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Beijing Tourist Stuff in Pictures

Posted on 28. Oct, 2010 by .


SUMMARY: Over 200 pictures of Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Confucian Temple, Lama Temple, Summer Palace, Sanlitun, and Beijing University.

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Business Scam in Guilin, China

Posted on 25. Oct, 2010 by .


SUMMARY: I almost fell victim to a B2B fraud in Guilin, China. This post details the internet scam and how it played out.

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RIP Budweiser Backpack

Posted on 21. Oct, 2010 by .


SUMMARY: My Budweiser backpack is on its last legs. We had good times together, including a brief stint selling weed, an episode with a French customs agent, and undiscriminating access to competitor offices in Colombia.

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Contributed Story: Revolution in China?

Posted on 28. Feb, 2010 by .


SUMMARY: An American expat in China explains his opinion on the prospect of revolution.

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Contributed Story: Failed Bail on German Bar Tab

Posted on 30. Oct, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: Two Americans studying in Germany try to bail on a bar tab, just failing but undoubtedly improving Americans’ image abroad.

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Contributed Story: My Last Pint in Ireland

Posted on 22. Sep, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: An American traveling through Ireland suffers a cultural faux pas, then has sex with an Irish girl.

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Contributed Story: Chasing Women in China

Posted on 15. Jan, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: Contributed story from an American in China visiting a brothel, using a drug called ‘king’, and having more sex.

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