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A Paisa Woman in Bogota

Posted on 30. Nov, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: I spent most of a day with The Mick and a sexy little paisa chick from Medellin, Colombia.

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10 Things To Eat in Bogota

Posted on 09. Nov, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: Descriptions of my ten favorite things to eat in Bogota: bandeja paisa, ajiaco, black folks’ fish, chiguiro, arequipe, fruit, ensalada de frutas, morcilla, lechona, and Andres Carne de Res. I also included three things you don’t have to eat.

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Arepas in Colombia

Posted on 09. Nov, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: My definitive post on arepas in Colombia. Arepas are a starchy biscuit / pancake and everyday staple in the northern Andes.

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Contributed Story: Instability in Tijuana

Posted on 06. Nov, 2009 by .


SUMMARY: Luis Blasini from Borrowed Flesh describes a typical day in Tijuana, one of the most violent cities in Mexico.

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