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I’ve been thinking about how Expat Chronicles will, if ever, come to an end. I’d like to know what you think, so I’m having a poll. Pardon the provocative title, it’s meant for you to click through. Please vote!

These are the reasons I came up with. Feel free to write in a different outcome in the comments. I may add it into the poll.

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26 Responses to “End of Expat Chronicles”

  1. Colin

    28. Nov, 2011

    I voted for Expat Chronicles to never end. Wishful thinking?

  2. Brad

    28. Nov, 2011

    I would have voted for the government shutting you down, but I’ll just vote that they will have the guerillas kill you

  3. Mark

    28. Nov, 2011

    You’ve got way too much of a back-log of stories yet to write before you overdose.

  4. Colin

    28. Nov, 2011

    Brad, Mark – Good points! I’ll add both of those in.

  5. Andrew Meyer

    28. Nov, 2011

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily a corporate gig, but would love to hear that you’ve moved into a well paying position where discretion necessitates a little more privacy. Hopefully you can keep publishing through “Colombia Reports” or some other outlet.

    It would also provide motivation to have more beer conversations, where one doesn’t have to worry about employers or complainers.

  6. Nat Almirall

    28. Nov, 2011

    Not that I’d want them to happen, but either Colin contracts a venereal disease and ends up in a run-down sanatorium or Colin is shot by a jilted ex-lover (or chased off a cliff by a horde of topless jilted ex-lovers).

  7. MIke

    28. Nov, 2011

    I voted for never end, but I think it will sooner or later. My bet is that you will just get tired of doing it. You’ve mentioned before how much work it is, and I believe you. Soon or late you will get busy doing something else, and blow this shit off.


  8. J.R.

    28. Nov, 2011

    surely they would allow you to continue the blog from prison? would make for some interesting stories i’m sure.

  9. J.R.

    28. Nov, 2011

    so i’m going with run over while riding your bike. Sorry dude

  10. JJ

    29. Nov, 2011

    I totally get what a pain it can be doing a blog – which is why mine hasn’t been updated in ages. But here’s one more vote to keep going.

    You have a unique perspective on both the politics of the region as well as more salacious matters. Whatever you choose to write about, I find myself reading to the very end and getting a fair amount out of it (chuckles, new ideas, reflections on my own life as an expat in Latin America..) – which is more than I can say for 90% of the other blogs I come across.

    So please, don’t stop!

  11. Barry

    29. Nov, 2011

    dont do it man

  12. sAMUEL

    29. Nov, 2011

    I don’t want it to end, but its likely to, someday. Even the longest running TV shows eventually just run out of premise…. but since its life, maybe you wont run out of plots!


    I voted that the sicarios will come down from the mountain and do you in for 20,000 COP, sent by the lovely and deadly Colombianas.

    I hope you take them fuckers out first!

  13. Ryan

    29. Nov, 2011

    Colin, don’t ever do this for us.

    Personally, I have to admit that, I use you. You’re entertaining.
    I don’t sit back and think about how your blog may distract you or keep you from goals you might have. I don’t think about the wife, family, and life you might really desire. I read your stuff because I’m too old and chicken shit to live like you and quite honestly have no desire to, but remember when I did. I dig it.

    You already have a small idea of what you want. Don’t try and make too much sense of it. Just lean in. I think your most passionate writing is on historical and current affairs. Second, is your personal sentiment on shit you might want to start keeping to yourself or at least save for a book.

    Maybe you’re in the wrong place or don’t have the audience (myself included) that best supports your desire to be engaged and challenged. I don’t know man, but I think it’s never a bad thing if you want to walk away. You’ve done your part.

    Gravitating towards a place that encourages more of what you really want ( I mean, “need”) always seems to work the best (for me).

    Whatever you do, I’m here. Maybe not waiting, but understanding.
    Just my take.


  14. Daniel from PT

    29. Nov, 2011

    This I vote as the most probable and also because I wish it for you:
    Family – Colin marries someday and Wifey insists it come down, or kids change Colin’s perspective.

    This is what I would wish for myself:
    Expat Chronicles never ends!


