‘Is My Colombian Webcam Girl a Prostitute?’

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A reader by the name of “Lowrider” left a comment about his Colombian internet girlfriend after reading the obnoxiously popular article, All Colombian Women Cheat. In a nutshell, he wants to know if his webcammer is simply doing whatever she can to overcome her circumstances, or if she is just using him.

Lowrider’s lightly edited comment:

I wish found this website two months ago, before going through all the emotional stress and feeling humiliated. I come from a country where honesty is very important, where words are kept and people normally tell the truth, sometimes bluntly. My country is one of the least corrupt in the world, and hearing about a culture where lying is a national sport scares the heck out of me.

I am dating a Colombiana via email. I met her on a webcam site, and we came to chat there for two hours. She didn’t want to go on, she felt dirty, used, a piece of flesh, and her mother threatened to throw her out of the house. She didn’t ask for my email address, but I gave it to her because I wanted to hear more about her story. Never thought she would write, but she did.

We have exchanged 25 emails by now, almost every night. She writes long mails, three or four pages, using a Spanish-English translator. She is interested about my country and has read a lot about it. That impressed me.

As she doesn’t know English I offered her to pay for English classes, which is about $100  per month. She didn’t ask for the money. I said I could pay.

She works as a dental assistant in Pereira, and she goes to college to study psychology. She needs her job to pay for school. It was not enough, so she started webcamming to get quick money. Many girls do that, she says, and it seems to be true according to the bios on the webcam site.

She asked me to send her a computer so that she doesn’t have to go to an internet cafe. It was way too much money. I haven’t sent one and will not.

When wiring her the support for the first month the Colombian bank required the recipient’s full name, address and birth dates. She was hesitant giving it to me as she said I could spread pictures from her webcam life, and if it went public she would get fired and never find another job. But she finally gave me the info and I sent the money. She said the bank were thieves and deducted fees, so she cancelled the account right after. She wants to use Western Union in the future.

Her father was diagnosed with cancer and then he got a heart attack. She showed selfies from the intensive care station with a male person in the bed behind, hooked up to all sorts of equipment. It could definitely be her father.

I fall in love easily, but it needs to be supported by honesty. This story feels too good to be true. We talked about her moving here after finishing her studies. She said she probably will not be able to due to language, cultural and climate barriers. To see each other outside Colombia is too expensive.

I cannot limit her life and prohibit her from seeing men in Colombia. But she says, Why does she need a Colombian man? She wants to get educated, get out of the misery, and live a normal life. Any man right now would just be a hindrance, get her pregnant and leave her.

Her parents are fighting, so she has decided to move away from home to a small room. The extra costs don’t allow her to go to English classes. And now she cannot pay her college bill this month. She says it’s the last time she will ask me for money, but she needs $180 or she will be kicked out of school. I got angry before because she talks about money. Am I just a bank to her?

The problem is that I am brought up to be honest, caring, helping and understanding. I feel perfectly alright helping a poor girl in a poor country to get out of her misery. I hate being used, though.

After reading these comments, I feel I am being used. She would have to be a very good faker though, I don’t know how she manages to get together a story supported by pictures which doesn’t fall apart. Did she use a friend’s account at the bank? And did she sneak into a hospital and take a picture of some other dude?

Just cut it off, you’ll say, but I cannot cut off anything until I find out it is a lie, and I haven’t.

What can I do?

My reply via email:

I read all the way through … fun read but I’m sorry man, you gotta face reality.

Your internet girlfriend is a prostitute. She doesn’t just finger herself online, she also has sex with paying clients at a brothel or three in her hometown. She may study at a university, maybe not. I doubt it. I bet she’s a full-time prostitute and webcammer.

She’s from Pereira, which is the setting of “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso.” Have you seen it?

Lowrider’s response:

Thanks, but I must honestly say that I cannot tell from what she wrote me so far that she is a prostitute. I read everything she wrote me so far, all 25-28 mails, and her story has no weak points, no obvious ones. What she told me in the beginning she has kept telling me all the way, the dates are correct (some deadlines for paying the college for instance).

If you are right, and you probably are, I cannot believe how someone can be so low. I questioned her several times with my uncertainties. She says many Colombian men want to go out with her and just have sex, and she wants to work herself out of her current miserable situation by getting a good education. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, she says that many Colombian girls are working as prostitutes, but she hates the reputation her country has gotten because of it. And if you are right, she is such a person herself? I would not ever be able to lie like that, I would not be capable.

