All Colombian Women Cheat

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Alternate Title: Colombian Infidelity Statistics

All Colombian women cheat – this is a common belief among expats in Colombia. I’ve been hearing it from gringos ever since moving here. I always dismissed it though. I thought these gringos were meet girls of a lower moral fiber. If you meet girls partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine or ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

At university in St. Louis, I met many wholesome, family-type Latina women from Brazil to Peru. These kind of women come from the top 1% of society, usually homebodies that never leave their upper class bubbles. You’re not going to meet those girls snorting coke at Ceci’s. So I thought the infidelity perception was an anomaly due to the kind of Colombian women gringos meet.

That has slowly changed over time. Then, by extreme coincidence, I came across this hard copy El Tiempo article from March of last year: América Latina, territorio infiel (Latin America, land of infidelity). The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region. How can I argue with the national letter of record?

If you read Spanish, you can read the entire article linked above. If not, here’s what’s important:

6 of every 10 Latin Americans (63%) admit to having cheated at least once … Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region … 66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those. So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

  • 10.5% of Latin Americans would like to have sex more than seven times a week
  • 9.2% of Latin Americans are currently cheating
  • 45.2% of Latin women have never cheated
  • 40.8% of Colombian women have never cheated
  • 51% of Latin men have paid for sex
  • 13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male
  • 47.5% of Latin Americans have participated in trios or group sex
  • 9.1% of Latin Americans currently participate in trios or group sex
  • Colombian trio / group sex percentages are higher than greater Latin America
  • 22.3% of Latin Americans had their first sexual experience before 16 years old
  • 63% of Latin Americans grew up in  homes where sex was never discussed

After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends! From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

I was also shocked at the trio numbers. Many of my friends in the States are freaky motherfuckers who’ve been with women numbered in the several hundreds, and done trains and that kind of thing. I’m nothing like that, but I believed I was on the experienced end of the spectrum. But if 47.5% of Colombians have been in a trio, maybe not! I was just in my first one here last year.

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142 Responses to “All Colombian Women Cheat”

  1. pierce nielsen

    19. Jan, 2014

    thx paul for the warning signs but unfortunately i dont have 2k to spend on a detective haha.. but i definitely feel something is wrong and as they say trust your instinct so am backing off emotionally from her.. if a PI was around 500 bucks i’d pay to know the truth for sure…!!

  2. Matt

    20. Jan, 2014

    Guy is mexico, what a fool.
    Pierce who went to Cuba? why not meet her in colombia?
    Dude who never spoke english to his colombian and learned spanish from her super smart man, at least u came out with something, really slick, all men reading this, do the samething!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the women teach you spanish, don’t talk to her in english!
    Dude that banged so many chicks, thought u were filthy , until I read all these other posts that u beat them to their own game. ha ha ha, u r just lucky when u were drunk u weren’t kidnapped or robbed.

    Pierce, my advice to you, go date many chicks there and don’t tell yours and then pick your best one, that is what she is doing. Don’t go to Cuba again man, go to colombia.
    Other dude is right about chicks from el salavador, mexico , peru, all psycho.
    Dude with story about alcoholic brother, sorry man, all colombian men suck , yes they are apes. I had a similar story with a skum bag bro ruining stuff for me and wanting money.
    Dude, yes, some chicks like guys to beat the crap out of them to complain.
    Hoes exists everywhere, colombia is no different. My colombian chick had a very strong attitude and was so proud that she was “Soy muy fuerte” like it was an asset.

    Any guys find a good colombian women? post your story here and tell us where , what city, or website, and how long u have been with here and share please.

  3. pierce nielsen

    20. Jan, 2014

    to answer matt i went to cuba with her for 10 days a month ago in order to help her get a tourist visa which was refused partly for fer lack of travel history. when she came back to colombia she was hoping to be pregnant and texted me she was sad that she had her period.. hmm dont really know what to make of that.. btw guys am not desperate for her as i have a couple of girls i fool with over here but am just doubting her honesty cause i see wifey potential somehow lol.. matt why you talk about your colombianna in the past tense..? she cheated too..?

