Chupe + Causa = Lovely Day

Posted on 14. Nov, 2008 by in peru

I eat lunch every day at a menu named Don Santiago. They haven’t served causa in some time and I’ve been pestering the owner about it. Apparently the cost of lemon skyrocketed, making it too expensive to serve. But the price came back down. When the ladies in the kitchen saw me, they all announced that they had causa. Causa is a cake made from golden potatoes, lemon, chicken, and mayonnaise. I top it with a ton of ají for spicy goodness.

In what made for a wonderful meal, they also served my favorite soup today: chupeChupe is a shrimp chowder.

Peruvian food kicks ass.

“Lovely Day” by Bill Withers


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2 Responses to “Chupe + Causa = Lovely Day”

  1. matthew neuzil

    18. Nov, 2008

    I miss causa 🙁 i need to learn to make it. the loan peruvian restaurant in the vicinity closed its doors last year

  2. Marc in Peru

    09. Jan, 2009

    Ah chupe de camarones, splendid dish that. Wonder if you got that with a nice serving of rocoto relleno.

    Well buddy, enjoy the good life, peruvian cuisine sure has its highlights. 🙂

    You really have me at a disadvantage me being in Lima, I just have to settle for jalea (lima style fish and chips, fried callamari and peruvian mayo with assorted seafood and chilli for extra punch) But I prefer and remember fondly the Arequipa food with their proud spanish/andean heritage cuisine.

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