider.

  128. pierce nielsen

    11. Feb, 2014

    No matt i dont send her money.. i had lent her money for the visa process but she gave it back to me while in cuba..
    I came up with the western union idea cause i feel it would answer many questions for those who would like to know if the girl is playing them with other foreigners..
    In my case if she is fooling around its probably with a local cause her english sucks too much lol

  129. Paul

    12. Feb, 2014

    Pierce and any others?
    Did u ever use colombian cupid?
    Matt, half are easily fake, and bad fakes.
    But call me a fool
    Ive been chatting for a bit with a nice woman after recently joining and she seems to be from a good family there , good morals and we have been chatting on colombian cupid all night for many days and its been a lot of fun, man, even I checked out her facebook by looking it up from her name without her knowing , and I was surprised, it all looked legit and lot of good morals not one bar pic all from church and with family,
    and she never asked me about a job, money , nothing, only God, and
    now .I have to say I lost a lot of business from my job wasting my time on her it now seems, and negelecting my work.

    she says she that she is getting serious with another guy she met there and getting married next month to a colombian?


    Why don’t these chicks be upfront?

    . These chicks play u like its nothing.

    These colombian men are skum! they hypnotize their women and then beat them like u guys said here

    Screw this!
    So, now I am hard core on Sam’s method!

    I am going to date as many women as I can here or else where and pick the best one.

    If one gets feelings hurts, oh well.

    No more nice guy
    these woman do the same
    Sam knows what he is doing.

    And this may be it for me as far as colombians now!

    Pierce, I can only imagine that hoe over there from a bar, if a church one lies, a bar one is a slut.

  130. pierce nielsen

    12. Feb, 2014

    I never went on colombian cupid cause i dont like the online stuff.. i prefer by far to pick up on the streets bars restaurants or shopping malls.
    Its unfortunate paul cause she might have been a jewel but trust me there are many others..
    Like i stated before i am from a carribean culture which is also a machismo culture so even though i dont completely approve it but i understand why the colombianas prefer the local boys instead of us.
    From what they tell me and from what i observed foreigners in general are simply to nice…!! they have been raised either fatherless or if he is present he might beat up the mom or the older siblings so from a young age the colombiana sees that a man can be violent and a jerk but her mother will still love him so she thinks that is how a man shows love.
    Our way of loving is simply too HOLLYWOOD haha..
    How many times girls told me they cant stand or respect a yes yes yes man…!
    Sometimes i do it on purpose to put aside the nice canadian in me and just become a jerk by being jealous or asking her where she was and with who and guess what…?
    They respect me more for that cause in their mind i show that i care. i know its stupid but in colombia nice guys really really finish last.
    The only women who will go with a softie is the one in her thirties with a couple of kids cause her options are getting scarce.
    For the younger ones even if you have to fake it play the macho card.. not too much but enough and i am telling you its the best combination out there.
    A tough but loving foreigner has no competition.

  131. Esteban

    12. Feb, 2014

    @ Lita

    Thank you Lita for writing your thoughts. This is an amazing post. First time I have ever seen a Colombiana actually openly admit how fucked up Colombian women are. I have visited Medellin 5 times and the women are unbelievable and sexy. I have a novia and have met her daughters and family. I love every minute I am with her and the sex is insane. I have started picking up the pattern of small lies and now I wonder if she has a chico boyfriend. I also became very angry with her for being so late or not showing up several times. I am pretty seasoned with Latinas and always check my emotions against reality. If things don’t seem quite right, they probably are not. I will not let this girl or any others take advantage of me.

    Fortunately for me, I know quite a few women in Medellin. If my novia flakes, there are plenty of girls I can and do call. I am at a point in my life where I don’t need a wife. My kids are grown. I am not looking to settle down. I can live the Colombian life style and enjoy the abundance of pussy without regret. Viva Colombia!!!!

  132. Paul

    13. Feb, 2014

    Pierce that is funny what you wrote and is the truth.
    I like the way you described and it is perhaps one of the best ways of explaining it that I have ever heard and it make perfect sense. I guess a little nice in the beginning then macho,
    What did u end up sending the lady Pierce for valentines?

    Esteban , where are u from/;live and how old are you?
    And all colombian women are not hot, just go to colombiancupid, plenty of dogs too. For every hot colombian woman there are 5 dogs at least. A lot fat ones and the fat ones are the good Catholics/Christians, the hot thin ones are the hoes, and most likely pimped by their fathers, ha ha ha

    Matt I am still laughing so much how you were so faithful that you were jacking off and the bitch cheated on you and you were a nice guy spoiling her. Man , sorry to hear this.
    So, this is why Sam just screws them until he finds one he is ready to marry. But if Sam is not careful , then you get a disease or get her pregnant, and just thinking about that you can’t perform.

    My thing, If I wanted a chick with kids, I would have a million now, I don’t want that baggage and shit head colombian aquadiente drinking jobless cheater abuser father in the picture.
    If I have to pay for pussy too, I am not interested.
    You pay for pussy and then after you finish you feel like a loser.
    THe guys here that go to colombia and hire hoes, u can do that anywhere off craigslist, ha ha ha,

  133. pierce nielsen

    14. Feb, 2014

    If it were only for valentine’s day i would not have sent her nothing lol
    But her birthday is in 3 days so i sent her a Samsung tablet.
    Lost my old phone yesterday so got myself a Samsung S4 my first smart phone so i’ll finally get the whassap she been begging me to have for months now lol..

  134. Nightlazer

    15. Feb, 2014

    nice artical and thanks for the time you spend on it with the facts

  135. Ron

    16. Feb, 2014

    I went to Colombia on a vacation and met a girl there. She seemed like a nice girl. I had sex with her within the 10 days I was there many times. She told me to download an app called Whatsapp to keep in touch. I should of seen that as a sign right there. How many other people she was talking to from America that she knew the app so good to tell me about it right away? We always talk and got to know each other and I found myself just spendin $ on her. Tried to date and make it work but a hoe is a hoe and I am done for even trying. These girls are all about money. They love us american guys because we offer them more then there own guys over there. To them its like winning the lotto. They get used to the nice things and money and spending on them. When the time comes and we leave they cheat and fuck around. Mine did that to me and I was dumb not to see it. To pierce and the other guys trying to make it work you need to get out while you still can. These females will ruin lives. By the way much respect to lita for being honest on how fucked up her own people are.

  136. pierce nielsen

    21. Feb, 2014

    cool post ron..
    was your girl fluent in english and how did you found out about her cheating….?

  137. Joseph

    26. Feb, 2014

    To the mexican with the colombian gf and to pierce you two must be extremely stupid or extremely desperate for pussy to consider dating colombian girls. Fuck them and leave! These bitches are gold diggin sluts. I never dated them but some of my boys have and they ruined their lives. Get out while you can!

  138. Paul

    07. Mar, 2014

    Hey Pierce , funny how the stories keep growing.
    How is the chick?

