Chorrillos, Lima in Pictures

Posted on 19. Nov, 2012 by in peru

Here are pictures of Lima beach community, Chorrillos, at the southern edge of the city. Included are the crowded beach with small waves, the giant fish market with dirt cheap, day fresh ceviche, and the Regatas Sports Club.

Regatas has a basketball team that once came down to Arequipa for a tournament. My team were the city champs at the time, but Regatas whooped us. I believe their players are paid. Regatas is featured in several Peruvian novels. It’s one of the most exclusive sports clubs in the country, where the crem of Lima exercise, see, and be seen.

For slideshow viewing, see the Chorrillos album on the Expat Chronicles Facebook page.



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8 Responses to “Chorrillos, Lima in Pictures”

  1. Matthew B

    19. Nov, 2012

    So this is where I go if I wanna land a rich peruvian chick, nice. Do the guys walk around wearing penny loafers with no socks? Lol!!

  2. Colin

    19. Nov, 2012

    @ Matthew – it’s definitely big money, but it’s not Lima’s poshest district. The real crem live in Miraflores or San Isidro.

  3. Jimmy

    20. Nov, 2012

    Can you get me a job as a cabana boy? Kind of like the clubs on Long Island or Boca Raton, but more exclusive.

    In California our beaches are somewhat more democratic. On hot days in SoCal everybody – rich and poor shows up at the beach.

    In contrast the chinese have no beach culture. The women do not want to despoil their alabaster skin and a day at the beach does not make money.

  4. Victor Manuel

    22. Nov, 2012

    Chorrillos is not a rich neighborhood. it is a poor spot of Lima, only those who live close to the cliffs near to the malecon would be considered middle class and the people who go to the sports club Regatas, but most of chorrillos population are poor people.
    Miraflores is not a rich spot of LIma. it is the touristic and commercial side of Lima, maybe many spots of San Isidro are upperclass, those around El Golf ..Those families who have a lot of money live in huge mansions in La Planicie de La Molina. Those houses will cost more than 2 million dollars easy. I read somebody was selling a property over there for 6 million dollars.
    Most of the houses of Chorrillos will be cheap, Many of their neighborhood are dangerous.
    Peru is a very unequal country.


  5. Victor Manuel

    22. Nov, 2012

    Let me show You many houses You do not see in Miraflores or San isidro and these are not the richest.
    But are properties of the wealthy people.
    Other spot of the wealthy people in Lima , Las Casuarinas.
    Other spot in Lima for the wealthy people. Cerros de Camacho,
    This one is
    located in a southern beach of Lima

  6. Victor Manuel

    22. Nov, 2012

    I made a mistake one of the sets of pictures are from maracay Venezuela.
    This was a mansion in Miraflores. La casa Marsano but was demolished 20 years ago and now in the location is a tech shopping center called Compu plaza.
    And this one is one of the few mansions still alive in Lima, But now is a museum . Is located in barranco.
    El palacio de Pedro de Osma.
    Miraflores still has a mansion and it is located in the Avenida arequipa but it is not visible for the walls around the house. La mansion Berckemeyer.

  7. Colin

    05. Dec, 2012

    Jimmy – in Latin America I’ve found the same as what you’ve seen in China – they don’t want to tan or get darker. One of the bestselling cosmetic creams in Peru is blanqueadora – whitening face cream.

    Victor – thanks for all the excellent info, excellent comments!

  8. marin

    09. Sep, 2013

    Recently spent some time in neighboring district Barranco,
    1 block from seaside. Which is for 60% blocked to the non-residents , by walls of high rise condo,s.
    The number of SUVs a.o. is impressive, compared to the 15 years old Jap cars the avarage guy has. (If…) . To my immeasurable annoyance, a walk (!) to Chorillos turned out to be a total let-down. EVERY side street leading to a viewpoint at the ocean was turned into a “gated community”with a Guard in a cabin. The marina stuff shown here in pics is totally inaccessible from the streets on top of cliff ( all of Lima is on cliffs) , “los ricos” have confiscated everything for their own sake. Long live Chorillos tourism, not for me.

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