  4. Mike

    20. Jan, 2014

    At Pierce dude shes already trying to get knocked up with your kid? You crazy or something? Dont do that shit! You will regret it!


  5. Matt

    23. Jan, 2014

    My colombian chick for several years turned out to be a major liar with a quick temper and had to win in all arguments, she lived near me in orlando , I met her here, and she cheated on me and really her loss, we had several years also together, i put up with her attitude, and almost identical to what the guys here said about a low life brother, 100% agreement with him, he was a major source of the problems and he always wanted money, just a pure low form of skum that only drank beer. I paid her rent here in Orlando so many times , bought her food a lot, and I was a nice guy very faithful, good job, professional, tall, fairly good looks , I took her out a lot to nice restaurants, even to church, she never wanted to go to church with me though, spend all my money on her, point is, she had a good man and no reason to cheat, but we had some arguments and when we were apart due to arguments for say 2 months, I was jacking off LOL to stay faithful and I could have easily hooked up with other chicks, have no problem meeting women if I wanted to, and I learned that she was with at least 1 maybe 2 men like the guy said a “CHOLO” they somehow like that gangster drunk look and meat, but I stayed faithful, and she is 41 now, so she lost a good man and I am going to someone from 28- 35 now.
    Pierce be grateful the woman was not pregnant, what a trap. That is clear that she just wants papers. I don’t believe in revenge, but if you played with her and shared the stories with us, everyone on this forum would love you for it!
    Drop her and tell her that you are Canadian and don’t have US Citizenship, see what she says and report back to us. She will probably never talk to u.

  6. Lita

    23. Jan, 2014

    Maybe I can help. I live in america now after 27 years living in Itagui colombia. I come to america to learn english and get away from all the bad in colombia. Theres no reason to lie and I feel bad seeing the pain people go threw. Yes Im colombian woman. Yes I used to use men for money. Yes I sleep with them. I use to always have boyfriend from america when I live in colombia because they stupid and they give money fast. I have 3 kids and it is hard to make money to take care for them so yes I do what I did. These men from america really fall for me in love and come see me and tell me they love me. It feel nice and I start to fall for love like they do. Then all I care about is my boyfriend from america to see me and show me nice places in colombia I cant see because I have no money to see these things and places. I count days and months to see my boyfriend from america for fun and because of it I stop to think about my kids. I give my kids to my mom because I am young and want to be free for fun and for love. It was selfish and I know. I have bad life growing up and seen bad things. I see bad things from all my friends to so growing up with them I do bad things to. I sleep with married man all the time. I party with my friends all the time. I make a little money and I spend on clothes and not for my kids. I make my boyfriend from america to make me surgery for new breast and since he love me he give me the money. I cheat on my boyfriend from america all the time when he was in america and I was in colombia. It was easy and he never think I cheat because I tell him every day I love him so much and I want for to marry him and be his wife. Even though I love him I still cheat because I grow up like this. But he never see it because he love me so much and to be honest was very stupid for not see it. He bring me to america because he want to marry me. I leave my kids and go because I want new life. He bring me here to america and he marry me. He help me with papers for to be in america and to get visa for to live here. He help me to get license for to drive. When I learn to drive and learn where to go places I go and meet new man. I meet 4 men and sleep with them for 8 months and husband find out. He do divorce and now I am alone in america with no one. To take care of my bills I date men to pay my bills. Yes I sleep with them to. I sleep with them all with no protection. Yes I have shame for what I do but I do not lie about it. To pierce please do not go for that woman. She want to have baby with you so she can take your money. I know because I did this and now I have 2 kids and no money for them. To mexican who has gf for colombia you be careful to because she can to the same. I am saving money for to go back to colombia and be by my kids. I wish I can say that good man can change me and make me better to not cheat but it not true. If I was man I never be with woman from my country and yes Im shamed to say that but I put me down more if I lie to me to. Be safe ppl.