    I am now going out with a chick here in her late 20’s, I just put on a cap and dress like a surfer and said I am 25, she said I look 30, so even 10 years younger, haha, I just stick to 25, at this point she won’t even care

    Ron’s story is basically what everyone is saying. Hoes are hoes. Guys goes on vacation and the chicks just want a good time and play everyone.

    To Joseph, rough comment, Pierce is a cool guy, and if you read the threads, he’s got other chicks too, so he has a backup plan.

  139. pierce nielsen

    07. Mar, 2014

    Whats up Paul…?
    wow where to start lol.. without me knowing mx ex girlfriend (who is still in love with me btw) had taken the colombiana’s
    email from my computer in cali in june..!
    so she started chatting with her on badoo since and its only last week my ex came clean to me about it cause she didnt want me to think she was jealous (which she clearly was lol)
    So to be brief my ex told me the colombiana never mentionned having a canadian bf but instead that she had a local guy who lived out of town and came to visit her once every two weekends.
    So i wasnt sure if my ex was bullshitting but she sent me the colombiana’s pic as proof.
    But the best is yet to come haha..
    My ex also went to Cartagena in january and fooled around over there with a local lawyer and she convinced that guy to chat with my colombiana and guess what….?
    they have a date tonight…!!!! lol
    so i told my ex that i need pics or voice recordings this way the colombiana will just have to admit the truth.
    So my ex and I are texting as of this moment and cant wait to see what happens.

    As soon as i knew she was on badoo that was it for me.
    now the thing is when do i hit her with the truth haha..
    even kinda wanna go to CTG fuck her good and the day before i leave…Bang..!!
    i’ll keep u guys updated cause got to go to ottawa to meet my main chick..
    Hmmm what can i say colombian chicks are really hoes.
    Thank god for my instinct.

  140. Joseph

    10. Mar, 2014

    Pierce at least you realized it. Congrats. Lets hope that Mexican dude is not a moron.

  141. Paul

    03. Apr, 2014

    Hi Pierce?
    How you been?
    How’s the chick?

  142. pierce nielsen

    11. Apr, 2014

    hi paul i’ve been good thx
    just got back two days ago from cartagena and i got two thirds of my money so better than i expected.
    the surprise factor helped me a lot and i think she almost passed out from what i heard lol
    but wow she almost convinced me with all her crying and that she wants to die stuff.. did not know she was such a good actress…!!!
    but the proofs were overwhelming..
    the emails exchanges with some dude in florida or her profile in badoo or the magicjack with the 239 also from florida etc..
    but that didnt stop her from denying and denying saying i met her mom or that everyone from her restaurant knows me and all that BS
    i had to threaten her saying i’d call the canadian and american embassies if i didnt get my money and she behaved but never admitted.
    lesson learned folks

  143. Dario

    26. Apr, 2014

    Two types of females I will never fuck with again are Puerto Ricans and Colombians. I mean are these females serious? They have kids they cant even raise and they have the nerve to think they are hot shit? I dated a colombian and when we fought she expected me to always come runnin back to her sayin sorry. Yes I did love her but I will keep it real she wasn’t the girl I loved most from my past so it was easy to stand my ground with her. I got so much more goin good for me then she do and to be real I knew I would not last with her because she was not a good mother because she dont live her 3 kids who are under 10 yrs old. I still aint heard the end from my mom about dating a woman with kids. Idk wtf I was thinkin on that. I read what pierce said about middle eastern women and I must agree that they really have their head on right. My friend is dating a middle east girl and aside from bein beautiful she is educated family oriented and has so much respect for herself and my friend. To be honest I am jealous of him. Colombian bitches are not worth all the hassle they bring. Not worth all the money I spend. Not worth taking care of their (not mine) kids. Not worth their nasty attitudes or their self centered egos because of their plastic surgical bought bodies.

  144. pierce nielsen

    26. Apr, 2014

    amen to that Dario.

  145. Paul

    28. Apr, 2014

    Hey Pierce, glad all is well.
    Dario, well said.
    Especially about Colombians always wanting the guy to say sorry. And all they love money.

  146. Marisol

    30. Apr, 2014

    I am Colombian living in Canada! I am a decent woman… went to college… got two diplomas… No wonder when I tell guys, mainly gringos, that I am Colombian and I do not put out right away… the never call me back… I am soo sad now after reading this comments… now everything makes perfect sense… 🙁

  147. kevin

    02. May, 2014

    Hello Marisol, you are probably from a good family.
    I think most of these stories are from people that met women at bars and broke looking for money. It is hard to find good women from good families.

    Mariso, email me here

  148. brkg

    03. May, 2014

    hi , i met with a colombian woman on internet , she were living in bogota , she had children . started realtionship with her, she said me how she loves me fall in love with me etc..4 months later i found a chat history on her pc , she were writing amazing compliments to a guy, i said wtf is that..bcz i wasnt know colombian mujeres cheats guys ..i asked her what is that..and i got crazy answer.. she said that : i didnt guess u will be anger or sad that much.. really wtf is that i asked myself and i fucked her after she came visit me here..and kicked her ass till forever..colombian woman for just fun i learnt that..

  149. pierce nielsen

    03. May, 2014

    hi brkg
    U said she came to visit you…
    Where is that exactly…?

  150. brkg

    03. May, 2014

    where is that ? my living place ?

  151. pierce nielsen

    04. May, 2014

    Hmmm no..
    I was wondering if she had a visa and came to visit you in the States…

  152. brkg

    07. May, 2014

    yes she came here , but i live in istanbul.not usa

  153. Rocco

    03. Jun, 2014

    I am a 34 year old man from Mississippi and I love to travel. Colombia was definitely on my list and I had to go. When I did I slept with a girl on my first day and never saw her again. About my 6th and last day in I met a girl at parque lleras and she seemed like a friendly girl not to mention she had big fake tits that she loved to show off. I knew she would be fun to toy around with but I did not have enough time to seal that. We kept in touch on fb and whatsapp (funny she told me about that app too wonder how many other people she had on it) and she kept telling me how much she cared for me and wants me to come visit again so I did. I fucked her the same night I flew in. At that time I would say I knew her about a month. Big big time hoe. Before I left she told me she loved me. After a week of being there. I did not want to hurt her feelings because there is no future with me and a hoe. She told me she been with 3 guys but fucking me that fast I knew that was a lie. She has 1 kid and she lets her father raise her. She always hits me up and tells me to come back and fuck her. I for a moment considered giving her a chance but I refuse to be with a women who looks like she wanted to take care of me more then her kid. That shows a lot. Colombian bitches are for fucking and throwing away!

  154. mel

    18. Jun, 2014

    For all of you dating or used to date a Colombian with kids, nice bodies, wearing thigh clothing, long hair, high heels, with a profile photo wearing bathing suit, meet her in a bar, that wants you to pay all and she doesn’t have at least a bachelor degree and a job. You are an idiot if you though a womam like that is honest and faithful. I am married to an american who lived in Bogotá 2 years before meeting me. It took him a couple of dates to realize who are the gold diggers. it is sad to read all you guys said, I hope women in Colombia stop making of themselves objects, but it is just a small percentage.