So you mean she is just squeezing money out of me? That’s her only goal? You mean she tries it as long as possible, and then she will not write to me anymore? I have no idea how much a prostitute gets, but she has not received much from me so far, why is it worth all the long mails every night for two months? I would find it to be a lot of effort for very little.

I do not really have a problem closing down the connection as such, I just need to get angry enough, but in order to get angry enough I need proof of a lie first. I was brought up to be honest and believe people are telling the truth until the opposite is proven. I would not have suspected dishonest about her story, her family and her plans.

There’s just one thing that could confirm your suspicion: she was quite advanced on that webcam site. She was not a shy little girl “just fingering herself,” she did much more advanced things. And I wonder, why would you feel comfortable doing it, and how did you learn all of it during just a couple of months on a webcam site?

In two weeks I am going on vacation. I don’t want this story to be hanging over me.

My reply

In 2011 working girls in Bogota charged from $25 to $100 depending on the neighborhood of the establishment. That was before the collapse of the peso and the influx of Venezuelans, so current prices are certainly lower now, and even lower still for a shithole like Pereira.

Your girl was a good webcammer because she is a prostitute. There may be a webcammer or two who is not a prostitute, but I think they’re one in the same.

Why go through all the work? Because her ultimate dream is for you to marry her and bring her to your country, or to bring your money to her country where you will promptly be supporting her family and picking up the tab for big lunches and dinners with extended family.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do … I’ll turn your story into a blog post and we’ll see what the readers say. Many many many gringos in Colombia — maybe even one in Pereira but I don’t know — will know what to tell you better than I do.

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20 Responses to “‘Is My Colombian Webcam Girl a Prostitute?’”

  1. Anthony

    03. Jul, 2017

    Run as fast as you can man

  2. Joh

    03. Jul, 2017

    Well first will say drop the hammer on this bitch….If you want a decent Latina go LIVE in the country…deception is a science in Colombia and your a Gringo so dont think anyone there will have pity on you (court systems,police etc.). Your chic is banging a guy every day at least and has a guy that stuffs all three holes and unloads on the holidays after taking her out and dancing w her all night…this is not just a problem in the lower stratas is all across the board. Do your self a favor either dont get emotionally involed or walk away when you finish reading this

  3. laird

    03. Jul, 2017

    I was in the same boat. I met a beautiful girl in Peru who is now my wife and didn’t know what to do. I had a lot of doubts and I read the article here about bricheras and factored that into my thinking (THANKS COLIN… ). We talked for months on Skype until I felt more comfortable. We went to Mexico and I visited Peru and met her family. DO NOT make a move unless you do it in a way you feel comfortable. You definitely don’t want to get used but what is this relationship worth to you? Is it worth a certain amount for you to find the love of your life? Make the investment in time and money if you think she is the right person for you. You’ll never know unless you try…

  4. jose zorilla

    03. Jul, 2017

    If you were my friend I would tell you that she is using you. At a certain level, we have all been there in your situation. In thailand the classic case is the “sick buffalo” which the whole family depends on for its’ livelihood. But dude you have to have some self-respect. I have been living in the Medellin for 4 years now, and I have seen and heard it all, but there is an expression which the respectable people believe in, “mejor estar solo que mala acompanado,” which translates roughly as “better to be alone than to be with a bad partner.”

  5. Scott

    04. Jul, 2017

    I have had a relationship with one Latino in Medellin. He never asked me for money. I offered to pay for a new bicycle when he was trying to doctor up a used piece of junk. He refused. I wanted to buy him a Christmas present or a birthday present. He would have none of it. Just before he was going to come visit me in the United States… I called American Express and they delivered him a platinum card in his name to Medellin. I put a $2,000 limit on the card. He never used the card. I just wanted to be certain that when he was traveling he could handle any emergencies. We eventually broke up over other disagreements. But he never try to take a dime from me. This is not the general rule. I have found that far too many Colombians will try to give you one sob story or another. These people have little else sometimes. What can you expect. Beware. I think the girl you are talking about we’ll find another reason to ask for more money.

  6. Rubio

    04. Jul, 2017

    Hahahahah I consider myself an expert on the subject because my second wife was a webcammer. And a ho. The difference was we were swingers the whole time.

    Do all.webcam girls ho? No, not by a long shot. But this one does beyond a shadow of a doubt. Feign poverty and watch what happens.

  7. lowrider

    04. Jul, 2017

    Guys, thanks a lot.
    It’s a magnificent cultural clash here. I come from a part of Europe where honesty is put high. I was prepared for all sorts of fake stories – like “you don’t love me if you don’t send me this and that”, “in Colombia a guy has to treat a woman good to get her full affection”, etc.