  7. pierce nielsen

    23. Jan, 2014

    hmmm but matt i am canadian..!!! lol
    she knew it from day one when i met her in bocagrande.. her original objective was to go to new jersey where her boss’s daughter lives.. they are friends… but now her focus is canada and boy was she crying when my government refused her request for the 10 day tourist visa last november.. btw i never never sensed she had a plan of staying here longer than planned cause she loves her daughter SO much and she’s also the one taking care of her mom.
    anyways this site is feeding my paranoia lol

  8. pierce nielsen

    23. Jan, 2014

    dear lita u should have had a baby from your american.. what were u thinking eh….?

  9. Matt

    25. Jan, 2014

    Pierce, what is happening now with her? U still talk to her?
    Canada is smart, they only let people in their country with money. Her plan was to come on a tourist visa, get pregnant , have an anchor baby, get papers , then bring her daughter here and mother, then the alcoholic ex to beat her and then screw her like colombian women like it , and then you foot the bill!
    Tell me what she looks like , is she blonde or dark skinned, tall and thin or short? My buddy once put a colombian chicks cell number in google and got a escort service.

  10. pierce nielsen

    26. Jan, 2014

    yeah matt we still text everyday and talk on the phone once or twice a week..she is quite tall and dark skinned with an hourglass figure.. pretty face too. she lives in pozon the furthest and roughest part of cartagena.. french is my mother tongue so some words i dont get sorry.. what is an anchor baby…?

  11. Paul

    26. Jan, 2014

    Pierce a lot of good advice here, stick to it. Deal breaker for you is her kid and sleeping so quickly. Head back there and get another chick, btw, tell her many other chicks have been calling you and ask her to tell you about them and colombian women in general, she will dig a hole for herself. Tell her the colombian flight attendant asked for your number on the airplane and make stuff up, play with her, and let’s see how she reacts.
    Per the other posts said, Does any guy have a positive story?

  12. Matt

    27. Jan, 2014

    Hey Pierce, anchor baby , just gets pregnant and if baby is born in USA the baby gets automatic citizenship, rules may be different in Canada. Agree with the advice from all here.

    Paul real great points u have made. I am losing the tie now and taking some suggestions , thanks man, and u know what, I have no problem lying about my age now by 10 years too. Chicks can’t really tell. I am 40, and I know a bald guy I know who is 28 and he looks 40, so shoot man, if he can say he is 28, then anyone can. The key is to lie and then when the chick likes you and loves u, then tell her ur real age. But in Colombia, they won’t even care.
    Btw, 2k is a lot for a PI , though, you could get away with $500 max.
    But, the issue is does Pierce even want to waste a penny on a hoe? That is a lot of money. My friend went to Eastern Europe, messed around with trashy women, while looking for good ones, and brought back a virgin , that is what us guys are being forced to do now, but he spoke the european language. Btw, I don’t recommend Eastern Europe, mafia types too as u even pointed out.

    Pierce if you like dark tall women, no shortage there, I was looking for blonde ones from Medellin. Did you see any blondes or light skin ones?

    Pierce When u went to colombia, was it cartagena? can u describe your experience from start to finish, from booking the trip, landing in the airport and a taxi and getting around, hotel.
    Are you blonde and fair skin and stick out or are you dark tone French with dark hair and blended in more. I am curious how your experience was and if you had any issues or worries from those “Ape men” when u were there ready to rob you or kidnap u.
    Do you speak Spanish at all?
    And did you feel safe or worried there like u were a bank account?