  155. Chris

    19. Jun, 2014

    Colombian women arent worth a fuckin thing. They are nothing but gold digging hoes. Friendly yes. Sweet yes. Fuckable extremely. Deserve to be wives? Never. Only a fool would get serious with one.

  156. Jim

    29. Jul, 2014

    I dont agree, I have traveled the entire globe and became hooked on Colombianas. IMHO, The key is to stay away from the bars and clubs in the cities. Look for a woman from outside the big cities , more rural areas. Then take your time and patiently forge a long distance relationship with very clear ground rules and never bend or break the rules. I have a beautiful colombiana who is loyal, honest and consistent. She and her teen age boys (divorced for 14 years) are well established in the church in her community. She is rock solid and we have been together almost two years and plan to marry.

    Sometimes its kind of funny as she goes out of her way to let me know exactly where she is at all times and will skype or email me photos on the spot. She is well aware of the reputation of Colombian men and women and protects hers. Unknown to her, I have the professional means to confirm anything should I ever be suspicious.

    Going through women like a deck of cards and playing games gets boring and becomes a huge expensive waste of time. Some of you guys whining about women being hoes while at the same you are seeing multiple women is hilarious. If thats the game you are running then who care who they are seeing? You cant control it anyhow. If you handle your business correct they will drop everything and focus on you; but that doesnt sound like what many of you want anyhow.

    BTW, Asian women are the most promiscuous. Bangkok and the PI are off the hook with available promiscuous women. But again, why should it bother anyone when they are choosing to go through women like a deck of cards anyhow, whats the problem?

  157. Fernando

    07. Aug, 2014

    Jim is the dumbest fucking idiot on earth! A woman who has to prove where she is at all times should be the biggest red flag!

  158. Rachel

    02. Sep, 2014

    Ok scenerio-
    I am a professional, educated, white woman from a good family.
    I meet a man who I am highly interested in… And I am pretty sure we have mutual chemistry.
    He has a live in gf.. Colombian. Said she got pregnant after a month. They have now been together for a few years but he is not marrying her. He complains that she bitches all the time, she doesn’t work, just stays at home and he supports her, the kid, and another kid I believe she has from a prior man. She also complains that he won’t marry her.
    Any tips of how I can get rid of this chick? There has to be something about her he likes…but not enough to put a ring on it… Lol
    Karmas coming for her….I’m just not sure how to pull it off yet.

  159. Victor

    10. Sep, 2014

    Rachel you are a complete fool if you think this guy is serious with you.

  160. Ana

    07. Oct, 2014

    Well, I am just very much sorry you all had those horrible experiences with Colombian women. I am not going to claim women in my country are or are not anything in particular. I am just going to say that judging all of us because you had bad experiences with some Colombian women is unfair. I could easily say Americans have a very bad reputation as well, both men and women, not only here but all around the world. However, I know that is just a stereotype. I have known wonderful people from the US, very decent men and women. It is just that I did not look for them in bars or nightclubs while I was trying to get laid as you said. I met them while studying in good universities, while traveling or at work. It is obvious for me that you are talking about poor women with very little education -you met them in bars, they have plastic surgeries and children with different dads-. If you are going to judge all of us at least do not go for the weak and desperate, I am sure I would have the same impression of the US if I would have done what you did here

  161. Nai

    18. Nov, 2014

    I’m colombian woman married to an Indian guy. We’ve been married for 10 years and I never cheated on my husband. I don’t come from the top 1% colombian society. I come from a very poor but hard working family. We are good financially because we both have sucessful careers. We had to deal with stereotypes. I remember my friends calling me crazy for marrying an indian and his friends telling him I was a gold digger.

  162. jennifer mills

    06. Jan, 2015

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    ARE YOU BEEN FACED WITH SIMILAR PROBLEM OR ANY KIND OF PROBLEM..DR JAMIN ABAYOMI isn’t on the internet so kindly contact him via

  163. JUliana

    21. Jan, 2015

    This is not true at all.

  164. JUliana

    21. Jan, 2015

    Type your comment here…

  165. Lady Love

    20. Feb, 2015

    I am married to a Colombian man…He has a female friend in Colombia he claimed is his Grandma’s God daughter..This woman befriended me on facebook then behind my back, she wants to come to my country to be with my husband…When I spoke to her about it, she denied it and called me a bitch and used foul language to me..This Colombian woman is dangerous..All along I thought she was my friend..

  166. john

    31. Mar, 2015

    DONT Marry OR Bring COLOMBIAN Women
    I was married to this girl from medellin for 2 and half years , finally opened my eyes,, fooled me so quickly into marrying her, never helped me with any bills, all she did was send money to her family back home, constantly asking me financial support to bring her mother and brother to the states. After we filed i751 with immigration, made comments like it’s too late, it’s done, telling we have to stay married another year, had me all confused,,it was after I took good advice from everyone , I filed for divorce, the day day she got served some guy picks her up and drops her off,, I am like what the fuck..but I was warned she might falsely accuse me of domestic violence, so I went and stay at my friends house till divorce was final,
    Came from nothing, the day her lawyer explained her rights in the prenuptial agreement her lights came on.
    For all you men out there, have a prenuptial agreement, please include no alimony,no spousal support, no homestead, that she won’t get anything.
    P.s.even after she agrees to the clauses of the prenup. Remember her lawyer has advice her what she needs to do, which is bring her family here. Don’t fall for this, there are so many stories, once her family is here then the husband does not exist.. good luck

  167. Juarez

    26. Apr, 2015

    Any man who dates or marrys a Colombian woman is the most stupid man on earth! No matter how pretty they are, they are not worth all the bullshit they bring! Holy Christ!

  168. Cooltravel

    15. Jun, 2015

    Wow, sorry many of you have had bad experiences. But your word is NOT law and your experiences speak for no one but the people involved. So stop with the stereotypes. I had a great Colombian gf for 18 months snd currently enjoy dating as a single man. Of course I have standards which don’t include nightlife. You get what you put out, bar hoppers.

  169. A

    16. Jul, 2015

    I have met in the past three years three colombian (but I know many more around here). They grew up in a chauvinistic society were macho men are expected to have extra marital affairs. So, they feel empowered to do the same. So if they marry or have a relationship with a sucker (like me) that is loyal with good intentions you become the cheated (cachoneado o cornudo). Case one: she was going out with me (divorced) but had this other idiot married man on the side that he would not let go until today. We broke up very recently. She drove me crazy for three years. Case 2: She divorced her husband but still refers to him as current however she has been dating a good friend of mine for like four years and my friend is usually second to anything even though he is devoted to her. Case 3: very prominent figure here she is married to an older gringo looking old already and she has on the side a dance partner as her ‘mozo’. I figure all colombian women or 99% need two or more men in their life. But they all give amazing sex and are very kinky due to their experiences (threesomes, trains, orgies and such). If you are a monogamist stay away from Colombian women!!!!!!!!!