    I was all the time aware of that she could be cheating. I asked her right out several times. She was not angry but sad about these questions. She said that if she put herself into my situation she understood my worries. She would even understand if I did not want to write to her again.

    She even mentioned how impossible it would be for her to come to my country, due to language, culture, climate and to be away from her family. She could instead have put more pressure on me to get her over here. She also said she could not promise me to stay single for 3-4 years until her college education was finished. Therefore I dropped this case a week ago, was quite frank that this will never happen.

    You see, all of these discussions made her trustworthy, it was not the desperate outcry for money from a prostitute. Still don’t understand how she put so much efforts in me, maybe she sent me 50-60 full pages of mails since early May. Why bother so much? When she would get much more by banging one or two more local dudes?

    How hard it is for me to accept that I was tricked out. How hard to accept that there are people out there with not one molecule of respect for other people’s feeling. I feel terrible today. I must be very careful now so that I will not start to hate the whole female race,

  8. Big Ben

    04. Jul, 2017

    Lowrider, your gf is a whore. If she charges 100 dollars to write long love letters every week how much do you think she charges for ten minutes of anal? She has snorted coke of a guy’s cock at narco-orgies but do you think she smokes basuco with the neros from her neighborhood during their orgies? I bet she has done narco-orgy porn and smoked a bit of basuco off camera.

  9. lowrider

    04. Jul, 2017

    Big Ben, I offered her 100 dollars a month to learn English. Now she dropped that because she said she will move to her own room and leave her parent’s house.

    I am not saying you are wrong, just that this girl couldn’t know when she started to write to me that I would give any money at all. Half the the time we had contact she did not get any money, but still wrote long mails.

    Now I cancelled the money she needed for her college bill end of July, I was her only resource she said, it was the last time she would ask for money, she said.

    In my opinion, but this business seem less and less logical, she should not reply now. I will not pay anything and she should therefore not continue writing me long love letters. Let’s see if that is the case.

    I have seen many pictures of her, I doubt she is on drugs, those girls look different, at least if they used drugs for a longer period of time. But what do I know.

  10. FroDeaux

    04. Jul, 2017

    Que pendejo…Las putitas gustan muchissimo bobitos tanto como usted.

  11. EstebanH

    04. Jul, 2017

    It actually depends on your perspective. I actually like the whores of Colombia. They can be some of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. They are usually incredible fun to be with. Yes, they can be flaky, they might even steal from you (just be very careful). I actually know some that I trust explicitly.

    I have already done the wife and kids thing so I am not looking for a “soul mate” any more. So, being with Colombian whores is my first choice. Maybe someday I will meet a nice girl, but for now I prefer my Colombian ho’s.

  12. Judith

    04. Jul, 2017

    This is even funnier than the bloke in the Peru Expats group who married a girl he met on pizza st! You’re being played for a fool, Captain Save a Ho, it’s just that your naivety and unwillingness to admit you made a mistake is blinding you to the truth.

    Here’s the thing, women in the sex industry don’t make the bulk of their money from one off clients, they make it from regulars, and they cultivate them by making a human connection with the client, leading him to believe that there’s something special there, that he’s different from all the other Johns, etc., etc. Done skillfully, it’s the kind of long con that can result in the girl making thousands of dollars, or if she’s really lucky, marriage and a ticket to the US or Europe.

    Look at all the emails again, and read them with a critical eye. Are you sure they were written for you and you alone? They couldn’t be slightly modified here and there, so they’d work equally well on another poor sucker in your or another developed country? I hate to tell you this (not really) but the themes of being a nice girl down on her luck, working her way through school, having a sick family member, are tired old classics. A bit shopworn (like her ass), but effective when it comes to pulling punters in.

  13. lowrider

    05. Jul, 2017

    Judith, thanks. Great that you have fun reading. I need the other side of the picture. And I get it here from you guys. First I read the mail from my girl, next I go here and get a full dosis of disappointment. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

    Absolutely, why should I belong to the 0,5% of mankind that saves a whore out of her situation? But keeping to facts: that she really is a whore is so far just speculations coming from this site. It is very likely that it is true, but it’s not verified.

    Judith, I checked randomly some of the older mails. A few of them could be taken as duplicates sent to many recipients. But she has to scroll them and change my name all over the place, as she uses it in many phrases. Why that effort? The majority of the mails concerns our discussions to meet somewhere, discussions how likely it is that she will move to my country one day, discussions about my country’s cultural and political situation. Those cannot be duplicates. That is impossible.