  13. pierce nielsen

    27. Jan, 2014

    hi again matt, yes on my first trip iarrived in cartagena and my initial plan was to also visit barranquilla cali and quibdo but going to the latter was too difficult logistics wise so i gave up. my return was from bogota two weeks later.
    i finally stayed 8 days in cartagena cause that chick made me change my plans lol.. but rented a car and visited barranquilla nonetheless during a whole day. after cartagena i hooked up with my ex girlfriend who is canadian as well and she was visiting her friend who now lives in cali as a lawyer.
    btw spent 2 nights over there and the sex with my ex was amazing..! chemistry i guess.
    last 2 days were spent in bogota where i once again was lucky to get laid the second day with a beautiful tall mulatto girl which i got the number while i was exploring la candelaria.
    My first night in cartagena i went to isis(kind of a strip club) and there was that girl from bogota who completely went crazy for me when she heard i spoke english lol.. normally u must pay these girls to sleep with them and i told her quickly that i didnt come to colombia for that( its the truth) but she insisted and gave me her email phone number and even her home address at the club but very discretly so she wouldn’t be caught then fired. anyways to make a long story short i looked for the paper next morning and couldn’t find it haha.. too much beers and pot smoking the night before i suppose.. was tempted to go back but next day i met THE chick and you all know the rest ..
    ok i am black supposedly handsome medium built and really look 30 especially cause i dress young and casual and a bit classy which is somewhat important in colombia if u want quality.
    everybody thought i was colombian until i opened my mouth..! and thats when the girls became very very intersted.. i guess its rather rare for them seeing a Usher or Jason derulo type of guy travelling by himself and when they realized i was not a sex tourist their attraction became even more obvious..!
    My spanish is pretty good now but i must admit speaking french is a huge advantage over americans for example.. in cartagena being from carribean parents has been huge too cause i connected right away with the people over there and they could also feel that i felt home cause cartagena is definitely the carribean atmosphere that i know so well from cuba dr jamaica or haiti.
    i booked my flight with spirit airlines and booked an apartment in laguito from a colombian website.
    dear matt i never felt unsafe once and even was walking by myself around the creepy santa fe area in bogota around 1 or 2 in the morning looking for crippi(weed) haha.. not something i would advise though but i need to be honest here being black lessens the chances of being attacked or bothered and its something i confirmed and asked to all the hustlers or taxi drivers in colombia. they also said the tall blonde blue eye guy is at more risk thah anyone cause he sticks out easily. thats unfortunate.
    so sorry matt cant tell u much about medellin but am definitely planning to visit but personnaly nothing can beat the costenas i saw in CTG BAQ or CALI…!
    Nonetheless beware cause everybody is still trying to rip you off. sorry i went that long and if u have any more questions i’ll be more thah happy to answer them matt.
    hmmm the 500$ PI might be interesting haha..

  14. Sam

    28. Jan, 2014

    I started to date a colombiana that I met online. In all honesty I went to visit to fuck her and come back to the states with nothing serious. I did that. After fighting with my ex about 3 days later after coming back and her making me feel like shit for fuckin this colombiana I thought let me piss off my ex even more and start dating the colombiana. lmao yea I know its dumb and immature and all that shit and not cool that I was using this colombiana to make my ex jealous but she made me made. So I stuck with it and kept datin her. I flew to see her all the time and fucked her all the time so I wasnt in a hurry gettin out the relationship. Kinda felt bad that colombiana really thought I loved her. I did care about her but my ex was the one I wanted. My ex I guess got tired of the games she knew I was playin and finally gave another guy a shot and shes with him now. I got mad and continued seein colombiana but at the end of the day no way I was gonna marry her. She was a whore cuz she slept with me fast and told me she loved me even faster. She even got kids so I couldnt deal with the baggage. After about 7 months I dumped colombiana. Last I heard she was already with some almost 50 year old guy. Im 32 and she was 29. Ya she was a broke female who was a gold digger but like I say I only dated her to spite my ex. It bit me more in my because all it did was push my ex away. Colombiana did lie to me and use me for money by the way. I even had to buy her a iphone because she insisted on communicating and her old phone wasnt good enough. She was very into herself and barely took care of her kids. Used to see them walkin in the street with no shoes and she aint care.

  15. Matt

    30. Jan, 2014

    Thanks Pierce for the details, can you also quote the price you paid too in $, for airfare, hotel and taxi and restaurants, clubs, drinks, etc, did you exchange your money at a bank?
    Is it easy to get access to Viagra?