  170. gamal kesba

    18. Jul, 2015

    hello i`m gamal abdelhmid kesba from egypt

  171. Tiger

    22. Jul, 2015

    I am in the US, met this “lady” originally from Colombia, tells me she married some dude to help him get papers… Well, that was the first lie – she was screwing him the entire time (on the side); she’d smile at any guy who’d look her way; she kept her own place in order to continue the “operation”; always
    ask for gifts; and would frequently disappear (“the phone wasn’t working, was with the girls, etc..”). This is why her ex husband bailed on her years prior – she was still going strong.

  172. Roseanna

    14. Aug, 2015

    I am Colombian And i just wanted to let You all know that The best husbands are not from The US But from
    Turkey they are The most faithful And considered Man ion earth i have being
    Married For 38 yrs .

  173. Roseanna

    14. Aug, 2015

    I love my sweet Turkish husbund The best Of The best in The entire world
    Seni çok seviyorum

  174. Roseanna

    14. Aug, 2015

    Who cares American man and their friking Visas….

  175. Alexandra

    24. Sep, 2015

    You get what you deserve. End of discussion. I am very curios to know where did you meet these wonderful women.

    I am Colombian and I found these post really really funny, and some chauvinistic commens, so fuck them and ditch them eh?

    Be careful what you wish you for, you might get it.

  176. Z

    18. Dec, 2015

    I was recently talking to some single European colleagues of mine at work and asked their opinion about dating in Colombia.

    Right away they both told me Colombian women are very unfaithful and that one needs to be careful.

    One of them told me he is currently seeing a women who has a boyfriend and is happy with her relationship and that she has her boyfriends photos all over the house. He says she is not even worried about the photos and very comfortable with the whole cheating situation. His point was she didn’t even tried to hide her existing relationship.

    Him being here for many years and being single he is convinced that cheating is second nature to Colombian women.

    If so many people are repeating the same thing over and over again, I say “if there’s smoke there’s fire”

  177. Zack E.

    24. Dec, 2015

    Interesting statistics, sounds about right to me.

  178. Gorgeous

    22. Jan, 2016

    Hallo everyone. I know one Austrian man, who met one Columbian woman accidently.. He was single, never married.. She immediately hooked him with her fake boobs and sweet at the beginning behaviour.. He didnt expect such “passion” attack. and decided that is was all for real.. After 3 months of datin him, she moved into his house and the very moment began to act as an owner telling him where to go and what to do: reading through all his mails, checking his phone calls in search for other ex ladies with whom he had contacts in the past.. If someone showed some danger – that Columbian cheap low society whore immediately began to scream … few months later she pretended to be sick – and made the man to pay in clinics for her.. Then she decided to visit all of a sudden her relatives( whom she never needed before)- he had to pay all the expenses… After that – she came up with an idea to ” modernize her body” and sucked 10 000 euros out of him, flight ticket, cash to live on in Columbia and went aways… She claimed that plastic surgery recovery would last about 4 months… That imbecil Austrian still sends her money, because it is not ” enough”… Now he is going to visit her.. He still cant believу that she is a gold digger.. He still hopes that she loves him… inspite of the fact that he calls her 3 times per day- for her it is a show in Columbia for all around that she is having an old rich sponsor.. Now he started thinking that its all as a show- she wants him to buy a house for her.. as a proof of his love.. who is an idiot???? he is 55, she is 40..fake big tits…..I think he wont be back from Columbia… her ex lovers are planning to suck more money of him.. He is such a dumb….

  179. Soraya

    28. Jan, 2016

    I’m Colombian and all those comments are funny, so what are you looking in colombia? you guys cannot find a girl in USA? many of those guy that are looking girls in colombia are looking young girls, what do you expect when you are old ? and smell like dog? who care about Americans?? I love my Dutch husband, we are together 5 years ago

  180. Tom

    13. Mar, 2016

    I have lived in Colombia for more than six years, and I agree that the vast majority – but not all are cheaters. They are used to their BFs, fathers, brothers, etc. cheating as much as humanly possible, so they do the same to avoid being “suckers.” For the same background reason, they are also insanely jealous. If you don’t answer your cell phone for 15 minutes, they will be sure that you are cheating and will quickly take revenge by cheating on you.
    Most are also all about money. The statistics show 66% live in the poorest half of neighborhoods, they are unemployed or make 200 dollars a month (the minimum wage), and most have kids with someone who does not contribute money. Thus, they have few options apart from looking for a foreigner to finance their situation.
    How about a rich girl? There are some, but hardly any of them date foreigners – unless you are also super rich and about their own age. And in any case, you are always expected to pay for everything, even if she makes good money herself. Colombian guys tend to spend almost all their money on women. They hardly have others interests, and if you as a foreigner do, the women will think you are selfish.
    Are there “good” colombianas? Sure, and they may even be beautiful, smart and fairly young. But they are extremely few and far between. I would say if you are looking for one that is beautiful, smart and decent, you will have to date at least 100 girls to find her …. and even then you are by no means guaranteed to get her. She will have at least two dozen suitors after her that are at least as good a “catch” as yourself.

  181. angela

    23. Mar, 2016

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  182. Peasant King

    26. Apr, 2016

    I find all the comments so sad to the heart who of you have Jesus Christ in your heart? its not hard to find a faithful women in any country once you stop all the hate and remember you are of the planet earth when you want to stereo type people listen to how you sound Please try to find Love in your heart then you will be able to find love in another, when talking about another person would it be best to be kind or do you really believe in talking trash about human beings is good. we are all of love once you find yourself and truly except love into your heart then you are ready to share that love with another, but until you yourself truly find love within yourself and only then can one find true love within you.
    I would just like to say that I have faith in everyone of you and my faith shall not go astray for it is within my power to bring you all closer to understanding love becoming one with love and if we are not all of love then of what are we of then? just as there is sunset for every sunrise there is an up for every down HELLO GOOD EVIL you choose,,

  183. Lea

    10. Jul, 2016

    Hi everyone .

    I’m a 23 year old Colombian woman . Went to the UK and did my bachelors there and lived there for 6 years . met my first boyfriend an English white guy that I truly loved . I was loyal and faithful. I WAS NOT after his money coz thank goodness i have my own , nor I WAS NOT after any visa or paperwork coz I don’t believe marriage is something to play with like that . You marry someone coz you truly love that person REGARDLESS of their race/ money /religion .
    After around 3 years he left me , no explanation nor a call or a goodbye . And for that reason I DONT THINK ALL BRITONS ARE TWATS .
    It is sad how you all think Colombian girls are hoes , if you think you gonna find the love of your life in a club surrounded by unaducated people you are making a mistake .
    Finding someone takes time . It’s not a matter of em being Colombians it is a matter of you looking for easy sex that will only leads you to meet nasty women, and that could happen anywhere in the world .

    Thank you .

  184. Lea

    10. Jul, 2016

    Hi everyone .

