Make Maduro Face the Venezuelans in Peru

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I have created my first petition in what is effectively my first experience in political activism – beyond running my mouth on this blog.

As an informal student of economics and resident of Latin America, I have been following the news from Venezuela for more than 10 years. You already know that because I’ve been writing about Venezuela for years. I have been featured on the top English-language blog about Venezuela (twice).

Everybody in the policy-economics-sphere knew that Venezuela’s economic model would end badly, but nobody had any idea that it would be as serious as it is, with millions of Venezuelans in exile, and this year the emigration is set to accelerate.

I’m all for immigration, but these Venezuelans are not really immigrants. They are more like refugees (as even the AP has called them). I feel sorry for them. They don’t want to be here in Peru. They want to live in Venezuela, but under a normal economy.

I wrote the petition in Spanish because (A) the primary stakeholders are Peruvians and Venezuelans in Peru, (B) this is above all a regional South American issue and (c) obviously, the bread and butter signatories will be Venezuelans. Here’s the petition translated to English:

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro was uninvited by the Peruvian government to the Summit of the Americas that will take place on April 13 and 14 in Lima, Peru.

“Any alteration or unconstitutional rupture of democratic order in a State of the Hemisphere constitutes an insurmountable obstacle for the participation of the Government of that State in the Summits of the Americas process,” reads the letter that revokes the invitation, referring to the criticized elections in Venezuela and its alleged break with democracy.

Instead of forbidding Maduro to attend this American summit, he should have the right to represent the Venezuelan people. But to ensure that he faithfully represents it, his attendance should require that he host a public, town-hall-style forum open to Venezuelans currently residing in Peru.

The forum must be open to anyone who has a Venezuelan passport with a resident visa in Peru, it must be held before the Summit of the Americas begins and Maduro must answer questions from the audience.

Sign this petition and show your support for Nicolas Maduro listening to the Venezuelan community in Peru in order to represent all the Venezuelan people at the Summit of the Americas.

So my idea is to force Nicolas Maduro to face the Venezuelan community in Peru, as any head of state with an ounce of decency would do if they visited a country with such a large diaspora of its constituents. Peru’s PPK visited “Little Lima” in New Jersey while visiting his granddaughter who is in university on the East Coast.

I don’t really believe Maduro would face the Venezuelan diaspora here. After all the “escraches” went viral last year, Venezuelan officials don’t even let their children studying abroad go out in the streets. But he has insisted he has a right to go and is trying to crash the party, so amassing enough signatures to force a public response from Maduro would be awesome, and the icing on the cake would be if it were the brainchild of the Expat Chronicles community.

I just created the petition and one friend (and known personality in the Expat Chronicles community) has signed. Get on the mother-fuckin bus and sign too – it’s quick and painless. Once I have a respectable amount of signatures, say 50, I’m going to share it in the FB groups with names like “Venezolanos en Peru,” “Venezolanos en Lima,” etc.

Now go sign!

Wanna do more? Share it on social media using this link:

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