Chapinero Alto in Pictures

Posted on 18. Oct, 2009 by in colombia

Chapinero Alto is the affluent section of Chapinero, Bogota. Alto (tall or high) because the neighborhood ascends into the mountains from Septima. These steep hills feature extravagant houses and apartment buildings.

See the Chapinero Alto album on the Expat Chronicles FB page for easier viewing.

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4 Responses to “Chapinero Alto in Pictures”

  1. Andrew Meyer

    19. Oct, 2009

    I love the fact that there are tennis courts. When I get sick of running the business and decide to run off to an exotic local and live a life of wanton debauchery, it’s important that there are tennis courts available.

  2. jan

    24. Oct, 2009

    Would be cool if you could use an api to show the images as a slideshow. Just would make things easier, especially since you have so many great images.

    Here is a sample one:

    Anyway. It would be cool, thats all.

    Keep it up.


  3. Colin

    20. Mar, 2010

    @ Jan – Add me on Facebook for easier photo viewing. I add all these albums there before publishing here. My Facebook URL is

  4. alex

    21. Oct, 2010

    Random but what up with the picture of the Tennis club..curious about tennis out there, seems to be popular..not to mention playing on clay..totally foreign to America. Is it considered poshy out there to play? Any such thing as hard courts…seem alot easier to maintain, especially with rain…awesome recent posts man…Ill be out there in 2 weeks man, jesus!

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