    I’m a 23 year old Colombian woman . Went to the UK and did my bachelors there and lived there for 6 years . met my first boyfriend an English white guy that I truly loved . I was loyal and faithful. I WAS NOT after his money coz thank goodness i have my own , NOR I WAS after any visa or paperwork coz I don’t believe marriage is something to play with like that . You marry someone coz you truly love that person REGARDLESS of their race/ money /religion .
    After around 3 years he left me , no explanation nor a call or a goodbye . And for that reason I DONT THINK ALL BRITONS ARE TWATS .
    It is sad how you all think Colombian girls are hoes , if you think you gonna find the love of your life in a club surrounded by unaducated people you are making a mistake .
    Finding someone takes time . It’s not a matter of em being Colombians it is a matter of you looking for easy sex that will only leads you to meet nasty women, and that could happen anywhere in the world .

    Thank you .

  185. Dating colombian

    21. Jul, 2016

    i started dating a Colombian lady. I really plan to meet her in person but i mostly talk to her when she contact me or she is at home. When she leaves the house, makes it hard to catch her on phone which is a lil bit suspicious… I have experience with long distance relationship and i will be able to figure out if something is goin on. one thing i am sure they are possessive

  186. BigBoyPants

    03. Aug, 2016

    I’ve traveled the world, and learned a few things about foreign women. Unless you’re one of the very very few who get extremely lucky, never marry a foreign woman. I’ve been to Colombia, where my interpreter (even though I speak fluent Spanish) was cock-blocking me. She they said she wanted to start a relationship with me. I said “What if I move dowh here and we marry and live here?”…..”Never”. That’s the biggest test question for me. Mostly, they just want out. And IMBRA is the bullshit law which helps them screw you. Even with a prenup, IMBRA screws the guy. And they have the playbook. Since I like whiter girls, I studied Russian for a year, with plans to go to Ukraine, and guess what? Russian and Ukrainian women just started popping out of the woodwork through my tutor and all over the place, I got a Russian girlfriend. I meed Russian girls who are divorced, who want to sleep with me, Russian women who have lied and said their husbands beat them to get a temporary green card, and guys this hard nature of Russian women really opened my eyes! My Russian girlfriend even gave me a wedding ring, to wear around my neckchain. When we’re having sex, she’s laughing, because the ring is her husband’s which she’s divorcing. So after all these experiences, I formulated a plan. Live in the woman’s home country. Never get married, just live well there. Don’t buy a house that if you put in her name, she might have you killed for. Get money sent every month, so you are a cash machine she needs to take care of. Give your girl an allowance, a reasonable allowance, and tell her this money is hers. She can save it, spend it, or give it to her family. But don’t expect any more for fake emergencies.

  187. Maya

    19. Sep, 2016

    Is sad how Some people from around rhe world are going to Colombia looking for drugs and sex so they go ro the worst places and guess what they find? Same people like you, doesn’t mean that all Colombians are bad. I live in Canada and guess what? Canadian man don’t want to marry Canadian women because when they get divorce everything is for her. So review your moral values before talking BS about another cultures

  188. Steven

    21. Sep, 2016

    Great post by Lea (whose English incidentally is better than most here). Sadly most of the comments demonstrate the kind of boorish misogynistic imperialist American that gives the country a bad name -but of course it would be descending to their level to stereotype all American men like that

  189. 1st world view

    18. Oct, 2016

    Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women.

    Produced by Netflix, the show “Narcos” takes on the infamous Medellin drug cartel which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar (Brazilian actor Wagner Moura) and U.S. DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), on opposite sides of what would become an all-out war.

    Many critics of true crime dramas have always complained they are promoting crime and violence by glorification, an unintended consequence of American entertainment industries. These shows can have other interesting consequences. The Foreign Bride industry has seen a huge spike in demand for Colombian women. This can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on social perspective.

    Foreign Brides, sometimes referred to as “mail order brides”, a term the industry completely rejects, have become a billion dollar a year business. According to industry leaders, Colombia represented only about 3% of the market three years ago. Since the popularity of Narcos, many companies have seen near tenfold increases in men seeking Colombian wives.

    A Foreign Affair (AFA), a company that helps men find women through international tours, says tours to Colombia are now selling out. AFA arranges group tours where 10 to 20 men travel together to Medellin, Cartagena or Barranquilla. During the tour, they attend arranged Social events where the men meet hundreds of beautiful Colombian women looking for marriage. Women can also place their profiles on the AFA web site, in the hopes of finding a husband.

    Kenneth Agee, the marketing director for AFA says, “Because of the show we are doubling our tours to Medellin for next year. Narcos has brought a lot of attention to the intense beauty of Colombian women. Although the show is often very violent, the women of Colombia come across as very family oriented and loyal. These values seem harder and harder to find in this world. I would have to agree, because of the interest in Narcos, we even added an excursion to where Pablo’s self-built prison was located, in the hills overlooking Medellin.

    The crowning of 2015 Miss Universe Paulina Vega put Barranquilla, Colombia on the map. Barranquilla now has recognition for being home to some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Not only is Miss Universe from here, Grammy Award winning pop singer Shakira, and actress Sofia Vergara also call Barranquilla home. Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. She’s been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Prime time Emmy Awards, and 7 Screen Actors Guild Awards, all stemming from this role. In 2014, she was ranked as the 32nd Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes.

    David from Mesa AZ says he met more qualified women in one week than he has during the last 10 years. In 2010, Lisa Ling and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) filmed a one hour show on the AFA tour called “Online Brides – Our America with Lisa Ling.” Even Lisa Ling was surprised by the beauty and sincerity of the women from Barranquilla.

    Janet Davis, head of a women’s rights group says “AFA is just taking advantage of women from these third world countries. This is no different than Pablo trafficking in narcotics, but these companies traffic women.” Proponents refer to a Report (INTERNATIONAL MATCHMAKING ORGANIZATIONS: A REPORT TO CONGRESS) that these marriages have much lower divorce rates and abuse rates compared to traditional domestic marriages. This data makes international dating similar to a woman in the US joining eHarmony to look for a husband.

    23-year-old Viviana, from Cartagena, says “I come to these events because I know the men attending are serious about marriage, they are faithful and are good to family. For Colombian women, it is the most important thing, good husband and good family.

    Kenneth says, “It has not been all rosy. Narcos has brought us some problems. In Cartagena, we have several Penthouses we rent out. One was originally owned by “Don Diego” head of the Norte Del Velle Drug Cartel, the other by Pablo’s people. Over the past year, the properties have been tracked down by individuals thinking they will find large qualities of cash hidden, thus we sometimes find holes all over the walls after a tenant leaves.

    For Narcos fans, those who love the gangster genre, or just those who just like seeing beautiful Latin women, there’s good news; Netflix’s has confirmed Season 3 and 4.

  190. Joseph Foster

    29. Oct, 2016

    Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women.

    Produced by Netflix, the show “Narcos” takes on the infamous Medellin drug cartel which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar (Brazilian actor Wagner Moura) and U.S. DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), on opposite sides of what would become an all-out war.

    Many critics of true crime dramas have always complained they are promoting crime and violence by glorification, an unintended consequence of American entertainment industries. These shows can have other interesting consequences.  The Foreign Bride industry has seen a huge spike in demand for Colombian women. This can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on social perspective.