    Based on your story, and where she works, this woman is just for fun, u are better off going back and getting another one if you want a serious relationship. Hoes there are dime a dozen like someone here said in an earlier post

    Sam , thanks for the story what I get out of these stories, find one to have a good time only while you try to find one from a good family. But these women love sugar dadys too and nothing like a trashy woman.
    Hope everyone uses protection at all times!

    Ha ha, Pierce, you, me and Paul and Sam should all go together there and cover each other’s back and have a good time with these babes !!! Plus chicks all over the world love that French accent man!

  16. pierce nielsen

    30. Jan, 2014

    if i remember well the airfare with spirit airlines was about 500 dollars with arrival in cartagena and departure from bogota. twelve days total. i had booked a room at the pueblito playa for 55 bucks a night its a bit on the cheap side but girl friendly and the owner is super friendly.
    taxi drivers will definitely try to rip you off so its better to ask around to know how much you should really pay. every two days i would go to a money exchange place where the rates are as good as the banks.. they’re also open 24 hours in bocagrande.
    hmmm viagra i dont know lol sorry.. never tried cause am still too scared to be hooked on it.. maybe at 50 years old.

  17. Sam

    30. Jan, 2014

    Matt lol we should go and have each others backs. I will never date a colombian girls again because they hoes but I sure as hell will fuck them. Guess its good cuz we can fuck em and come back to america or canada so when we dont want to mess with them no more they are easy to take out our life lmao

  18. Miguel

    01. Feb, 2014

    Colombian women are filthy fucking whores and I enjoy every second of it. Never will make them a wife and am having fun because am still young. Fuck them as long as you want and when time comes to get married stay far from them.

  19. Matt

    03. Feb, 2014

    Thanks Pierce,
    so how did u communicate with them in english or some spanish?
    I am thinking about going, but not sure if I go alone I don’t want to get ripped off.

  20. pierce nielsen

    03. Feb, 2014

    hmmm matt a good trick i use is always start with my broken spanish cause then the girls can tell you’re a foreigner right away and you automatically become more intersting in their eyes.
    But honestly if you want a more solid relationship a pretty good spanish is important cause english is seldom spoken by the girls there and french even less lol.. well in cartagena.
    I went by myself and somehow you always get ripped off but the thing is not to get ripped off twice..!
    So i always ask local people about the prices i paid and from there i learn..

  21. Paul

    06. Feb, 2014

    pierce the woman is not a house wife thats for sure.
    i was checking out colombiancupid website and there seems to be some nice ones but most are hoes looking for money.
    another guy here said he met hoes off that site and they all work in bars or clubs.

    man, really hot chicks are mostly hoes and gold diggers there. sam and miguel may be giving the best advice here.
    But so you are a French guy and women all love you, no reason to waste time on that one. thanks for sharing your story.
    how is the woman doing now?

  22. pierce nielsen

    07. Feb, 2014

    wow lol paul i never said all woman love me.. but i tasted all colors and shape so i cant complain ( still have red haired and jewish on my TDL though haha)
    as for the colombiana its still the routine so we text everyday day and night and she even called me today at work to apologize cause yesterday she texted that the distance is starting to make it hard on her so i replied well whenever its too much for just let me know and we’ll stop it there.
    So i didnt text her after that till this morning which is quite unusual cause most of the time i wish her good night.
    Anyways guess i’ll have to send a Valentine gift lol..
    Tomorrow night am going to ottawa and spend the night at the hotel with my main bitch so la vie est belle…!!

  23. Paul

    08. Feb, 2014

    So Paul she stops texting you because like a hoe, she found another man there that she is screwing and that will take her to the USA , her original goal. That is why Sam and Miguel do what they do , and you me and Paul are just too naive.

    The next time a colombian chick gets her heart broken, she just got beat at her own game.