    I stopped sending money to her. I offered to cut our contact. She says the contact has nothing to do with money, but with heart, so she will go on.

    I asked her to prove that she is the owner of the bank account to which I sent money. I wanted to have a copy of a photo id-card. She was a bit upset that I never seem to believe her. Today I received an attached photo of her Colombian personal identity card, of her university registration card, of her bank card. The name of the recipient when I sent her money is correct and the picture of these id-cards is correct. These are no fakes. I have already the address to her house, I have the address to her work. She even offered me the pincode to her bank account so that I could myself print a transaction report and see that her salary comes there and my one-time support money. I refused that. Receiving that code would actually mean I could remove money from her bank account to myself. That’s a bit too much..

    Chances are limited that I will marry her and she comes to my country. She is not a superbeauty and longterm planning of this kind can never be guaranteed. And she decided for herself that it will not happen, the first chance is in 3-4 years.

    If I find one single lie in her mails I will confront her and break the contact. I have not found any lie yet. I need that to break. I cannot bring up speculations which I read about here. I need facts to break.

    How much patience can someone have? She gets nothing out of me. For what use does she keep the contact? I don’t get any erotic pictures, we don’t use Skype. It’s pure text, it never is about sex. That’s so inefficient. Use that time she spends on me and go fuck a dude, collect the money and have fun. Much easer, much faster, much more efficient.

    To me it is a friendly mail conversation with some overtones of love and affection. A mail conversation I have with many different persons I met during my life.

    You must all agree that for the time being I am safe. No money. No invitations. No marriage plans. No plans to meet. Instead I have her verified identity.

  14. Luis

    05. Jul, 2017

    Even though chances are great that you are beeing played this shouldn’t be your main concern. Getting emocionally involved with a person that you can’t see for at least 3-4 years is bringing you way to much pain much greater than the not so likely pay off. I assume you are young, finish your education or whatever you are doing and haul your ass to LatAm. Get to know Colombia or any other country for that matter in real life and not through e-mail. Learn spanish, fall inlove or just have a blast you won’t regrett it.

    Don’t feel bad for the money youve sent she probably had way more marginal benefit of those dollars than you did prosti o no. See it as a lesson and just move on.

  15. Steve

    05. Jul, 2017

    My message to Lowrider: You haven’t met her in person, therefore, your whole message is absurd. You don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t have a relationship. What you have is a dream. That’s all you have until if and when you have her in your arms. Get real. You can’t expect anything from a woman you haven’t met in person. Please don’t send her any money. You will only increase the cost of real women for the real men who meet them. Go back to masturbating over porn until you get enough money to travel to Colombia. If this story is true you are a sad case. Get some game.

  16. Steve

    05. Jul, 2017

    Lowrider, I’m going to retire next year and I’m planning to visit Pereira. If I see your girl I’ll say Hi for you.

  17. Rubio

    05. Jul, 2017

    Luis just hit it on the head. You’re barking up the wrong tree her. Trying to low key catch her in some lie or another is a stupid game. Eventually of course you will always find SOMETHING.

    I have no idea what country you are from, but honestly when it comes to relationships, those standards of honesty and loyalty are largely bullshit and will never be fulfilled no matter where you are.

    This chick is offering you a beautiful fantasy. Accept it for just what it is. Somebody in the neighborhood you grew up in would also be offering you a fantasy, just with a different flavor.

    The smartest thing to do in situations like these is to be a mirror; string the chick along with empty promises, make up stories about why you are actually almost as rich as Carlos Fucking Slim but your money is tied up right now. Beat the bitch at her own game. Not to offend, but I suspect that you lack the emotional intelligence and intestinal fortitude to play at that level.

  18. Bella

    08. Jul, 2017

    If you feel serious about her, and if you want to work out if she’s genuine or not… couldn’t you just go out and visit her? I’ve just returned from visiting my ex boyfriend in Colombia – we went to Pereira, which is a lovely town! The area is beautiful. Take her to nearby Salento where you can go horse riding to a nearby waterfall. The flight isn’t cheap but once you’re there, your money will go a long way. Just go and visit her, then you’ll find out whether she’s been stringing you along or not! And if she has.. then there are plenty other very beautiful señoritas to choose from!

  19. Ron

    19. Aug, 2017

    Most women in colombia are actually conservative, a woman that is able to get naked in front of a camera is comfortable working in a whore house. You just don’t make those women your girlfriend they want money. Also colombia is not as poor as you think..
    the really poor have free health insurance, its the middle class thats screwed if they get sick.

  20. guy

    05. Sep, 2017

    lol funny post, btw wheres tha pics?

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