    Foreign Brides, sometimes referred to as “mail order brides”, a term the industry completely rejects, have become a billion dollar a year business.  According to industry leaders, Colombia represented only about 3% of the market three years ago.  Since the popularity of Narcos, many companies have seen near tenfold increases in men seeking Colombian wives.

    A Foreign Affair (AFA), a company that helps men find women through international tours, says tours to Colombia are now selling out. AFA arranges group tours where 10 to 20 men travel together to Medellin, Cartagena or Barranquilla. During the tour, they attend arranged Social events where the men meet hundreds of beautiful Colombian women looking for marriage. Women can also place their profiles on the AFA web site, in the hopes of finding a husband.

    Kenneth Agee, the marketing director for AFA says, “Because of the show we are doubling our tours to Medellin for next year. Narcos has brought a lot of attention to the intense beauty of Colombian women.  Although the show is often very violent, the women of Colombia come across as very family oriented and loyal. These values seem harder and harder to find in this world. I would have to agree, because of the interest in Narcos, we even added an excursion to where Pablo’s self-built prison was located, in the hills overlooking Medellin.

    The crowning of 2015 Miss Universe Paulina Vega put Barranquilla, Colombia on the map. Barranquilla now has recognition for being home to some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Not only is Miss Universe from here, Grammy Award winning pop singer Shakira, and actress Sofia Vergara also call Barranquilla home.  Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. She’s been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Prime time Emmy Awards, and 7 Screen Actors Guild Awards, all stemming from this role. In 2014, she was ranked as the 32nd Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes.

    David from Mesa AZ says he met more qualified women in one week than he has during the last 10 years. In 2010, Lisa Ling and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) filmed a one hour show on the AFA tour called “Online Brides – Our America with Lisa Ling.”  Even Lisa Ling was surprised by the beauty and sincerity of the women from Barranquilla.

    Janet Davis, head of a women’s rights group says “AFA is just taking advantage of women from these third world countries. This is no different than Pablo trafficking in narcotics, but these companies traffic women.” Proponents refer to a Report (INTERNATIONAL MATCHMAKING ORGANIZATIONS: A REPORT TO CONGRESS) that these marriages have much lower divorce rates and abuse rates compared to traditional domestic marriages. This data makes international dating similar to a woman in the US joining eHarmony to look for a husband.

    23-year-old Viviana, from Cartagena, says “I come to these events because I know the men attending are serious about marriage, they are faithful and are good to family. For Colombian women, it is the most important thing, good husband and good family.

    Kenneth says, “It has not been all rosy. Narcos has brought us some problems. In Cartagena, we have several Penthouses we rent out.  One was originally owned by “Don Diego” head of the Norte Del Velle Drug Cartel, the other by Pablo’s people. Over the past year, the properties have been tracked down by individuals thinking they will find large qualities of cash hidden, thus we sometimes find holes all over the walls after a tenant leaves.

    For Narcos fans, those who love the gangster genre, or just those who just like seeing beautiful Latin women, there’s good news; Netflix’s has confirmed Season 3 and 4.

  191. charles brown

    28. Nov, 2016

    I was married to a Colombian woman for 9 years and yes they cheat. She was 16 yrs. younger than me. When she married me I was fairly whealthy, I lost most of my assets in real estate when the economy went south in 2008,2009. She stayed for 2 and a half more years with me and I was not improving our economic situation fast enough, she was having to use her money from her job to help pay our bills and could not send money back to her family in Colombia. I was in college going to school to work in a lab in a hospital, lot of studying. I had income coming in from rentals, but she said it was not enough, I needed a full tome job also. She got a tummy tuck, and left 3 months later. I found out later that she was cheating with a Mexican truck driver that worked in the company she worked for. Now she lives in a trailer park in Texas with the fat Mexican truck driver, Tummy tuck not needed. She had been cheating for about a year with this guy. Cheating is normal for Colombian men and women. She would never discuss our marriage problems with me, if I tried she would mad, she was also violent she hit and slapped me about 8 times while we were married. No talking just go right into cheating. Colombian women are Gold Diggers , they like older men, but wealthy older men. On modern family Sofia’s old husband is wealthy, she would not look 2 times at him if was not wealthy. They are real pieces of SHIT.

  192. Sam

    01. Dec, 2016

    Read the comments above carefully. I’ve been to Colombia many times and yes, the women are sluts. Go ahead and screw them silly but never marry one!

  193. Jane Snouter

    10. Dec, 2016

    Dumb ass whiteboys

  194. Jane Snouter

    10. Dec, 2016

    You stupid whiteboys need to stay in USA and live with your money grubbing, materialistic white women.

  195. Edgar

    16. Dec, 2016

    Don’t marry her that is when everything changes. Don’t be fooled. I have been there and done that! There is not a single one of them that doesn’t have an ulterior motive and that motive is what’s in your pocket!

  196. Colin S.

    14. Jan, 2017

    I am happily married to a stunningly attractive Brazilian wife for the past 16 years and through my wife I have got to know many ladies from all over Latin America.

    Stereotyping women based upon the pond life inhabiting pubs or nightclubs in Bogota or Rio is frankly ridiculous because the same types exist everywhere in the world.

    If you insist upon picking up women in nightclubs or if you go to these countries and behave like a sexual predator then what do you expect?

  197. Gary

    14. Jan, 2017

    Hi Ana, it appears that stereotypes are everywhere. Thank you for being the voice of sanity. You obviously are a good person.

  198. Gary

    14. Jan, 2017

    Hi Lea, more people read than post. Thanks for being a voice of what is right.

  199. Soan

    20. Jan, 2017

    Mean psicopathic gold diggas. They will hit and marry any fool with money, fuck everyone else they can and have the courage to shit on the other man’s wife that they cheat on with. They are extremely envious about all women brighter and hotter than them and they will do anything to destroy those women lives. I am chilled about any nationality. But colombians always proved me to be mean, ignorant, arrogant hoes with some sorta mental illness.

  200. Tim

    02. Feb, 2017

    Well you have definitely scared me as I was sicking a online relationship with a Colombian girl. Yes you can call me a dumb fuck. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  201. Tim

    02. Feb, 2017

    Wow thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like a dumb fuck..

  202. Melina

    10. Feb, 2017

    Mmmm my husband cheat on me with a colombian girl now we r divorce she s pregnant and im just waiting to see what its gpimf to happen, even though i told her he was married she stayed with him now she s pregnant and about to live in the house we used to share ;(

  203. Violeta

    25. Feb, 2017

    You can’t say all is black or all is white. I am a Colombian 23 years old woman. I’ve had a relationship for more than 5 years and I never cheated on him. I know some people who never have cheat on someone, as well.

  204. t

    03. Mar, 2017

    i couldnt agree more i have one ,she is pregnant and im sure she cheatex on me while pregnant as well.

  205. t

    05. Mar, 2017

    and jane snouter you can stay in presumably colombia with your coke whores

  206. taylor

    08. Apr, 2017

    I literally laughed my ass off when you said “your not gonna find girls like this snorting coke at cici’s” LOL

  207. Hacker777

    10. Apr, 2017

    I’ll register later but as for now call me hacker777.

