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UPDATE: The Mick’s memoir is published. See

This Mick’s Life is live on Kickstarter:

This Mick’s Life on Kickstarter

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Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia

The Mick” is an Irishman named Christopher who got started in crime early in Dublin, Ireland. A case could be made that sexual abuse by Catholic priests or his IRA family connections contributed to his path. But he’d admit it all came down to rebellion and love of drugs and alcohol.

Christopher did time in juvenile detention, Wexford Jail, and Mountjoy Prison (AKA ‘The Joy’) by the time he was 30. He befriended Dublin’s leading criminal figures including some of the Dunne Family and “King Scum” Tony Felloni, who was instrumental in bringing heroin into Dublin in the 1970s.

Christopher’s criminal activities grew to be a full-time job when he became addicted to heroin. His addiction got so bad that he and his girlfriend decided to trade heroin for cocaine. They came to Bogota with the intention of muling 4 kilos back to Ireland.

They were caught by Colombian police at El Dorado airport. Christopher served 3 years in Colombia’s largest prison, La Modelo, where he befriended M-19 guerrilla insurgents, infamous cocaine cartel assassins ‘Los Priscos’, and the more rank-and-file of Colombia’s underworld – mafiosos, thieves, conmenkillers, and more.

He was released in 1989 and, having relinquished his passport, has been stranded in Colombia ever since. He traded his previous heroin addiction for debilitating alcoholism on the streets of Bogota at a time when TIME Magazine called it the world’s worst city, the capital of the world’s most dangerous country.

Prison rape, riotsmurdertorture, bank robberies, scams, hardcore partying, addiction, hedonism, and a life of crime. It’s Basketball Diaries meets Marching Powder in Dublin, Ireland and Bogota, Colombia.

Everything above and more is part of his story. I have already recorded hours of intensive interviews on Christopher’s entire life. All I need to make his amazing life story a book is the time off work.

I’m asking for $4,399 to deliver this book in exactly 60 days from when it’s funded. Be a part of the effort to make This Mick’s Life a reality!

Donor Rewards

$1+ You, your business, or your favorite charity are mentioned on Expat Chronicles with a link.

$10+ All rewards above plus the PDF of both This Mick’s Life and Lima Travel Guide: Insider Advice from Expats in Peru.

$30+ All rewards above plus my unpublished, currently unavailable book, My Brief Career in Colombia’s Sex Trade, in PDF.

$50+ All rewards above plus a story The Mick didn’t want published.

$75+ All rewards above plus a signed copy of the paperback.

$100+ All rewards above plus all 39 hours of audio interviews with The Mick. Most of these 39 hours will not make the book. They make an excellent podcast series from two gringos in Latin America with plenty of degenerate stories. Great for aspiring expats.

$200+ All rewards above plus lunch with The Mick in Bogota, Colombia, or with me in Lima, Peru. We treat you to a proper spread at our favorite local eatery. In case you prefer lunch with me in Lima, it will be deliverable in 2015.

$300+ All rewards above plus a one-year link on Expat Chronicles’ homepage or a mention in the Acknowledgements section of the book.

$400+ All rewards above plus a full-day tour of Bogota with The Mick, or full-day tour of Lima with me. If you choose Lima with me, deliverable in 2015.

$500+ All rewards above plus a blog article about your business with links on Expat Chronicles.

$1000+ All rewards above plus all the deleted articles from Expat Chronicles.

$3000+ All rewards above plus a three-day tour of Bogota with both The Mick and me. Anything goes!

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This Mick’s Life on Kickstarter

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8 Responses to “Kickstarting This Mick’s Life”

  1. AlbyM

    10. Jul, 2014

    Awesome! Good luck, Colin. You’re a good writer and I’ve just made a $30 donation. I look forward to reading the final result.

  2. Serape

    21. Jul, 2014

    I’ll be making a donation today.

  3. Richard

    21. Jul, 2014

    This is a story that needs to be told, fingers crossed you can get the funding to permit this to be a reality. We’re rooting for you Colin.

  4. Kevin Post

    22. Jul, 2014

    17 days to go. There is always that lull until the spike of backers several days before the deadline. You got this Colin, quit your damn job and write this book!

  5. David

    10. Aug, 2014

    Here’s ten bucks to tell Chris’s story. Say hi to the old man for me. It’s been 20 years since I last saw him in Bogota. Wasn’t sure he was still with us! El gringo de la calle 78.


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