    I joined colombian cupid for the heck of it and seems like I am burning $30, not much, but no shortage of hoes, and guys that act like their pimps. I’ve been told over the years that I am good looking especially for latin women and so I posted some good stuff and good pics and the site must be rigged because most of these woman give 3 words to describe themselves, all use the word “tierna” which means like tender, and they all say the same thing.
    and a real women would have a real ad with more than 3 words. Plus they all select “any” for choices of what they are looking for, a rigged site and those that are real are messed up.

    Bottom line= hot chick = hoe
    ugly chick = nagging bitch looking for love!

    so my buddy gets fat chicks and diets them down.
    said it works

    Pierce if you are smart, don’t send her anything for Valentines.
    But Tell her that you sent it to her via US mail and keep asking her if she got it. The mail system is so corrupt.
    Don’t send her roses or flowers.
    Give them to your chick here instead.

    Sam and Miguel, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw, if any of u guys can’t find your colombian, look on pornhub where they all are doing shows.

  24. Paul

    08. Feb, 2014

    half asleep, meant to say Pierce instead of myself

  25. Matt

    09. Feb, 2014

    Paul colombiancupid might have some legit postings but for sure they are at least 70% fake. Notice that all the paid members are gold or platinum and are not any women, just the men. They have an algorithim that makes fake profiles run by mob , and duplicates them and some are by men to promote webcam shows of their hoes, and nothing to do with the site
    i guess for the women it is free, so men see all these profiles of women and hahahah, they playing with men enough them to renew.
    it is a job,

    i checked out pornhub and this is an example of how technology has created opportunity for hoes to be bigger hoes. Actually saw one women doing a show snorting coke, sad!
    Sams probably got more stories.

    pierce have to agree for the sake of this forum dont send the women anything for valentines
    send her an empty jewelery box with a card and tell her it was a gold necklace and act they stole it when she gets it!

  26. pierce nielsen

    10. Feb, 2014

    yep might just do that lol thanks guys…
    oh is there a way to find out if a girl has more than one sender at western union…?

    That would help a lot of fellows out there it seems.

  27. Matt

    11. Feb, 2014

    Pierce what do u mean sender? people sending her money?
    Man, ur not sending her money are you?
    I don’t know how western union operates, but publicly I am sure they don’t release it, you need an insider.

  28. pierce nielsen

    11. Feb, 2014

    No matt i dont send her money.. i had lent her money for the visa process but she gave it back to me while in cuba..
    I came up with the western union idea cause i feel it would answer many questions for those who would like to know if the girl is playing them with other foreigners..
    In my case if she is fooling around its probably with a local cause her english sucks too much lol

  29. Paul

    12. Feb, 2014

    Pierce and any others?
    Did u ever use colombian cupid?
    Matt, half are easily fake, and bad fakes.
    But call me a fool
    Ive been chatting for a bit with a nice woman after recently joining and she seems to be from a good family there , good morals and we have been chatting on colombian cupid all night for many days and its been a lot of fun, man, even I checked out her facebook by looking it up from her name without her knowing , and I was surprised, it all looked legit and lot of good morals not one bar pic all from church and with family,
    and she never asked me about a job, money , nothing, only God, and
    now .I have to say I lost a lot of business from my job wasting my time on her it now seems, and negelecting my work.

    she says she that she is getting serious with another guy she met there and getting married next month to a colombian?


    Why don’t these chicks be upfront?

    . These chicks play u like its nothing.

    These colombian men are skum! they hypnotize their women and then beat them like u guys said here

    Screw this!
    So, now I am hard core on Sam’s method!

    I am going to date as many women as I can here or else where and pick the best one.

    If one gets feelings hurts, oh well.

    No more nice guy
    these woman do the same
    Sam knows what he is doing.

    And this may be it for me as far as colombians now!

    Pierce, I can only imagine that hoe over there from a bar, if a church one lies, a bar one is a slut.