    Anyways, Colombian women pick the best mate possible. You need to be able to keep flossing have great dick game and have $$$. For life. Lol if you don’t or you fall back on one of these, say goodbye to the relationship. I’m a Male 28, American born Colombian parents. I am white though but not pale. I can easily blend in both worlds (American and Colombian). A girl I know set up this American white boy, thinking he was gonna smash she ended up calling her squad and robbed his ass.

  208. Hacker777

    10. Apr, 2017

    Amen to that

  209. t

    06. May, 2017

    Dont put yourself in a position to end up in jail i have a pending case now. She dropped charges but state picks it up. so far im in the hole 8 grand . bail,attorney fees ect. and counting ive lost my job and im having to sell my house here in miami. Fuck em but dont live together by anymeans or get her pregnant you will be FUCKED FOR LIFE take my experience. 99.9 % of these stories here are right on the spot. Save yourself Im already screwed.

  210. Me

    14. Jun, 2017

    I enjoy reading this blog and comments here.. I’m from Philippines..

  211. robert murillo

    23. Jun, 2017

    Is a shame, that people that write on this site, must use all kind
    of profanity. Their brains, are so underdeveloped, that they can’t
    complete a sentence without, profanity.

    Sometimes, I feel ashamed to be American.

    Society is really, at the bottom of the barrel , O’reilly from
    Fox news, was correct when he said, Society has to change, if
    we can move forward. Not back

  212. space

    29. Jun, 2017

    Also you have to consider the white people double moral factor. This is just another racist article from this guy.

  213. coral

    03. Jul, 2017

    Guys, what a brilliant site! And what horrible stories. I just wished I had seen it two months ago and I did not have to go through all these emotional stress and feel humiliated.

    It is a real cultural clash. I come from a country where honesty is very important, where words are kept and were people are normally telling you the truth, sometimes bluntly. My country is one of the least corrupted in the world (in Scandinavia). Hearing here about a culture where lying is a national sport scares the heck out of me. After this – how could I ever trust any South American woman at all without seeing what she claims to be true with my own eyes?

    I am writing a Colombiana via mail. I met her on a cam site, we came to chat there for two hours. She didn’t want to go on, she felt dirty, used, a piece of flesh, and her mother threatened to throw her out of the house. She didn’t ask for my mail address, but I gave it to her because I wanted to hear more about her story. Never thought she would write, but she did.

    We have exchanged 25 mails by now, almost every night. She writes long mails, three-four pages, using a Spanish-English translator. She is interested about my country, has read a lot about it. That impressed me.

    As she doesn’t know English I offered her to pay for English classes. Would be like 100 dollars/month. She didn’t ask for the money. I said I could pay.

    She works as a dental assistent in the Risaralda area, she goes to college to study psychology. She needs her job to pay for the studies. It was not enough, she started camming to get quick money, many girls do that, she says (and reading the bios on the camsite it seems so).

    She asked me to send her a computer so that she doesn’t have to go to an internet cafe. It was way too much money. I haven’t sent one and will not.

    When wiring her the support for the first month the Colombian bank required the recipient’s full name, address and birth dates. She was hesitant giving it to me as she said I could spread pictures from her camlife and if it comes out in public she would get fired and never get a job. But I got it, she received the money. She said the bank were thiefs and deducted fees, she cancelled the account right after. She wants be to use Western Union in future, which to me is a site with a so-so reputation.

    Already before we started mailing she said her father was diagnosed with cancer. Then he got a heart attack. She showed selfies from the intensive care station with a male person in the bed behind, hooked up with all sorts of equipment, it could definitely be her father.

    I easily fall in love quick, but the first love needs to be supported by honesty, and I am right there now. This story feels to be too good to be true. We discussed if she would move here after finishing her studies. She said she probably will not be able to due to language, cultural and climate barriers. To see each other outside Colombia is too expensive, she did not really press for that either.

    I cannot limit her life and not allow her to see men in Colombia. She said she had one bastard three years ago, who was no good. Why do she need a Colombian man? She wants to get educated, get out of the misery, and live a normal and not luxurious life. Any man right now would just be a hindrance, maker her pregnant and leave her

    Her parents are fighting, she has decided to move away from home to a small room. The extra costs for this ruins her chances to go to English classes. The costs for caring about her parents ruins her savings so that she cannot pay her college bill end of July. She says it’s the last time she will ask me for money, but she needs 180 dollars to pay, otherwise she will be kicked out. I have been angry once before because her indications of money in her mails. I have asked if I am just a bank to her and there is no affection behind?

    So, you guys may wonder, why I am writing her. The problem is that I am brought up to be honest, caring, helping and understanding. That is also a virtue in my culture. I feel perfectly allright helping a poor girl in a poor country to get out of her misery. I hate being used, though.

    Her story is not unlikely, that’s the problem. If you are poor, have to support your family, but like to get somewhere, and are very young you will be out of funds quick. She doesn’t want to back doing sexwork, she feels very bad about it.

    But reading all of you, I feel I am just used. By a very good faker, by all means, I don’t know how she manages to get together a story, supported by pictures, which doesn’t fall apart. What about if she used a friend’s account at the bank? And I have the name of her friend and not hers? What about if she sneaked into a hospital and took a picture of some other dude?

    Just cut it off, you’ll say. Yes. But there comes my honesty into picture again – I cannot cut off anything until I find something which is a lie, and I haven’t. Now I have a hookup when she said she asked me for money for the last time. If she asks again, I can hold that against her.

    My initial love is deteriorating. I would be fine having a regular mail contact with her, to hear how life goes on, to get some nice passionate words. But I don’t want to pay her money.

    Guys, decent Colombian girls on this site, what can I do? Reading your comments ruins my trust in girls altogether. I am glad I stopped before getting into so much shit as many of you.

  214. Alock

    08. Jul, 2017

    I read every reply on this thread. It’s too broad of a stroke IMHO. It’s not that much different then any other underdeveloped nation. Yes. Many girls are taught @ any early age to hustle men & work their bodies for monetary gain. These girls are usually the poor & uneducated ones. Many are a simply a product on their environment.

    If you get lucky (like me) you can find an upper-middle class educated women & your age isn’t too far apart. I’m was 29 Marlena was 25. then you can really score a keeper. The key is knowing Spanish or @ least have some handle on the language. I’m fluent in Spanish & French. I live in the US (Massachusetts) Went down for 8 weeks to have some fun & see the sites. Wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or wife. If you’re good looking (or even decent), solid body & have some game, you’re in initially. Just like anywhere.

    I met a French teacher from Armenia who was visiting a friend in Medellin. I was bowling (yes…bowling) by myself & we just started a conversation. I took it very slow with Marlena (like really slow) When she went back to Armenia, I was devastated. I decided to follow her down there without her knowing I was coming. Totally rolling the dice. I showed up @ her flat. She practically ganged tackled me. Keep in mind the only thing we did was make out for her time in Medellin. She wouldn’t let me go further. I was fine with it as I enjoyed her company so much.

