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The DAS Incident(s)

Posted on 26. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: My version of the DAS interviewing me as reported by Colombia Reports.

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Colombia Reports Controversy #2 – The End

Posted on 21. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Detailing the last controversy among Colombia Reports readers about Expat Chronicles, re: FEMINISM.

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Socialist Graffiti at Colombia’s National University

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Over 70 pics of the socialist graffiti that decorates Colombia’s National University in Bogota.

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2012 Murals in Chapinero, Bogota

Posted on 15. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Over 100 pictures of murals from Bogota’s coolest neighborhood: Chapinero.

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Ave Suba Murals in Bogota, Colombia

Posted on 14. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Murals from Avenida Suba in La Castellano, Bogota, Colombia.

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Joey’s First Days in Bogota, Colombia

Posted on 10. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: A friend from Chicago gets my personal intro to Bogota, including sex, drugs, and more.

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Horrorcore: Music’s Strangest Subgenre

Posted on 05. Mar, 2012 by .


SUMMARY: Horrorcore playlist including songs from Geto Boys, Gravediggaz, Brotha Lynch Hung, Insane Clown Posse, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

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