  30. pierce nielsen

    12. Feb, 2014

    I never went on colombian cupid cause i dont like the online stuff.. i prefer by far to pick up on the streets bars restaurants or shopping malls.
    Its unfortunate paul cause she might have been a jewel but trust me there are many others..
    Like i stated before i am from a carribean culture which is also a machismo culture so even though i dont completely approve it but i understand why the colombianas prefer the local boys instead of us.
    From what they tell me and from what i observed foreigners in general are simply to nice…!! they have been raised either fatherless or if he is present he might beat up the mom or the older siblings so from a young age the colombiana sees that a man can be violent and a jerk but her mother will still love him so she thinks that is how a man shows love.
    Our way of loving is simply too HOLLYWOOD haha..
    How many times girls told me they cant stand or respect a yes yes yes man…!
    Sometimes i do it on purpose to put aside the nice canadian in me and just become a jerk by being jealous or asking her where she was and with who and guess what…?
    They respect me more for that cause in their mind i show that i care. i know its stupid but in colombia nice guys really really finish last.
    The only women who will go with a softie is the one in her thirties with a couple of kids cause her options are getting scarce.
    For the younger ones even if you have to fake it play the macho card.. not too much but enough and i am telling you its the best combination out there.
    A tough but loving foreigner has no competition.

  31. Esteban

    12. Feb, 2014

    @ Lita

    Thank you Lita for writing your thoughts. This is an amazing post. First time I have ever seen a Colombiana actually openly admit how fucked up Colombian women are. I have visited Medellin 5 times and the women are unbelievable and sexy. I have a novia and have met her daughters and family. I love every minute I am with her and the sex is insane. I have started picking up the pattern of small lies and now I wonder if she has a chico boyfriend. I also became very angry with her for being so late or not showing up several times. I am pretty seasoned with Latinas and always check my emotions against reality. If things don’t seem quite right, they probably are not. I will not let this girl or any others take advantage of me.

    Fortunately for me, I know quite a few women in Medellin. If my novia flakes, there are plenty of girls I can and do call. I am at a point in my life where I don’t need a wife. My kids are grown. I am not looking to settle down. I can live the Colombian life style and enjoy the abundance of pussy without regret. Viva Colombia!!!!

  32. Paul

    13. Feb, 2014

    Pierce that is funny what you wrote and is the truth.
    I like the way you described and it is perhaps one of the best ways of explaining it that I have ever heard and it make perfect sense. I guess a little nice in the beginning then macho,
    What did u end up sending the lady Pierce for valentines?

    Esteban , where are u from/;live and how old are you?
    And all colombian women are not hot, just go to colombiancupid, plenty of dogs too. For every hot colombian woman there are 5 dogs at least. A lot fat ones and the fat ones are the good Catholics/Christians, the hot thin ones are the hoes, and most likely pimped by their fathers, ha ha ha

    Matt I am still laughing so much how you were so faithful that you were jacking off and the bitch cheated on you and you were a nice guy spoiling her. Man , sorry to hear this.
    So, this is why Sam just screws them until he finds one he is ready to marry. But if Sam is not careful , then you get a disease or get her pregnant, and just thinking about that you can’t perform.

    My thing, If I wanted a chick with kids, I would have a million now, I don’t want that baggage and shit head colombian aquadiente drinking jobless cheater abuser father in the picture.
    If I have to pay for pussy too, I am not interested.
    You pay for pussy and then after you finish you feel like a loser.
    THe guys here that go to colombia and hire hoes, u can do that anywhere off craigslist, ha ha ha,

  33. pierce nielsen

    14. Feb, 2014

    If it were only for valentine’s day i would not have sent her nothing lol
    But her birthday is in 3 days so i sent her a Samsung tablet.
    Lost my old phone yesterday so got myself a Samsung S4 my first smart phone so i’ll finally get the whassap she been begging me to have for months now lol..