    The 1st day I was there…She said this too me (I’ll never forget) “You know what? I said I haven’t a clue. Alex get’s whatever Alex wants” Needless to say it was the World Series of sex. She’s so smoking hot. She’s built like a spider (She’s 6’1″ & I’m 6’5″) She wouldn’t allow me to rent an apartment. She insisted I stay with her for my remaining 6 weeks. Once a decent Colombian girl knows you’re really into her…The sky is the limit.

    I’ve been married to her for over 2 years now. Pure bliss if you can really understand them (Constant affection, the occasional quick temper & sometimes the jealousy) She may be polished (comes from a good upper middle class family) She still has Colombian running in her veins. If you can accept that, then you’ll have the best sex of your life (@ least for me) & yes complete loyalty. Marlena is the exception rather then the rule sad to report. BTW…She found a French teaching job @ a Catholic school outside Boston within 6 months of her arrival. She doesn’t sit on her ass & get fat. They’re are some winners in Colombia. They just aren’t easy to find.

  215. Steve

    14. Jul, 2017


    Look at the activity on this thread. Look at the activity you got when you hijacked the post on here a few weeks ago and started a new thread. Sex and scandal sells. Your posts about a slice of life in Peru get very little interest as far as I can tell. You should re-open a forum and let people tell their dirty little stories about relationships in Latin America, especially these wild Colombianas. I might pay for that if it gets more active than your last forum, but I’m not buying your family Life In Peru stories.

    As for Charles Brown above who had a Colombian wife, lost his money, then lost his wife – that’s par for the course. Having a trophy wife is not something you can do on the cheap unless you look like Cristiano Ronaldo. I know what I’m talking about. I’m in year 8 of my current Colombian trophy wife. My financial situation is strong and secure so she’s not going anywhere. If you’re living in your mother’s basement trying to romance some girl in Colombia on the Internet, give it up. You can’t bring these women here and expect them to work and help pay the bills. They expect the man to do that. You’ve got to have the cash to play this game. I’m set to retire in Colombia now and I’ve still got my salud, dinero, y amor. Life is good (for me).

  216. Shelby

    11. Aug, 2017

    Well said and straight forward.

  217. Shelby

    11. Aug, 2017

    My first time in Medellin Colombia was last month. I met this gorgeous 25 year old on Latin She met me at the airport with her mother.the first night together she screwed like a porno star but her mother would not let her stay all night with me the entire time I was there, which was only 7 days. During my flight between Panama and Medellin her Facebook was conveniently hacked and she set up a new FB account. We had several disagrments during my time allowed with her. She’s gorgeous but speaks no English we used the phone translator to communicate which was very awkward until it came time to get horizontal. Could it be possible that she is working in a sex club or had someone close to her residential area she could be staying with considering her mother told me she was a house girl and she cannot stay out past 9pm. But here’s the kicker to this truthful experience, she wants me to come back to Colombia and that she will stay with me every night I am there. Yes I gave her money yes she told me it was expensive to live in Colombia but I had the currency figured out my first day there after handing her $500.00 to change currency but never seen a penny from that cash exchange and she had no money the next day. She wants to stay in llaurles in a hotel but I found an apartment close to her residential area for a lot less then a hotel and she said no way I want llaurles so guys let me hear some in put in regards to this high dollar Latina. Thanks

  218. Shelby

    29. Sep, 2017

    Well guys I see no one has commented on my first blog.. But I am here in Colombia now and the crazy hoe is super pissed because I had 2 new girls pick me up at the airport instead of her which was amazing.. in comparison to the gold digger with her mother escorting her.. She showed up at my hotel room the second day I was here. She was acting crazy and I could easily tell she was high on something… But she made demands that if I wanted to keep her I must buy her an apartment for her so her mother and little brother could live with us, financial capital for a clothing business, a new car so I wont have to take a taxi when I come back again, a Iphone7,$400.00 hair perm, money for food, a credit card, money for meds to stop smoking, braces for her teeth, among other things.. I asked her where did you come up with all this crazy BS,, Her answer was her friends have gringo boyfriends and they buy everything they want with out any questions because of LOVE,,, I laughed at her so hard my stomach muscles hurt and this was yesterdays demands. I paid her to leave and she said lets make love I laughed even harder and she started so get pissed so she broke my reading glasses.. I forced her out the door and told the front desk not to allow her to come to my room… She’s still texting me telling me she loves me and that its my fault our relationship failed bla bla bla bla… I have other women I made contact with on and that are ready and willing to meet me. the first Colombian i only know for 3 months, first time I came here to meet her we checked into my hotel room and before I could close the door she was naked and ready to get horizontal.. So to me all these hoes are hoes… Never make any commitment to any of them because the will say they are committed to you while talking out of the side of there face.. Believe nothing they say never give them any money for something they want to buy because I guarantee you that money will not be used as she says she needs it for.. They all have many different social media accounts. I found out more about her on facebook then she told me on her own.. I found several FB accounts she had , I asked her about them and of course she denied they were hers but within a few minutes the accounts were deactivated imagine that. I found another Colombian Cupid account with her photo in her profile saying she was 28 and had a 14 year old boy yea right do the math..,, I showed her , her cupid account on my laptop and she said it wasn’t her because she docent live a catagena. Now do they all tell the truth on there cupid accounts. Nope they are all professional liars and never believe anything they say. If you do your a fool.

  219. Austin

    06. Oct, 2017

    Dude.mmmm contact me

  220. Austin

    06. Oct, 2017

    I think I believe you..

  221. Kath

    06. Oct, 2017

    My ex this year went to Malaga spain on a golfing trip he came back 3 days later he told me it was over he gave me a line saying we have been living like flat mates my feelings have gone and not coming back devastated as you can imagine weeks later I found out he bought a ring worth £749 that’s when he told he was having an affair I have found out she is columbian spanish he was very quick to sell the house we were living in and now he has immagration papers but I don’t know if it’s for him or her he 45 she is 26 now I have heard and seen stories that this is a con can anybody out there either confirm or deny what is going on please

  222. Kath

    10. Oct, 2017

    My ex this year has taken up with a 26 Colombian Spanish woman he is 45 would you say this is a good move he’s British by the way he was quick to put the house on the market and end our 22 years together he met her in Malaga late may 2017? Would like your thoughts

  223. Kath

    14. Oct, 2017

    My ex has taken up with a 26 year old Colombian Spanish girl this year he is 45 British man and he ended our relationship of 22 years quick to put the house on the market I believe if he marries her it will be in Colombia i believe she can’t stay in Malaga for very long and I know he has got visa paperwork I think he might be bringing her to live in the uk do you think this is possible scam on her behalf and he hasn’t seen it because he is besotted?

  224. Kath

    14. Oct, 2017

    Can I ask you if it was all of a rush by him as my ex has taken up with a 26 year old he 45 British we had been together 22 years he lied about the affair now I know he has visa or immagration paperwork and I think he will marry her in Colombia and bring her back to the uk I don’t think she has qualifications I would like your feed back please


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