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All that Whack Training Comes from Spain

Posted on 21. Dec, 2017 by .


Ridiculing the habits you see in Latin American gyms as evidenced in the Spanish viral video, “La Edad es un Estado Mental” by El Hormiguito.

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Peru’s Epic Road to the 2018 World Cup

Posted on 16. Nov, 2017 by .


A roundup of notable developments from the last two years’ lead up to Peru’s national soccer team qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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How to Make Soccer More Interesting

Posted on 06. Oct, 2017 by .


My ugly-American proposals to make soccer (aka “football”) a less boring sport for heterosexual men to watch.

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How Soccer Harms Functional Fitness

Posted on 14. Oct, 2015 by .


How playing soccer undermines an athlete’s functional athleticism in other sports and performing real-world tasks.

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Is Soccer a Gay Sport?

Posted on 13. Jul, 2014 by .


Alternate Title: My Soccer Rant – Discussing the pros and cons of soccer and its growing popularity in the United States.

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I Want an American Boy

Posted on 25. Jan, 2014 by .


If you raise your son in Latin America, do you have to give up the dream of him as a ‘chip off the old block’?

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kenny powers mexico

Kenny Powers: Ultimate Ugly American

Posted on 01. Jan, 2013 by .


Profile of the ugliest American in the world, Kenny Powers, and a comprehensive list of his anti-Mexican jokes and racism from the 2nd season.

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Rockefeller Casino in Bogota’s Zona Rosa

Posted on 17. Aug, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Rockefeller Casino in Bogota’s Zona Rosa, a new advertiser and high-quality casino.

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Cockfighting in Bogota, Colombia

Posted on 21. Jun, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: A day with video of cock fights at Club Gallistico San Miguel in Bogota, Colombia.

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Bullfighting in Bogota, Colombia

Posted on 13. Jun, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: A look at the controversy around bullfighting in Bogota, Colombia, as well as pics and descriptions of my day at the bullfights.

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Ripped Out Program Review

Posted on 14. May, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: My review of the Ripped Out bodybuilding workout and diet program.

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Deported Colombians Doing Positive Things

Posted on 21. Feb, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: A look at deported Colombians doing noteworthy, positive things.

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