    Colin hires another expat to take his place… ; )

    PS: In any case – all the best and thanks alot for all the entertaining, informative and funny stories;

  15. matthewneuzil

    29. Nov, 2011

    thank god, thought you were shutting down for real! waiting for some more real experiences from colombia and or peru!

  16. Jimmy

    30. Nov, 2011

    Colin gets married to a mormon. To make money he gives golf lessons to rich Bogota Executives who aspire to high culture.

    He lowers the handicap of an influential Army general by 10 strokes and gets the concession to import AR-15 rifles for the Colombian Army.

    In an effort to get rich quick he imports poorly made chinese replicas. He is found guilty of fraud and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

    The blog goes on hiatus, but he returns in 18 months with a host of new stories.

  17. ALEX

    01. Dec, 2011

    How about something involving the Mick….you escape knife wielding thugs in Chapinero and move to Santa Marta to call it a life and sell pineapples on the beach

  18. Brian McCarthy

    02. Dec, 2011

    Dead – choked by a bench press bar trying to do 275 without a spotter.

  19. Colin

    02. Dec, 2011

    HAHA. I cut bench press a long time ago. And if you need a spotter it’s too much weight 🙂

    For the record I bet I could get 275 for at least one rep despite not benching in months. I’ve gotten 3 x 3 before.

    Thanks to everybody for the support. Jimmy, NO MORMONS. Alex, NO SANTA MARTA, I’ve heard the climate’s not good for pasty white guys 🙂

  20. Rampart

    05. Dec, 2011

    I think that more than likely, you will end up just growing tired of it and give it up..probably posting less and less as time goes on. It’s easy to get jaded with Colombians and start to lose interest in their bullshit.

    I hope it goes on for a while, but sure eventually you’ll move, get a more important job, get married, get back into something more worthwhile than this and you’ll just lose interest.

    Also its tiring to get hated on all the time by old grouchy ex pats who are probably more deviant than you are.

  21. John

    06. Dec, 2011

    I vote the Colombian GOV will send the CTU to do your ass in because you write too much and they dont like a gringo pointing out that the police ect is so corrupt that this is the place for expats to come do coke ect and chase whores and they make it look like the FARC did it ever think of that hommer

  22. nick

    10. Dec, 2011

    John – it’s etc, not ect – the secret to acronyms is that they follow the order of the letters in the word you’re trying to shorten

  23. Justin

    26. May, 2012

    First of all, this is the first website of this kind I have ever responded to, partly because of the great writing, but mostly because of the obvious intelligence of the domain owner (jaja, and by the way I don’t have to register). Expat-chronicles will disappear in time as Colin? becomes more immersed in the the culture that he has a love hate relationship with; the website will disappear as he finds a more productive future (por supeusto, escribiendo). Gringobianas, and gringowherevers, from this generation think that they are the first to experience expat life. One can travel to anywhere on this planet and they will meet people from the western world from generations past that have blasted paths through foreign cultures. Examples are 60’s hippies living in the jungles of Guatemala fluent in aboriginal languages and friends of mine who have assisted in surgical procedures in tent constructed “hospitals” in the jungles of Camaroon. We all go through the party-fuck-drunk-this place is shit-I gotta live paradigm. Some people can hack it but most can’t and end up back in their miserable past (Roosh V, you are nothing new; we have all lived your life). I don’t want to be completely negative; ex-pats are adventurous souls that do more with their lives than the 98% of the Western population that have more resources available to them other than just trying to eat and not die. ¡Saludos a todos de ustedes!

  24. Steven

    18. Sep, 2016

    I would tend to support the last post. The whole ex-pat “i hate the place” pov is very tiresome after a while. I have read it written about so many countries and its still offensive coming from people who are guests. Perhaps the people who come here to ‘do coke’ could just all naff off to places like Ibiza and annoy the Spanish instead

  25. Steven

    18. Sep, 2016

    or who maybe just like the country and are capable of expressing themselves other than by the f word

  26. Steven

    18. Sep, 2016

    You dont think that Colombians dont know that (some) of the police are corrupt and that its only a gringo that can point it out. No wonder Americans are unpopular – having worked with them, unfortunately that arrogance sometimes comes out and is one of the reasons why we Brits are more popular.

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