  34. Nightlazer

    15. Feb, 2014

    nice artical and thanks for the time you spend on it with the facts

  35. Ron

    16. Feb, 2014

    I went to Colombia on a vacation and met a girl there. She seemed like a nice girl. I had sex with her within the 10 days I was there many times. She told me to download an app called Whatsapp to keep in touch. I should of seen that as a sign right there. How many other people she was talking to from America that she knew the app so good to tell me about it right away? We always talk and got to know each other and I found myself just spendin $ on her. Tried to date and make it work but a hoe is a hoe and I am done for even trying. These girls are all about money. They love us american guys because we offer them more then there own guys over there. To them its like winning the lotto. They get used to the nice things and money and spending on them. When the time comes and we leave they cheat and fuck around. Mine did that to me and I was dumb not to see it. To pierce and the other guys trying to make it work you need to get out while you still can. These females will ruin lives. By the way much respect to lita for being honest on how fucked up her own people are.

  36. pierce nielsen

    21. Feb, 2014

    cool post ron..
    was your girl fluent in english and how did you found out about her cheating….?

  37. Joseph

    26. Feb, 2014

    To the mexican with the colombian gf and to pierce you two must be extremely stupid or extremely desperate for pussy to consider dating colombian girls. Fuck them and leave! These bitches are gold diggin sluts. I never dated them but some of my boys have and they ruined their lives. Get out while you can!

  38. Paul

    07. Mar, 2014

    Hey Pierce , funny how the stories keep growing.
    How is the chick?

    I am now going out with a chick here in her late 20′s, I just put on a cap and dress like a surfer and said I am 25, she said I look 30, so even 10 years younger, haha, I just stick to 25, at this point she won’t even care

    Ron’s story is basically what everyone is saying. Hoes are hoes. Guys goes on vacation and the chicks just want a good time and play everyone.

    To Joseph, rough comment, Pierce is a cool guy, and if you read the threads, he’s got other chicks too, so he has a backup plan.

  39. pierce nielsen

    07. Mar, 2014

    Whats up Paul…?
    wow where to start lol.. without me knowing mx ex girlfriend (who is still in love with me btw) had taken the colombiana’s
    email from my computer in cali in june..!
    so she started chatting with her on badoo since and its only last week my ex came clean to me about it cause she didnt want me to think she was jealous (which she clearly was lol)
    So to be brief my ex told me the colombiana never mentionned having a canadian bf but instead that she had a local guy who lived out of town and came to visit her once every two weekends.
    So i wasnt sure if my ex was bullshitting but she sent me the colombiana’s pic as proof.
    But the best is yet to come haha..
    My ex also went to Cartagena in january and fooled around over there with a local lawyer and she convinced that guy to chat with my colombiana and guess what….?
    they have a date tonight…!!!! lol
    so i told my ex that i need pics or voice recordings this way the colombiana will just have to admit the truth.
    So my ex and I are texting as of this moment and cant wait to see what happens.

    As soon as i knew she was on badoo that was it for me.
    now the thing is when do i hit her with the truth haha..
    even kinda wanna go to CTG fuck her good and the day before i leave…Bang..!!
    i’ll keep u guys updated cause got to go to ottawa to meet my main chick..
    Hmmm what can i say colombian chicks are really hoes.
    Thank god for my instinct.

  40. Joseph

    10. Mar, 2014

    Pierce at least you realized it. Congrats. Lets hope that Mexican dude is not a moron.

  41. Paul

    03. Apr, 2014

    Hi Pierce?
    How you been?
    How’s the chick?

  42. pierce nielsen

    11. Apr, 2014

    hi paul i’ve been good thx
    just got back two days ago from cartagena and i got two thirds of my money so better than i expected.
    the surprise factor helped me a lot and i think she almost passed out from what i heard lol
    but wow she almost convinced me with all her crying and that she wants to die stuff.. did not know she was such a good actress…!!!
    but the proofs were overwhelming..
    the emails exchanges with some dude in florida or her profile in badoo or the magicjack with the 239 also from florida etc..
    but that didnt stop her from denying and denying saying i met her mom or that everyone from her restaurant knows me and all that BS
    i had to threaten her saying i’d call the canadian and american embassies if i didnt get my money and she behaved but never admitted.
    lesson learned folks

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